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 PSH just before performing Ice Bucket Challenge on 2014.08.22

This may be the stupidest or smartest thing I have ever done as a PSH fan — depending on the outcome.

I’m leaving Hillary out of it because she is more rational and less emotional than me.

But I’m the kind of person who needs to know if I have 6 months left to live.

It has been pointed out to us that PSH is losing fans … fast!  Oh, really?

So soon after his triumphant “Scent” tour?

We never expected “Scent” to break the box office record in China.  Such kind of film has no universal appeal.  The general audience nowadays just like cheap thrills — anything fast-moving that destroys everything in its path, with tons of special effects - in 3D.  Anything that requires feeling or thinking is like “water over a duck’s back” (Chinese saying meaning won’t stick).  “Scent” is the kind of slow-to-the-boil (慢热) film — it takes time to heat up.  I am sure if will sell well overseas and in DVDs.  I personally am prepared to buy several dozens to give to everyone I know.

So is PSH losing a lot of fans?  In China (Baidu, Weibo…)?  I don’t frequent these sites but were my eyes playing tricks on me or didn’t the Chinese fans (in all 6 cities he went on the road show) give PSH a rousing reception?  In Japan?  Japanese are the most loyal fans I know, and I doubt if any of them will retire unless PSH does.

In other parts of the world?  On PSH4U?  It is true that comments are down, but does that mean fans are leaving PSH in droves?  A lot of people who come to PSH4U (not just members because we are an open site) belong to the “silent majority”; they are the so-called “underwater” or “submerged” fans ( 潜水).  They just come for PSH news; they don’t leave comments.  (I used to be one such until we started PSH4U.)  If they feel very strongly about something, they prefer to e-mail us.

Now here is where I can tell you for certain that PSH has been as popular as ever, judging from our hit rate (from our Control Panel).  Our monthly hit rate has been consistently above 5 million, ever since we started in October 2012.  Sometimes it’s slightly less and sometimes a lot more, as in January 2013 (CDDA) and February (break of incident) and March 2013 (nearly 10 million – WPS.  On March 1 and 2 we had nearly a million hits each day).  Our daily hit rate has never been less than 6 figures … until we came to the second half of July 2014 when we were sometimes down to 5 figures (high 5s, like 80,000+ or 90,000+) which we found surprising until we belatedly realized people were having problems accessing our blog.  I finally found time to write to our webhost in early August and was told there was some incompatibility (some technical mumbo-jumbo which I didn’t understand) and we needed to upgrade the Statistics plug-in as well as upgrade to the latest version of WORDPRESS.  H passed the info to our computer guy who did as he was told.  However, upgrading to the latest version created another problem which we didn’t find out until at least a week later.  This new version requires something to be done before people can access our blog on their cell phones.  (Apparently most people do this, unlike H and I who always use our computers — this is called generation gap^^)  Our computer guy finally fixed everything on August 11.  And voila! on August 12 everything was back to normal.

August 12 was the day when PSH started his trip to China to promote “Scent”, and, appropriately, daily hit rate on PSH4U has been back to 6 figures ever since, with the highest on August 13,14,18,19 (300,000+) and August 15,17, 20 (200,000+).  So PSH is back with a bang! and so is PSH4U!  Perceptions can be deceptive, but statistics don’t lie.

Now I’ve come to what this post is all about — I want to know how many fans PSH still has on PSH4U.  It doesn’t matter if you never leave any comments; it doesn’t matter if you are not a PSH4U member.  If you consider yourself a PSH fan, stand up and be counted.  Sign in on this post if you are a member.  E-mail us on if you’re not.  Just let us know you’re still here for PSH.  I know a lot of fans never bothered to subscribe, but many e-mail us all the time.  I answer every e-mail (except on the week of August 4 when my world almost came to an end.  If I missed your e-mail, please forgive me.)

If PSH has 50 fans left, or 500, or …. I want to know.  If I who am going through a very difficult period in my life and am so tired I could drop dead have not left PSH, nobody has the right or excuse to.  Unless, of course, you no longer love him, in which case, there is nothing more to be said.

