Sexy back? When will you be back?

This is PSH at the 2012 JFM:



That was PSH’s signature move – showing his back.  In earlier fan meetings and at QOR, PSH ripped his vest in front and exposed his abs.

Why is it that when he was singing and dancing to Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back” at the 2014 JFM he didn’t perform his signature move?  Sexy back?



We all know that PSH loves food and he was entertained to all kinds of Chinese food when he was filming “Scent” in Shanghai.  And Chinese food can be very fattening.

There is evidence that PSH gained some weight recently.  This is PSH at the “Scent” roadshow in August. 



And then on September 27 when he flew from Seoul to Tokyo, his face looked really round.  Maybe it’s just the angle, or a trick of the camera …


… because on the very next day at the Japan Fan Meeting in Yokohama, this was what he looked like:


… perfectly fit and trim!  Not an ounce overweight.

PSH has said he gained weight easily, which is why he has to exercise constantly to keep in shape.  But we’d like to know his secret of shedding kilos at will … overnight!

And we still want to see that sexy back^^ [salivating...]

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This MV was created by a Chinese fan for Valentine’s Day 2014.  PSH and YEH are obviously her favorite Korean actors.  She hoped the two of them could work together.  And now her wishes might come true if PSH and YEH are cast in the upcoming Korean/Chinese/Japanese movie “After Love”.


8个月前 上传



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Japan media report on PSH’s new movie

パク・シフ&ユン・ウネ、日中韓合作映画「After Love」への出演を検討中


パク・シフとユン・ウネが日中韓3ヶ国の合作映画「After Love」への出演を検討している。

パク・シフとユン・ウネの関係者は24日、OSENに「『After Love』から出演オファーを受け、検討中だ」と明らかにした。

パク・シフの所属事務所であるフファクトリー(Hoo Factory)の関係者は「『After Love』からオファーが入り、出演を検討している」とし、ユン・ウネも「オファーを受けたことは事実だが、検討中だ」と話した。

「After Love」は中国と日本から投資を受けて制作される映画で、11月中旬にクランクインする予定だ。
元記事配信日時 : 2014年10月24日11時49分 記者 : キム・ギョンジュ


박시후·윤은혜 측 “‘사랑후愛’, 검토 중인 작품..확정 아냐”

OSEN= 김경주 기자 l 2014.10.24 11:47

배우 박시후와 윤은혜가 한중일 합작 영화 ‘사랑후愛’애 출연을 검토 중이다.

박시후와 윤은혜 측 관계자는 24일 OSEN에 “‘사랑후愛’ 출연을 제의 받고 이를 검토 중이다”라고 밝혔다.

박시후의 소속사 후 팩토리 관계자는 “‘사랑후愛’ 제의를 받고 출연을 검토 중인 작품”이라고 말했으며 윤은혜 측 역시 “제의를 받은 것은 맞지만 검토 중에 있다”고 말했다.

한편 ‘사랑후愛’는 중국과 일본에서 투자를 받아 제작되는 영화로 오는 11월 중순 크랭크인 예정이다.


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PSH’s new work?



There are numerous news reports about this development.  We have singled out one such for your information.

14-10-24 12:17

Park Si Hoo and Yoon Eun Hye in Korean/Chinese/Japanese joint venture “After Love”  [our translation]

Park Si Hoo and Yoon Eun Hye received a “love call” for a movie to be jointly produced by Korea, China, and Japan.

According to an official association with the film, Park Si Hoo and Yoon Eun Hye are being seriously considered for this movie, to be jointly financed by China and Japan and directed by a Korean.

This trilateral joint film production is an investment from China and Japan.  The movie is an authentic melodrama about the love and separation of man and woman.  The meeting of these two Hallyu stars is receiving a lot of attention.

[ED: We have not translated the paragraph which rehashed the PSH's incident.  Suffice to say this is his comeback movie in Korea.]

Yoon Eun Hye will be returning to the screen in three years after “My Black Mini Dress “.

Casting for the movie will be completed next month.

Reporter Kim Mee – Ree










박시후·윤은혜, 韓中日 합작 ‘사랑후애’로 호흡 맞출까

14-10-24 12:17

박시후와 윤은혜가 한중일 합작 영화의 러브콜을 받았다.

