Is it or isn’t it?

Is the movie “After love” on or isn’t it? – that is the question.

This Korean news report is about the upcoming movie but it really has nothing to say about it at all, at least nothing that we don’t know already.


A Korean/Chinese/Japanese joint venture in the movie “After love”, Yoon Eun Hye- Park Si Hoo possible casting … “a stellar lineup!”

[ED: First paragraph repeats title, so we won't repeat.]

Actors Park Si Hoo (36) and Yoon Eun Hye (30) have been invited to participate in a joint venture among Korea, China, and Japan, the movie “After love” (Korean director Il Seon Eo),and their respective agencies have confirmed that the offer is under consideration.

“After love” is an authentic melodrama about the love and breakup of a couple, and it is a Chinese and Japanese investment.

If this should come to pass, this would be Park Si Hoo’s comeback work after his sexual scandal.  [ED: We haven't translated the rest - you know it all too well.],

Yoon Eun Hye is returning to the silver screen in three years after “My black mini-dress” (2011).

After the cast has been finalized, “After love” is slated to begin shooting next month.

Netizens’ reaction to “After love”: “This collaboration between Yoon Eun Hye and Park Si Hoo marks the comeback of both actors”, “Looking forward to this joint venture starring Yoon Eun Hye and Park Si Hoo”, “May ‘After love” with Yoon Eun Hye and Park Si Hoo hit the jackpot!”


한중일 합작 영화 ‘사랑후애’, 윤은혜-박시후 캐스팅 물망…‘화려한 라인업!’

2014.10.31 09:32

한중일 합작 영화 ‘사랑후애’, 윤은혜-박시후 캐스팅 물망…‘화려한 라인업!’

탤런트 박시후(36)와 윤은혜(30)가 한·중·일 합작 영화 ‘사랑후애'(감독 어일선)출연 제안을 받고 긍정적으로 검토 중이라고 두 사람의 소속사가 각각 밝혔다.

‘사랑후애’는 남녀의 사랑과 이별을 그린 정통 멜로극으로 중국과 일본에서 투자를 받아 제작된다.

박시후가 ‘사랑후애’ 출연을 확정하면 ‘성폭행 파문’ 이후 국내 복귀작이 된다. 박시후는 지난해 2월 연예인지망생 A씨를 성폭행한 혐의로 피소됐다. 이후 양측 주장이 달라 진실 공방이 이어졌으나 지난해 5월 A씨가 고소를 취하해 불기소 처분을 받았다.

윤은혜에게는 ‘마이 블랙 미니드레스'(2011) 이후 3년 만에 스크린 복귀작이 된다.

‘사랑후애’는 캐스팅 마무리 후 다음 달 촬영을 시작할 예정이다.

한중일 합작 영화 ‘사랑후애’, 윤은혜-박시후 캐스팅 소식에 네티즌들은 “한중일 합작 영화 ‘사랑후애’, 윤은혜-박시후 캐스팅, 복귀 하구나” “한중일 합작 영화 ‘사랑후애’, 윤은혜-박시후 캐스팅, 기대돼” “한중일 합작 영화 ‘사랑후애’, 윤은혜-박시후 캐스팅, 대박나길”등 다양한 반응을 보였다.



Related news

On October 30, 2014 the YEH fandom was hit by a sort of earthquake.  YEH closed her newly opened official fan club Amazing Grace (opened just a little more than a month ago) because of malicious attacks and criticisms from fans.  Apparently her fans wanted to have a say in everything, including what hairstyles, lipsticks, clothes, etc. she should wear and what roles she should play.  The Korean fans are against her working with PSH because of his tarnished reputation.  Their comments were very aggressive and even offensive, so YEH’s agency issued a warning and things got completely out of hand, and they had no choice but to close the site.  YEH on October 30 wrote a letter condemning those people who caused trouble which sent fans into a furore and frenzy.  Her agency had to clarify that she was pinpointing her attackers (who have been harassing her and even her family and friends since 2008) and not her fans.  They have collected evidence of slander and personal attacks over the years and are reserving the right to take legal action.

If you can read Chinese, try these links:

尹恩惠搭朴施厚遭攻击 留言警告惹怒粉丝
Title: Yoon Eun Hye attacked for partnering Park Si Hoo, left warning message and angered fans

尹恩惠搭朴施厚遭抨击 公司将依法应对
Title: Yoon Eun Hye criticized for partnering Park Si Hoo, agency will take legal action

Actually YEH’s action has nothing to do with PSH at all.  If she wanted to discipline her fans, that’s her prerogative.  Why did the Chinese media have to drag PSH into it?

So far PSH has not said a word.  Hoo Factory only acknowledged PSH has been offered the role and is still considering.  And so much 是非 (gossip, dispute, discord…) has already been engendered.  Sigh!


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PSH goes to Nagoya



From SHR

PSH is scheduled to depart for Nagoya from Seoul’s Incheon Airport
on November 4
at 15:05
on Korean Air KE761


11월 4일 나고야 출국 스케쥴입니다

2014.10.30. 16:07

일본에서 열리는 팬미팅의 마지막 공연이 다음주 나고야에서 열립니다

11월 4일(화) 오후 3:05 인천공항

대한항공 KE761편

열일하러 출국하시는 배우님 응원하러 많이 나와주세요

인천공항에서 뵙겠습니다




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YOU~2014 version

PARK SI HOO ~YOU~2014 version

MV created by a Japanese fan – Many thanks!