(Credits: PSH photo from Twitter.  Thanks!)

朴施厚:做暖男不累 希望与张艺谋合作

This is the Chinese news report on which our Korean news report yesterday was based.  It’s longer and has more (but we haven’t translated everything, just some parts not mentioned before.)

Park Si Hoo: Not tired being “warm male”, hopes to work with Zhang Yimou

朴施厚:做暖男不累 希望与张艺谋合作

2014年08月25日10:57 解放日报-申江服务导报



8月15日,韩国欧巴加中国电影”“ 的模式又一次接受银幕考验。韩星朴施厚[微博]在中国以男主身份登上大银幕,为了宣传电影《香气》,“矜贵”向来 的欧巴还在全国各地马不停蹄地做宣传,又是要公主抱,又是裸泳,十分拼命。但是,你会买单吗?

Fans send rice as support

April 13 in Beijing – Situation was “explosive”.  Even before the press conference started, fans already “occupied” the hotel.  They stood quietly on both sides, leaving a passage for PSH to walk from his rest area to the press conference room.  Reporters who were late were not allowed to go up the escalator and had to be received by the organizers who explained: “Too many fans.  It’s a 100-person press conference, but we had to hire 50 security guards.”








The biggest obstacle in cooperation between different countries is the language problem.  The two leads in the movie used cartoons and body language to communicate.

Talking about the difference between shooting a movie in Korean and China, PSH said: “In China all shooting goes according to plan, very efficient; in Korea the pace is slower.  In my impression, Chinese films/TV dramas are based more on real life, and so are closer to real life, while Korean films and dramas are mostly fictional, so it’s not so easy to encounter such experiences in real life.”



Park Si Hoo interview







Q: Under the circumstances of language barrier, how do you two [with Chen Ran] warm up your emotions?

A: Language is only one way of emotional exchange.  On the contrary, I think that in the case of language barrier, the feelings generated are absolutely trustworthy, because all emotions are the result of the chemistry between the two people, and so are more authentic and pure.








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PSH in Shanghai TV Weekly

Shanghai TV Weekly 8B 2014 (released August 14)

上海电视周刊 8B (8月14日發行)


After a year of silence, PSH chose to return to the big screen with a Chinese/Korean movie “Scent”.  In the movie, this Korean man transcends time and chases his love to Shanghai.  Here he meets a Chinese girl.  In the interaction between two cultures, what kind of chemical reaction will be produced by this transnational love?







During shooting in Shanghai, the weather was still very cold.  The movie shows a kind of late-Autumn comfortable and gentle image texture, but to PSH, this period of shooting must be very warm, because lots of fans staked out the set every day.  As an actor, this must be the best present he has received after his year of silence.



Cover / 封面


(Credits: Thanks!  English translation by H.A.T.)

PSH on Baidu KING chart

PSH’s song “The Sound of Your Coming” entered the Baidu KING chart as soon as it was released:

2014 Stage 17
02 The Sound of Your Coming (Chinese version)
03 The Sound of Your Coming (Korean version)

2014 Stage 18
04 Chinese
05 Korean

2014 Stage 19
06 Chinese
07 Korean

2014 Stage 20 (current August 25-31)
08 Chinese
11 Korean


English transcript

Many thanks for giving me so much love and support.
I saw on Baidu KING chart all the support you’re giving me and I am really very moved.
“The Sound of Your Coming” is the first song on the OST of my Chinese movie.
It is a sweet, gentle, and moving love song.
Hope you feel the same when you hear this song.
Please give me lots of support.
Also! Most important!
“Scent” will start showing on August 15.
You’ll all come and see it to support me, right?
Also, if you come to Baidu KING chart to support me or come to see my movie, I have prepared special presents for you.
Please look forward to it.
Goodbye! I love you all!


