Sihoo and Philip

We’re sure you’ve all seen the photos PSH posted on his Instagram on May 26, 2016:

park_si_hoo_01필립아 #생일 축하해~^^ (Happy birthday, Philip~^^)


Who’s Philip?  We’re a one-actor blog, and we only have eyes for PSH.  We don’t know that many Korean actors.

Now we know “Philip” is the Korean actor Philip Lee — thanks to this Japanese blog:

We did a little research on Philip Lee and saw several of his photos, none of which resembles any one in the PSH photos.

However, apparently the 3 people who posed with PSH in the two photos on the top row all appeared in Bae Yong Jun’s 2007 drama “The Legend”.  One of them is Philip Lee.


You tell us which one he is in PSH’s photos (perhaps the one on the left in top left photo?)


The Legend

Photos of the other 2 in “The Legend” also appear in above-mentioned Japanese blog, as well as this photo of someone we know (and recognize):


This is of course Yoon Tae Young who plays Yoon Sang Min in “Neighborhood Hero”.  So these guys all knew each other back in 2007 when they all worked in BYJ’s “The Legend”.

And then there is this photo (that we posted before on our blog):


Photo was taken in June 2010 (not sure what the occasion was.)  PSH has his arm around BYJ’s shoulder, so it would appear they’re quite chummy (at least then.)  Philip Lee is just above the two of them.  No idea who the others are.

After all that, what are we saying?  You will have to know Kevin Bacon’s “Six Degrees of Separation” to understand.  The concept posits that any two people on Earth are six or fewer acquaintance links apart, in other works, anyone involved in the film industry can be linked to one another through their film roles in 6 steps.
(See this link:

We’re glad PSH is socializing in the entertainment circle again.  We hope he’ll get invited to gala premieres and fashion events again, just like before.  We love to see him pose in front of the photo wall with his signature wave.  He’s always the best dressed, the one with the most flair, whether he’s in a tux or jeans.  And of course we would like most for him to appear in another K-drama real soon, like yesterday^^

There’s a saying in the Hong Kong film world — “There are no eternal enemies in the entertainment world.”  Whatever happened in the past, let’s hope PSH with his connections will rise again in the Korean entertainment world and have the chance to act in another drama or movie because that’s what he does best — better than anyone in the K-entertainment world now.

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The killer

The creator of this video calls it “The Killer”:


According to this script, Baek Si Yoon (BSY) thought Choi Chan Kyu (CCK) was dead, so he wanted to avenge him. But actually CCK was saved by the bad guys and brainwashed and trained as their killing machine. Baek Si Yoon’s revenge was getting dangerous for the bad guys, so they sent CCK to kill BSY. Although CCK lost his memory, he eventually fell under the spell of BSY again. The ending was CCK pretended to have killed BSY in order to help him to escape from the bad guys. (English translation by H.A.T.)



NH MV – The Killer by Cynthia@bilibili from sisihoho on Vimeo.

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PSH makes history!


Happy! Happy!

PSH did it!  PSH fans did it!  We made history!

At the stroke of midnight last night, PSH has become the KING of our voting site #8!  With his win over Kim Hyun Joong at Stage 337 (see below), he has won CONSECUTIVELY for 158 weeks!  If we count weeks in the TOP 10, then it’s 159.  He was No.5 at Stage 179 on 2013.05.11, but from Stage 180 on 2013.05.18 onwards, he’s been No.1 in a row!



Just count the gold cups — 158! plus one silver plate — 159 altogether!


Please see this link (scroll down to see when PSH started winning at Stage 279 on 2013.05.11):


Bae Yong Jun who dominated this site from 2008 – 2011 has 158 trophies (95 gold cups plus assorted silver and bronze cups/plates).


We think this record that PSH has created will not be broken any time soon, especially his consecutive wins.  158 weeks on top is more than 3 years — 3 long years during which PSH fans all over the world voted for him day in and day out.  We salute PSH fans who contributed to making history.

Bravo, PSH!  This is one achievement no one can ever take away from you.  May you always be No.1!

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PSH on Mnet Japan

From Twitter

PSH’s “Neighborhood Hero” will start showing on Mnet, Japan, from May 23 at 22:00.

5月23日(月)~日本初放送「町のヒーロー(原題)」主演 パク・シフ インタビュー (前編)






5月23日(月)~日本初放送「町のヒーロー(原題)」主演 パク・シフ インタビュー (後編)






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Sailing…. (1)

Remember Rod Stewart’s “Sailing”?


I am sailing, I am sailing,
home again ‘cross the sea.
I am sailing, stormy waters,
to be near you, to be free….

PSH and his Jet Ski / water scooter!


From PSH’s Weibo


Weibo160519-2 Weibo160519-5 Weibo160519-3 Weibo160519-4


From PSH’s WeChat



From PSH’s Instagram

park_si_hoo_01#가평에서 (At Gapyeong)



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PSH is Goodwill Ambassador of Buyeo


Words on the placard they’re holding:

Buyeo Goodwill Ambassador [Park Si Hoo] Love-thy-neighbors rice donation
Rice 20kg 120 bags
Donation) Park Si Hoo fan club ‘Sihoorang’

Words on the background banner:

Actor Park Si Hoo donates 2.4 tonnes of rice


First placard in video:

Actor Park Si Hoo Happy Birthday
2400kg rice donations

Actor Park Si Hoo

Buyeo County

Park Si Hoo appointed Goodwill Ambassador


Korean news reports

배후 박시후가 부여군 홍보대사로 위촉됐다. 박시후는 17일 부여군청을 방문해 이용우 군수로부터 위촉패를 수여받았다.
부여 은산이 고향인 박시후는 이날 자신의 생일을 맞아 팬들과 함께 쌀을 대거 기탁하기도 해 고향사랑을 전했다.

Park Si Hoo was appointed Goodwill Ambassador of Buyeo.  Park Si Hoo visited Buyeo on the 17th and was awarded the honor.
Park Si Hoo’s hometown is Eunsan to which he gave a large quantity of rice donated by fans on his birthday, showing his love for his hometown.



충남 부여 출신 배우 박시후(38)의 남다른 고향 사랑이 화제를 모으고 있다. 부여군은 중국과 일본에서 큰 인기를 얻고 있는 박시후를 홍보대사로 위촉했다고 18일 밝혔다.

박시후는 전날 진행된 위촉식에서 “어린 시절 보낸 고향이어서 그런지 부여에 대한 자부심이 크다”며 “세계유산도시 부여를 전 세계에 알리기 위해 최선을 다하겠다”고 각오를 밝혔다.

Park Si Hoo has extraordinary love for his hometown. The actor who enjoys great popularity in China and Japan has been appointed Goodwill Ambassador of Buyeo.

Park Si Hoo said he was “very proud of his hometown where he spent his childhood” and would “do his best to inform the world that it is a World Heritage site.”




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PSH is in Buyeo 2016.05.17

From his Weibo:

At my home village [viz. Buyeo]


From his Instagram:

park_si_hoo_01#unesco #세계문화유산등재 #부여에서
Buyeo #unesco# World Cultural Heritage



(For more info on this national treasure, please see:

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