2014年イベントフォトでPAKU SI HOO ~YOU~を



(Credits: usagi Thanks!)

PSH on SBS Morning Wide 2014.10.27

2014.10.27    SBS모닝와이드 Morning Wide

PSH was mentioned on SBS’s morning program “Morning Wide” on October 27, 2014.


The subject is “Actor Park Si Hoo making his comeback soon?”

The 2 anchors are discussing PSH’s possible comeback, namely, the possible collaboration with Yoon Eun Hye in that Korean/Chinese/Japanese joint venture “After Love”.  The Korean actors have been invited to take part.  If PSH accepts this movie, that would be his return to the silver screen in one year six months.

Of course the 2013 incident would be inevitably brought up.  Do they have to show so much of PSH’s appearance at Western Police Station?  What purpose does it serve?

Then they talked about what PSH did during the time he was “practicing restraint” in Korea.  He was very active overseas.  He made the Chinese movie “Scent” and met with fans in fan meetings in Japan and China.

What do Koreans feel about PSH’s likely comeback?

One of the anchors said PSH had a chance to act in a drama earlier in March this year [ED: Reference is to KBS2's "Golden Cross"] but it came to nothing because of intense opposition.  The consensus was: Too soon.  Another school of thought was: the PSH case was resolved legally since the plaintiff withdrew her charges, so he should be allowed to make his comeback.  This time because he was invited to act in this upcoming movie (with YEH), heated discussion was aroused again.  The PSH side said: “It is true he has been invited, but he has not yet decided to take up the offer.” displaying a cautious attitude.

The other anchor concluded: Yes, he has to be cautious.  Whether he can make his comeback or not remains to be seen.

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PSH’s CDDA on Satellite Theater 2014.12

Published on 25 Oct 2014

PSH’s “Cheongdam-dong Alice” will broadcast on Japan’s Satellite Theater again in December 2014.  And they are already advertising the event!

And the promotional video (see below) is very well made too.

CDDA finished broadcasting in Korea at the end of January 2013.  Exactly two years later, PSH is still living off it, so to speak.  Some Koreans think they can starve PSH into submission.  Well, think again!


パクシフの清潭洞アリス 衛星放送でアンコール!

ラブコメの最高傑作 パクシフ&ムン・グニョンの清潭洞<チョンダムドン>アリスが、12月衛星放送でアン­コール一挙放送される。こんなパク・シフみたことない!というほどおちゃめでピュア!­ドキドキの迷宮ラブコメディのアンコール。



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PSH on Hoo Factory 26



(News) [Park Si Hoo #] [# parksihoo]
(In Nagoya D-6) Photo Story !! …
Hoo Factory … Check it out on Facebook ~ !!

(소식) [#박시후][#parksihoo]
( In Nagoya D-6 ) Photo Story!! …
후팩토리 페이스북에서 확인하세요~!!






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SH Reading room in Xinjiang


PSH’s Chinese fans on Baidu have donated another Sihoo Reading Room, this time to an elementary school in a remote part of Xinjiang 新疆木垒县西吉尔小学.


You remember the Xinjiang Auto Show that PSH attended in March 2014?  Xinjiang is in North-West China, a large and mostly barren region.  This elementary school is in a part of Xinjiang that takes 10 hours to reach (by car and train) from its capital Urumqi. [ED: See map above: green is Urumqi, red is destination, blue is the route they took.]  We really admire the Chinese fans for their generosity and stamina.  Giving money is easy; doing the work is much harder.

Because of dwindling student population (most have moved elsewhere to attend secondary schools), this elementary school has experienced severe budget cuts.  At present it has only 6 classes – from Grade 1 to 6, with 114 students and staff (teaching and administrative) of 37, catering mostly to minorities.


(Translation)  We came to Xinjiang Changji Mulei County’s Central Elementary School, bringing lots of love and care, with actual deeds to bring gifts to those waiting children in the distance full of eager expectations, conveying the spirit of “Spreading boundless compassionate love” [ED: pun on Sihoo's name], building a bridge of dreams with love, and sending our love and longing to Sihoo in another country, with our original heart, we accompany Sihoo to go on the farthest road.

二 .书法学习用具114套(大白羊毛笔,水写布,书法教材—《颜真卿勤礼碑楷书》
三 .其他包裹—学习品等 12套

What they donated:
1. Books and reading material
2. Calligraphy school supplies – 114 sets (brushes, writing paper, calligraphy teaching materials — of the Yan Zhenqing style script)
3. Other bags, pencil boxes, and teaching materials –12 sets




















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It’s not that we can’t spell.  That’s what Mr. Chubby calls himself on Meipai^^

From Mr. Chubby’s Facebook (2014.10.27)





Above photos were taken along the Han River where PSH jogs/walks every day/night — within walking distance from his Cheongdam-dong digs.  How do we know?  We’ve been there.  We remember the graffiti in the underpass which was where we encountered that cyclist that Nance to this day maintained was PSH^^

So why would Mr. Chubby take these photos?  We guess he must have been there with PSH, except he was discreet enough not to photograph him.



And this is the meipai that PSH and Mr. Chubby posted at the same time:


Park Si Hoo’s:



Mr. Chubby’s:




Remember these photos that PSH posted on Twitter a couple of years ago?  They show the same waterfront stretch in Mr Chubby’s Facebook.



han river


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