Chinese version


Korean version



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K-media on PSH’s Chinese interview

There is a Chinese saying: 風水輪流轉 (luck goes round and round), so here we have the Korean media quoting the Chinese media about a Korean actor they have trampled on for more than a year and then chose to ignore until he could not be ignored anymore^^

2014.08.25     News report

Park Si Hoo: “Tired of being ‘Warm Male’? I want to be.”

In an interview with the Chinese media Park Si Hoo was honest about his own personality.

On August 18 after attending a promotional event for the movie “Scent”, Park Si Hoo was interviewed by a major Chinese medium ‘Liberation Daily’ (解放 日报).  In a report released on August 25, this interview appeared which included Park Si Hoo’s views on the movie and the story behind the filming.

“Since South Korea does not produce pure melodrama, I have always wanted to try an authentic melodrama,” he began.

“I was interested as soon as I saw the script of ‘Scent’.  It was interesting and full of sensitivity.  I checked out an earlier work of the Director [ED: Tsang Tsui Shan's "Big Blue Lake"] and decided I wanted to be in this movie.  We had fun making this movie which can give an emotional stimulus.”

He was asked whether he had any interest in earlier Chinese movies.  “I really like Chinese movies and am very impressed by many, especially the works of Zhang Yimou who has the uncanny ability to turn a little story into a shattering drama.  I have watched many of his works like ‘Red Sorghum’, ‘House of Flying Daggers’, ‘Hero’, etc.  If the opportunity arises, I would like to work with Zhang Yimou.”

Local reporters gave Park Si Hoo the nickname of “Warm Male”, that is, a man of warm personality.  In answer to the question whether he was tired of being a “warm male” in real life, Park Si Hoo replied candidly: “That is my real self; I have a delicate and gentle personality, and I like to laugh too.  Since being a ‘warm male’ is essentially my personality, I hope to bring happiness and kindness to people around me.  So I don’t feel tired; I feel very happy.”

Park Si Hoo stayed in Shanghai for two months shooting “Scent”, and to the reporters’ questions about his time there, Park Si Hoo had this to say: “I really like Shanghai; I had a jolly good time,” and “Everybody was very nice to me, especially the people I worked with.  They took me to a lot of delicious eateries and I tried many local dishes,” showing off his friendship with the crew.

Park Si Hoo was asked to speak from an actor’s perspective why Hallyu (Korean Wave) culture was so popular in China.  “A lot of research goes into Korean dramas so they are all serious productions.  They are constantly modified during broadcasting to suit the audience’s tastes and feedback is taken earnestly.  The Chinese seem to love Hallyu because there are many similarities between their own culture and Korean culture, so when they watch Korean dramas they can see shadows of their own culture as well as catch glimpses of a foreign culture.”

The movie “Scent” opened all over cinemas in China on August to a passionate reception by fans.  Park Si Hoo plays a Korean designer Kang In Joon who is involved in a transnational romance with the heroine played by Chinese actress Chen Ran.



박시후 “친절한 성격 피곤하냐고? 원해서 한다”

2014-08-25 18:42:57

박시후가 중국 매체와 인터뷰에서 자신 성격에 대해 솔직하게 털어놨다.

지난 8월 18일 박시후는 중국 상하이에서 열린 영화 ‘향기’(香气) 홍보행사에 참석 이후 중국 주요 언론 매체 ‘해방일보’(解放日报)와 인터뷰를 진행했다. 25일 보도된 이번 인터뷰에서 박시후는 영화 출연 계기 및 촬영장 비하인드 스토리를 공개했다.

이날 박시후는 ‘향기’에 출연하게 된 이유에 대해 “한국 같은 경우 전톤멜로가 잘 제작되지 않는데 정통 멜로를 꼭 한번 해보고 싶었다”고 말문을 열었다.

이어 “‘향기’ 시나리오를 처음 봤을 때 재밌기도 했고 감성이 자극되기도 했다”며 “감독님이 제작한 전 작품을 봤는데 세련되게 잘 만들었단 걸 느낄 수 있어 출연 결정을 하게 됐다”고 출연하게 된 계기를 밝혔다.

