PSH wins 125th in a row


PSH is the winner again in Stage 304 of #8 voting site (that ended at midnight 2015.10.03) — 125th in a row!

PSH is now the undisputed champion of this site. He has set the record of MOST CONTINUOUS WINS for this site, surpassing former champion Bae Yong Jun. He received 29,130,925 votes, 14 million votes more than 2nd place Kim Jong Kook.

It’s Kim Jong Kook in 2nd place again — for the 25th time.  He has now been No.2 for more times than anyone on this voting site.



This is the 125th week in a row PSH has won this competition.  Last 124 times he defeated Jang Geun Suk x 5, Kim Hee Chul x 4, Moon Geun Young, G-Dragon x 4, Kim Hyun Joong x 5, Wu Yi Fan (Kris) x 14, Oh Se Hun x 12, So Ji Sub, Hwang Ji Tao, Lee Min Ho x 13, Lee Jun Ki, Kim Soo Hyun x 13, Lee Jong Suk, Rain, Mayu Watanabe x 2, No Min Woo x 20, and Kim Jong Kook x 25.



PSH’s cumulative votes are 2,439,038,639, now 1,271 million more than the ex-all-time winner BYJ who has altogether 95 gold ups. PSH has 125 (Stages 180 to 304).

PSH is the KING of votes, whether for a single stage or cumulative.

Single stage TOP 10

1. Park Si Hoo – 137,497,897 (Stage 278)
2. Park Si Hoo — 126,684,206 (Stage 279)
3. Jang Geun Suk – 73,179,279 (Stage 135)
4. Wu Yi Fan – 72,479,206 (Stage 135)
5. Park Si Hoo – 63,912,077 (Stage 284)
6. Park Si Hoo – 61,893,105 (Stage 280)
7. Park Si Hoo — 60,617,910 (Stage 299)
8. Park Si Hoo — 60,285,994 (Stage 300)
9. Park Si Hoo – 56,502,997 (Stage 277)
10.Park Si Hoo – 55,537,354 (Stage 303)

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COM on Japan pay channel

For our Japanese members


PSH’s “Confession of Murder” will be shown on a Japanese pay channel NECO on the following dates and times:

10/6 [21:00] 10/11 [01:40] 10/17 [10:45] 10/31 [02:40]


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PSH in 2008

The year is 2008.  That’s the year PSH made his big break in “Family Honor”.  On the DVD cast, his name appeared 4th or 5th, after the actors who played the three Ha siblings and even the father or grandfather (we forgot whom).  In this crowded field of talents, PSH was able to emerge as the most-watched couple (together with Yoon Jung Hee.)

In 2008 PSH was 30 and in his prime.  We think these are some of his best pictures.

As you can see, these photos are actually from the 2008 calendar.














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COM – Special offer in Japan

“Confession of Murder” DVD on sale from 1,543 yen (Blu-ray 2,571 yen)


Language: 韓国語 (Korean), 日本語 (Japanese)
Subtitles: 日本語 (Japanese)
Region: Region 2 (This DVD will probably NOT be viewable in other countries. Read more about DVD formats.)
Number of discs: 1
Release Date: 2015/10/14
Run Time: 119 minutes

For details and order:



Language: 韓国語 (Korean), 日本語 (Japanese)
Subtitles: 日本語 (Japanese)
Region: All Regions
Number of discs: 1
Release Date: 2015/10/14
Run Time: 119 minutes

For details and order:

Making of COM



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PSH on location

From Twitter


Remember the stylist Hera’s photo of PSH that we posted a couple of days ago? (see last photo)

A Japanese fan has confirmed that the location is the hotel at Ise-Shima where they stayed for the fireworks event last month.

See the following photos she posted on Twitter:



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Gimje tours sold out


Remember the Gimije 3days/2 nights tour that PSH was advertising?  Latest from is that these tours from Japan to Gimje have all been sold out.

So it looks like there will be a sizable contingent of Japanese fans at this event, not counting the fans from China and other countries, fully justifying PSH’s drawing power as a Hallyu star who can promote tourism to Korea.


Here again is the video of PSH promoting the 2015 Gimje Horizon Festival:


PSH says:

Hello, I’m actor Park Si Hoo. In order to popularize the 17th Gimje Horizon Festival widely across the world, which is one of the biggest traditional festivals in Korea, I’ve got involved and been working as a PR ambassador.

Why don’t you have fun with me and support the festival by attending it?

See you in Gimje!

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brown hat

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PSH on SSTV 2015.09.27


 According to SSTV (Seoul Star Television) in its K-Star Global Ranking, Park Si Hoo is No.2 in its week of September 21-27, 2015 ratings (based on Baidu ranking and (our #8 voting site) and No.3 in its week of September 14-20, 2015.


For the week of September 21 – 27, PSH was No.2.


Others in Top 10

김수현 Kim Soo-hyun
이민호 Lee Min-ho
비 Rain
정용화 Jung Yong-hwa
찬열 Park Chan-yeol
박유천 Park Yoo-chun
김종국 Kim Jong-kook
지드래곤 G-Dragon
세훈 Oh Se-hoon


For the week of September 14 – 20, PSH was No.3.


Others in Top 10

김종국 Kim Jong-kook
이민호 Lee Min-ho
정용화 Jung Yong-hwa
김수현 Kim Soo-hyun
세훈 Oh Se-hoon
지드래곤 G-Dragon
태민 Lee Tae-min
비(정지훈) Rain(Jung Ji-hoon)
김재중 Kim Jae-joong


2 weeks


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PSH in Koretame 2015.09.27

South Korea, Korean movies and others — latest weekly rankings (Top 10)

韓国・韓流映画その他 最新週間ランキング(ベスト10位)

Aggregate / 集計:2015.9.14~2015.9.27

No. 6 – PSH 2015 Birthday
No.9 – “Scent”


Aggregate / 集計:2015.8.1~8.31

No.3 – “Scent”
No.20 – PSH 2015 Birthday

koretame-20150929 -201508

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