Visiting LAL at Jeju (2) /Updated

PSH’s Japanese fans are arriving in Jeju today for the big day tomorrow (November 24).


This is the hotel where PSH will sign ENISHI Season 2 Volume 4 for his fans tomorrow.  Fans who do not have the magazine will have to pay an extra 10,000 yen for the privilege.


Schedule for 2014.11.24:

ホテルロビーツアーデスク前集合 / Assemble at hotel lobby tour desk at 13:30
パクシフの映画「사랑후愛」撮影現場へ移動 / Go to movie LAL shooting site
ホテルへ戻り、集合時間まで自由行動 / Return to hotel, free time
ホテルの宴会場で夕食後、サイン会 / Dinner at hotel banquet hall at 18:30, autograph signing of ENISHI after dinner


Preparing for the big day…



According to unofficial sources, 150 Japanese fans have joined the tour, together with 58 from China and elsewhere.

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In Jeju with(out) PSH (3)

Nance files another report today:

Busy Bees

OK…not about reporting on PSH sightings, because so far, we have not been lucky. We heard from the grapevine that he and his contingent were spotted heading out at 8 am this morning. We now know why from his Weibo posting. He went filming in some woods in Jeju …unidentifiable. Or maybe not so unidentifiable if news are true of fans in 6 cars giving chase to his car this morning.

Anyway, we have been busy – with PSH matters. Ploughing websites, Twitters, Facebooks, Weibos, QQs for news and photos on PSH. We are so linked-in to PSH news.

And busy stuffing our faces with Haemultang 해물탕 [ED: spicy seafood stew].




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Christmas 2014 (Re-posted)

Originally posted on Nov.16, 2014

When you send in your contribution by December 1 (deadline), be sure to include your 1) username, and 2) country.




Due to family circumstances, we are not able to organize a birthday present for PSH this year.

We’re just going to send him a Christmas card.

But we are still celebrating it on our blog — by organizing some kind of activity that everyone can take part in.

Please submit anything CHRISTMASSY (with PSH in it, of course) — MV, poster, sketch, poem, letter …. whatever (Example, what we posted above.)

Anyone whose contribution is chosen will receive a Christmas gift.

We have more than one gift (which we will keep secret so the lucky fans can share with you.)

Deadline: December 1, 2014.

On December 25 the winning entries will be posted on our blog, by which time the gifts should have reached you.

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In Jeju with(out) PSH (2)

Nance filed this report from Jeju last night:

Enjoying Jeju…and PSH sighting!
So we made it to Jeju abnormally uneventful, no flight delay in China! What a change! We breezed through immigration and customs and was checked in in just slightly over an hour of landing. It must be our lucky day – and what more meaningful than having a room with a lucky number 888? Hopefully this luck holds right through our little Jeju jaunt!

These famished little ladies went on a rampage of Jeju goodies right away. We assuage a little of our hunger with Korean dumplings, seafood noodles and cold buckwheat noodles. Remember buckwheat noodles from “Family Honour” when Li Kang Suk treated Dan Ya’s early stage alzheimer Granny to a cold buckwheat noodle meal after her doctor consultation and visit to the sanctuary for retirees?


JejuNance3-2And then these tireless ladies went on an attack of a sashimi feast, right by the bay. Enjoy our spoils in Jeju!

At the end of the day, we returned to our hotel after window shopping, to be greeted by a group of Chinese fans. They were spotted taking turns taking photos in front of a white camper van, supposedly PSH’s. They were so excited and animated and we finally discerned that they sighted PSH returning to the hotel. He was in all black and in his signature hood ala Beijing airport. While all covered up, he still cut a dashing star quality, we were told.

As luck (or should we say, no luck) would have it, we missed PSH by 10 mins! We were just shopping for face cleansers across the road from our hotel. So we have to content with one fan’s video of PSH, more like the back of him…

Better luck tomorrow!

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Visiting LAL at Jeju (1)


From various sources (Chinese fans):

PSH with hotel staff












very  濛查查 “moan-cha-cha” (Cantonese, meaning “blurry”)

Is the man in the cap PSH?  We have our doubts because 1) he looks bow-legged, and 2) his legs are too short.



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123 report (2014.11.22)


We’re intrigued by the aggressive challenge of No Min Woo last week which forced PSH fans to vote past 27 million.  So we did a little research on the past winners of our #8 voting site and came up with some interesting statistics.

PSH started winning from Stage 180 (2013.05.18) — 80 times up to now.