또 취재진은 박시후가 현지 팬들의 뜨거운 사랑을 받고 있는 ‘향기’에 출연한 만큼 이전부터 중국작품에 큰 관심이 있었는지에 대해 질문했다. 이에 박시후는 “중국 영화 정말 좋아한다. 특히 장예모 감독님 작품 정말 감명 깊게 봤다”며 “영화 ‘붉은수수밭’ ‘연인’ ‘영웅’ 등을 보며 그의 연출력이 대단하다는걸 느낄 수 있었다. 기회가 된다면 한번쯤은 같이 작업해 보고 싶다”고 장예모 감독의 연출력을 극찬했다.

‘향기’는 지난 15일 개봉 후 박시후와 천란(진연)의 환상 호흡으로 중국 여성 팬들의 큰 사랑을 받고 있다. 또 ‘향기’는 개봉 전부터 촬영장 분위기가 좋기로 소문난 영화였던 만큼 촬영 당시 있었던 해프닝에 대한 팬들의 관심이 집중됐다.

현지 취재진은 “‘따뜻한 성격의 남자’라고 소문이 났다. 실제 그런 성격을 갖고 있다 보면 피곤하지 않느냐”는 질문에 박시후는 “제 성격은 섬세하고 온화한 편인 것 같다”고 입을 열었다.

박시후는 “실제로 잘 웃는 편인데 기본적으로 따뜻한 성격을 갖고 있는 것 같다. 특히 주변 사람들에게 따뜻하고 즐겁게 해주려고 노력하는 편인 것 같다”며 “그래서 남들에게 친절을 베푸는 일이 피곤하다고 느끼진 않는다. 오히려 나 스스로 기쁜 마음에 노력하게 되는 것 같다”고 자신 성격에 대해 솔직하게 답했다.

이어 박시후는 상해에서 오랜 기간 촬영한 소감에 대해 묻는 취재진에게 “2개월 정도 촬영을 위해 상해에 머물렀다. 정말 좋은 시간 이었다”며 “함께 촬영했던 사람들 모두 정말 잘해줬다. 가끔 모이게 되면 맛있는 것을 먹으며 즐거운 시간을 보내고 있다”고 함께 촬영했던 제작진과의 친분을 과시했다.

특히 박시후는 ‘한류’가 중국에서 사랑받는 이유로 “한국 드라마는 보통 작품이 방영될 때 상황에 맞춰 장면이 수정되는 경우가 있다. 배우들은 그 한 장면을 볼 시청자들을 위해 많은 연구를 한다”며 “한국문화 자체가 중국문화와 많은 부분에서 비슷하기 때문에 더 많은 사랑을 받는 것 같다”고 자신 생각을 밝혔다.

한편 박시후는 지난 15일 중국에서 개봉한 ‘향기’에서 한국인 디자이너 강인준 역을 맡아 여주인공 천란과 국경을 뛰어넘는 절절한 로맨스를 선보이며 중국 팬들의 큰 사랑을 받고 있다.

[뉴스엔 오효진 기자]

오효진 jin15@


(Credits: Thanks!  English translation by H.A.T.)

1st for “Scent”


From Weibo:

The movie “Scent” has created several firsts:
1. All women team of Producer, director, and screenwriter
2. First time Korean KBS Drama Awards Triple Winner Park Si Hoo invited to be male lead
3. First time using Chinese-Korean-English dialogue and songs
4. First time theme song written by Korean songwriter and sung by the male lead, and for a period was #1 in Baidu download
5. First time a non-professional singer making his way into the top ten chart, alongside professional singers
6. Lowest rate of summer slots of only 2.73% but created primetime viewership of over 70%
7. Called the most beautiful love story this summer




THE definitive trailer



(Credits:  Thanks!  English translation by H.A.T.)