복수의 영화 관계자에 따르면 박시후와 윤은혜가 한중일 합작 영화 ‘사랑후애'(감독 어일선) 출연 제의를 받고 검토 중이다.

‘사랑후애’는 남녀의 사랑과 이별을 그린 정통 멜로극으로 중국과 일본에서 투자를 받아 한중일 합작 영화로 제작된다. 남녀 주인공
으로 박시후와 윤은혜가 거론되고 있으며, 관계자들 사이에서는 벌써부터 두 한류스타의 만남으로 주목 받고 있다.

박시후가 ‘사랑후애’ 출연을 확정지을 경우 ‘성폭행 파문’ 이후 국내 복귀작이 된다. 박시후는 지난해 2월 연예인지망생 A씨를 성폭행한 혐의로 피소됐다. 이후 진실 공방이 불거졌으나 지난해 5월 A씨가 고소를 취하하며 불기소 처분을 받았다.

윤은혜가 출연을 확정할 경우 ‘마이 블랙 미니드레스’ 이후 3년 만에 스크린에 복귀하게 된다. 그동안 드라마와 유독 인연이 많았던 윤은혜가 스크린을 통해 관객과 만날 수 있을지 주목된다.

한편 ‘사랑후애’는 캐스팅을 마무리 지은 후 내달 크랭크인 될 예정이다.

[박시후와 윤은혜(오른쪽). 사진 = 마이데일리 사진DB]

김미리 기자

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Through the grapevine…

We have to emphasize first and foremost that these are just rumors circulating among PSH’s Chinese fans on Weibo.  Whether they pan out or not is anyone’s guess.  We’re throwing this out for discussion.



On October 22 someone wrote on Weibo that the KBS drama “Blood” (written by the “Good Doctor” screenwriter) will start shooting on October 30, and shooting at Jeju Island will begin on November 7.  So who will be the male lead?  Kim Jae Won, Lee Jun Ki, Park Si Hoo, Kim Hyun Joong?


We don’t give a hoot about the others, but the schedule suits PSH to a T.  His Nagoya Fan Meeting is on November 5.  Why hold a FM on a Wednesday?  Answer could be no available venues or PSH will be preoccupied on the previous weekend (Nov.1).

When news of the now aborted China Fan Meeting leaked out (not officially announced), we’d wondered about the haste.  We speculated it must be because those two days (October 10 and 12) were the only times PSH could fit the CFM in.  Haste makes waste, as the saying goes.  Something is bound to go wrong when a project is done in haste, without proper planning or preparation (on the part of the organizer) – but that is another story.

After the CFM, PSH would wrap up his Asian fan meetings with the Nagoya finale.  The last couple of months of 2014 should see him star in a new Korean drama (if all is finally forgiven, which is what all signs point to.)


On October 22 the same person left another message on Weibo:

(Translation) Korean fans are also discussing “Blood” on DC and whether Jo Seung Woo would fit the bill.  Their conclusion is JSW’s acting is good but his looks are not suitable, so he could probably be ruled out.  This drama “Blood” is produced by a film company, the same company that produced PSH’s “Confession of Murder”, JSW’s “Perfect Game”, and Ha Jung Woo’s “Chronicle of a Blood Merchant”.


COM is still making waves at international film festivals two years after its Korean premiere in November 2012, so its production company must be very pleased.  We wouldn’t be surprised if they want to reprise their success with PSH.

We remember PSH mentioned in a previous interview that he’s always wanted to play a vampire (according to A’s memory) and a doctor (according to H’s memory), so together it would make a vampire doctor^^ (which is what “Blood” is about).

What do you think?  Would you like to see PSH as a vampire doctor?


We have no idea whether PSH will be offered this role in “Blood”, but we are positive he will make a drop-dead gorgeous vampire!

“Blood” will air in early 2015 on KBS2, Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m.  Incidentally the PD (Producer/Director) Ki Min Soo worked with the screenwriter Park Jae Bum on “Good Doctor” (2013), so this is the second time they are collaborating on a drama.