Here are the past winners with the most votes (please note some did not win that stage because someone else had more votes):

1.  Jang Geun Suk 张根硕 – 73,179,279 (Stage 135)
2.  Wu Yi Fan 吴亦凡 (EXO) – 72,479,206 (No.2 at Stage 135)
3.  Bae Yong Jun 裴勇俊 – 40,877,540 (011)
4.  PSH – 39,428,802 (193)
5.  G Dragon – 36,453,145 (138)
6.  Oh Se Hun 吴世勋 (EXO) – 36,336,593 (No.2 at Stage 193)
7.  Jang Geung Suk 张根硕 – 36,102,479 (No.2 at Stage 138)
8.  se7en – 35,083,746 (No.2 at Stage 011)
9.   PSH – 30,071,231 (239)
10. Lee Min Ho 李敏镐 – 29,836,415 (134)
11. Lee Tae Min 李泰民 – 29,615,688 (No.3 at Stage 135)
12. Bae Yong Jun 裴勇俊 – 29,427,760 (059)
13. PSH – 28,257,674 (194)
14. PSH – 27,691,920 (259)

(PSH has won 4 out of the above 14 stages with highest votes – Amazing!)

Cumulative votes (number of votes as of 9:15 pm 2014.11.22):

1. Bae Yong Jun 裴勇俊
所有期数总点击   1,168,108,732
2. PSH
所有期数总点击    910,456,654
3. Jang Geun Suk 张根硕
所有期数总点击    710,355,798
4. Kim Hyun Jun 金贤重
所有期数总点击    646,727,161
5. Wu Yi Fan 吴亦凡
所有期数总点击    601,682,019
6. Oh Se Hun 吴世勋
所有期数总点击    456,172,848
7. Lee Min Ho 李敏镐
所有期数总点击    428,436,761
8. Lee Jun Kin 李俊基
所有期数总点击    356,601,287
9. G-Dragon
所有期数总点击    352,839,711
10.Kim Soo Hyun 金秀贤
所有期数总点击    249,416,7551

We predict PSH will overtake BYJ in cumulative votes in the long run.  PSH himself said in an interview that he’s a long distance runner (not a sprinter), so he will do it slowly but surely.  Let us all work hard for that day.  Keep voting!  Fighting!

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PSH wins 80th in a row


PSH is the winner again in Stage 259 of #8 voting site (that ended at midnight 2014.11.22) — 80th in a row!  PSH continues to set the record of MOST CONTINUOUS WINS for this site, now exceeding BYJ’s by 26.  He received 27,691,920 votes, 15.5 million votes more than 2nd place No Min Woo.

This week Lee Min Ho started off challenging PSH, but his weak start was soon cracked by No Min Woo (last week’s runner-up) whose fans seemed determined to wrest the gold cup from PSH.  On only the third day PSH’s votes already exceeded 11 million, with NMW close behind at 9m.  We were really surprised: it’s been a long time since PSH fans have had to vote over 10m at this site.  On Friday, PSH’s votes already exceeded 24m, with NMW at No.2 with 11m and LMH at No.3 with 3m.


This is the 80th week in a row PSH has won this competition.  Last 79 times he defeated Jang Geun Suk x 5, Kim Hee Chul x 4, Moon Geun Young, G-Dragon x 4, Kim Hyun Joong x 5, Wu Yi Fan (Kris) x 14, Oh Se Hun x 12, So Ji Sub, Hwang Ji Tao, Lee Min Ho x 12, Lee Jun Ki, Kim Soo Hyun x 13, Lee Jong Suk, Rain, Mayu Watanabe x 2, and No Min Woo.


PSH’s cumulative votes are 910,683,034! (Stages 180 to 2597 – Just count the gold cups!) Bae Yong Jun’s record of continuous wins were set over a period of 2 years (at that time the competition was held every 2 weeks). This is our next target — We want to make sure PSH wins 108 in a row (and beyond!)

Every week is a new challenge, and new challengers continue to emerge. Don’t let up. Fighting!

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In Jeju with(out) PSH (1)

Nance and other PSH4U members are on their way to Jeju to visit PSH on the set of “Love After Love” on November 24, 2014:

Breathing the same air in Jeju

It was up nice and early this morning for four of us PSH fans – Shlee, Chueask, Minette and me.  For me, it was the wee hours at 03.30h.  There is a whole lot of anticipation.  We are heading to the beautiful island paradise of Jeju in South Korea – to enjoy some fresh air, take in the natural wonders of this volcanic island, eat to our hearts’ content, shop till we drop, and most important, breathe the same air as our beloved Sihoo-ssi!

It is  a long trek for us.  Hong Kong to Shanghai, layover, and then Shanghai to Jeju.  Not just for us, but for the 58 fans who are part of the “Chinese fans” group – us included.  Ok, I am Chinese by race but hardly Chinese being born and bred a long way off on another little island, much, much more commercialized.

We are now half way…layover in Shanghai, wondering if there are some other PSH fans waiting in the same terminal.


(Credits: Photo by nance. Thanks!)

PSH 2015 calendar


                                           Video created by a Japanese fan – super cute!


Mentor has announced the PSH 2015 calendar – limited edition.

But all they posted was what you see above – no photos at all.

Wall calendar – 2,450 yen (sale price – normal price is 2,500 yen)

Reservation starts on November 20, 2014 at 14:00.

Sale starts on December 20, 2014

Calendars will be shipped on December 17, 2014.

To order:



Other PSH goods still available at Mentor shop:

goods list

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