PSH and fans

All these are from Weibo — interaction between PSH and his Chinese fans on his recent road show to promote “Scent”:

At the Shenzhen fanmeet, I asked PSH: In the movie it says the distance between lovers is 30 cm. and that between friends is 80 cm.  What then is the distance between PSH and fans?  After this was translated for him, PSH said loudly in Chinese (with a laugh): “0!”  Sihoo, I am very satisfied with you answer!  And this is his autograph.



Sihoo, sometimes you’re so honest you make my heart ache.  I remember last time you came over to shake our hands after you’ve been to the restroom.  When you came to me, I held your hand and didn’t let go, and you didn’t withdraw your hand — this lasted more than 5 seconds.  “You’re casual, I’m happy”?  In the cinema it was rather hot and you casually took a fan from a fan on the front row and kept repeating: “Not bad, not bad.”  Sunshine boy, wish you well!

@朴施厚 你吧,有时候实诚得让人不争气的心疼,不仅让我想起上次印象深的小事,你上完厕所过来跟我们握手,到了我这儿,我这么一直握着,你居然也没放,哟,就这样停留了5秒多。“你随意,我快乐”? 在影院有点儿热,你随意的拿了前排粉丝的一把扇子,嘴里还说着“不错不错” 。阳光大男孩,祝好


What happened was this: That day I saw oppa wearing so much and felt he must be hot, so when he looked over to my side, I used my fan to fan him twice.  He immediately understood and came to get my fan.  First he got it wrong and took the fan next to me.  Then he felt it wasn’t right and gave it back, and then chose my fan.

@猫咪爱厚厚:嘿事情是这样的:那天看到오빠 .穿那么多,感觉有点热,오빠 看向我这边的时候,我就用扇子给他扇了两下,结果오빠就懂起了,走向我这边拿我手中的扇子,开始他拿错了,拿的旁边的。然后他感觉不对,又退回去,然后选了我手中的扇子


At Beijing fanmeet, a male member of the audience made this weighty speech: “I am not going to ask any questions.  I just want to say this to the director – ‘Many thanks for inviting Park Si Hoo to star in this movie.  I am 45 years old and I am a Park Si Hoo fan ….’ ”  Please forgive me for not remembering what came after, because tears were streaming down my face.  Oppa kept looking at him and I kept looking at Oppa, but my vision was somewhat blurry…

##朴施厚# ##电影香气# 北京见面会【后记】现场一位男观众非常深沉的发言:“我就不提问题了,我只想对导演说一句话,非常感谢您邀请朴施厚来演这部电影,我今年45岁是朴施厚的粉丝。。。。。。”请原谅我后面现场就忘记了,因为已戳中泪点…哥一直注视着他,我一直注视着哥只是视线有点糊…



At Beijing fanmeet, the fan behind me asked you to sing a few bars of the “Scent” theme song and you gave it a little thought and then “Sing …….”  Oppa, you forgot your lines!  So the fan started singing and you caught on and then it became collective karaoke …. The next day I did not see you off at the airport because I didn’t like parting, but will meet and greet you again when you come next time.

【后记】#朴施厚# 北京见面会#电影香气# 双井场我后排的姐姐提问时想让哥唱几句主题曲,哥想了想然后:“绳~银。。。” 哥你忘词能不卖萌么…于是姐姐起了个头大家跟着轻声唱了起来,哥也唱了起来so 集体卡拉OK成功…第二天没有去送机因为不喜欢离别,下次来还去接你吧




(Credits: Thanks! English translation by H.A.T.)

PSH on Hoo Factory 02


Hoo Factory left 3 tweets today:

The first one says:

(News) [# Park Si Hoo] [# Hoo Factory] - Hoo Factory opened official YouTube channel.  Fans around the world can go there and find a variety of activities and news of Park Si

The second one announces the Hoo Factory Social Network, consisting of:
Twitter – @HOO_factory
Facebook – HOO-factory
YouTube – HOO factory
meipai – HOOfactory
The same info was posted on Facebook.
[ED: Please note the 4 different versions of Hoo Factory]

The third one is the Youtube version of the Weibo video released on August 22 –
Please see our earlier post:

Park Si Hoo in Ice Bucket Challenge at invitation of An Hu.  Park Si Hoo in turn nominates actor Jung Jae Young, songwriter Kim Hyung Suk, and [Hong Kong actor] Tony Leung.