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Euro’s report on 2014 JFM

2014/10/23    15:56

These photos are posted by PSH’s hairstylist Euro.  They include arrival at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, the fans at the two shows of the JFM, his styling PSH’s hair, PSH’s performance on stage, etc.








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PSH’s Seasons in the Sun

MV created by a Japanese fan after attending PSH’s birthday party at Buyeo in April 2014.  She wrote: “Sihoo-san, thank you for your kindness and smiles.”

Published on May 2, 2014

2014.4.6 シフさん、優しさと笑顔をありがとう。



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PSH in Shukanjosei 2014.10.28

SHUKANJOSEI (Women’s Weekly Magazine)   2014.10.28 Issue

Japanese magazine “Women’s Weekly”  October 28, 2014 issue

Park Si Hoo gave an interview in between the two shows of the Yokohama fan meeting on September 28, 2014.

It’s been two years since I’ve held a fan meeting in Japan. I feel the importance of the fans.

[Parts within square brackets are PSH's answers to questions]

You haven’t been to Japan in 2 years?

[Actually, I came to Japan for a trip this spring.  I went to the hot springs in Atami and it was fantastic. (smiles)]

And after a long time, how was the “reunion” with fans?

[I was so happy to see so many people cheering after such a long time.  It was a very heartwarming feeling.]

After “Cheongdam-dong Alice” finished shooting at the end of January 2013, you have not been engaged in acting activities.  What have you been doing?

[I traveled all over the United States for close to three months. I went camping in a tent and it was fun. (laughs)
It was an opportunity to reflect on many things.  I felt once again how important fans who had been rooting for me were.]

So please tell us the your “re-start” targets.

[I am now stronger than before in my heart.  I will try to do my best in any given situation.
When I decide on a specific work, I will devote myself completely to it.]

In the next fan meeting in Nagoya, Park Si Hoo will be waiting for you with a sincere heart and cherished thoughts.

woman weekly kizi1

woman weekly kizi2

일본 주간지 “ 주간 여성 “ 10월 28일호 로
시후 님 요코하마 팬미팅 후 1페이지로 짧은 인터뷰 기사가 게재 됐습니다
잘 번역 할 수 없는데 용서 해주세요

“일본에서 2년만 팬미팅을 개최 “    “ 팬의 소중함을 느끼습니다”

[ 실은 일본에는 올해 봄에도 개인적으로 여행하러 오고 있었습니다
아타미로 온천에 들어갔습니다    너무 좋았어요  ]
라고 미소로 말하기 시작한 것은 2년만에 일본에서 팬미팅을 연 시후 님

오래간만의 팬들과  “재회”이었지만 ?

[ 그렇네요 여러분의 목소리를 오래간만에 들을 수 있어 감개 깊게도 있어
많은 분들이 응원해주시고 있는것이 전해져 오고 정말 행복했습니다 ]

13년1월말에 “청담동 앨리스”촬영을 마친 후 활동을 하지 않는시기가 계속했지만
그 때는 어떻게 지내고 있었어요?

[ 여기저기 여행을 했습니다  세달 가까이 미국에 가고 있었는데
거기에서 텐트를 치고 캠핑을하고 왔습니다 요즘 빠지고 있어요 ( 웃음)
자신을 돌이켜 볼 계기가 됐고 변함없이 응원해주시는 팬분들의 소중함을 다시 한번 느끼는 기회도 됐습니다 ]

그럼 “재출발 “목표를 가르쳐주세요

[ 주어진 상황으로 최선을 다하려고 하는마음이 이전보다 강합니다
그래서 구체적으로 작품이 정해지면 그것에 전력을 쏟고 싶다고 생각합니다 ]

나고야 팬 미팅은 시후 님을 더욱 소중히 생각하고 진지한 마음으로 기다리고 있습니다

Magazine cover

woman weekly 20141018

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PP on Korean TV channel




“Prosecutor Princess” started re-broadcasting on Fox Korea TV channel

From 2014.10.21 (Tuesday to Thursday)

Time 12:00 p.m. to 1:20 & 4:05 p.m. to 5:25

Is this the start of the “defrosting” process for PSH in Korea?

검사 프린세스 1회

시간 오후 12:00~1:20 & 오후 4:05~5:25

fox 20141022


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