HF140825-1 HF140825-2

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JJY takes up PSH’s Ice Bucket challenge




Jung Jae Young takes up ice bucket challenge: “Next challenge to Shin Ha Kyun, Park Hae Il, Yoo Joon Sang”

Actor Jung Jae Young welcomed the ice bucket challenge.

On August 23 Jung Jae Young through his agency LDV Encontents released a video on Facebook showing his support of ALS patients by taking up the Ice Bucket challenge.

He said he was happy to take part in the campaign to help ALS patients whom he hoped would face their ordeal with courage and strength.

He next challenged Shin Ha Kyun, Park Hae Il, Yoo Joo Sang, and thanked Park Si Hoo for nominating him.

Jung Jae Young then poured a bucket of ice water over his head, and the ice bucket challenge mission was complete.

The Ice Bucket challenge is sponsored by the ALS Foundation of the U.S.A. and is designed to promote awareness about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.  People nominated can take up the Ice Bucket challenge or donate US$100 to the Foundation.


정재영, 아이스버킷 동참..”다음은 신하균, 박해일, 유준상”

2014.08.23 17:53

배우 정재영이 아이스버킷 챌린지에 동참했다.

23일 오후 정재영 소속사 엘디비엔컨텐츠 페이스북에는 ‘루게릭병으로 고생하는 환자 보호자분들 힘내시구요, 좋은 일에 동참하게 해준 박시후씨에게 감사의 뜻을 전하겠습니다’는 글과 정재영이 아이스버킷 챌리지에 동참한 영상을 공개했다.

정재영은 지난 22일 아이스버킷 챌린지에 참여한 박시후가 다음 참가자로 지목해 참여하게 됐다.

정재영은 “아이스버킷 캠페인에 참가하게 되어 기쁘다”며 “루게릭병 환자분들, 다른 모든 환자분들 용기내시고 힘내시길 바란다”고 말했다.

그는 “배우 신하균, 박해일, 유준상씨 지목하겠습니다. 저를 지목해주신 박시후씨에게 감사의 말을 전합니다”고 밝혔다.

정재영은 이어 미리 준비된 양동이에 담긴 얼음물을 뒤집어썼고, 아이스버킷 챌린지 미션을 완료했다.

한편 아이스버킷 챌린지는 미국 루게릭병 후원 재단인 ALS에서 루게릭병(근위축성측색경화증)에 대한 인식을 증진시키고자 고안된 SNS 캠페인. 상대가 나를 지목했을 때 100달러(한화 약 10만 원)를 기부하거나 양동이의 얼음물 뒤집어쓰기를 선택할 수 있다.



(Credits:;;; 시후앓이 Thanks!)

2014 JFM promotion

This promotional video is from PIA which is responsible for selling Japan Fan Meeting (on September 28) tickets to non-JOFC members.


シリアスな表情からコミカルな姿まで、さまざまな演技で、国内外のファンを魅了してい­る韓国俳優パク・シフが、9月28日(日)に横浜・パシフィコ横浜 国立大ホールで「パク・シフ ファンミーティング 秋風に乗って…再会~LOVE&FOREVER~」を開催することが決定!

Promotional video / 宣傳短片



To buy tickets / 購票:




Try your luck to win 2 tickets to the JFM.  For details, please see below:
(If you can’t read Japanese, then this has nothing to do with you^^)

・受付期間 2014年9月1日(月) 10:00  〜 2014年9月16日(火) 0:00
・応募資格 KNTVご加入者様
・応募方法 専用応募フォーム(フォームは9/1にOPEN)


(Credits: ぴあチャンネル;; Thanks!)