The perks of voting for PSH

Another interesting article from apricotmui:

The Perks of Voting for PSH
It’s uncharacteristic for me to be habitual about anything.  But one of the two exceptions I’ve made is voting for Park Si Hoo.  It’s become part of my routine, and I devote as much of my time to it as I can. The other habit, of course, is visiting PSH4U for my daily high.
There are some real benefits to voting for PSH.  The one I enjoy most is ‘instant gratification’.  I love it when his numbers are jumping up, up, up!  Of course when his numbers start to slide, it provokes me to action, because I hate losing too.
Voting may seem dull, but I’ve learned to multi-task while doing it.  By using a mini-cycle to exercise my legs, I can vote with one hand, lift a favorite brew with the other, and watch a PSH DVD out of the corner of my eye!  It’s really a pleasant way to make quality time for PSH.  Actually, PSH’s consistent attention to his daily exercise routine has inspired me to exercise one way or another.  And it’s a good thing too…as in ‘move it or lose it’.
While voting, part of the action plan is to take note of PSH’s competitors in terms of their relative popularity.  It seems that if an actor is starring in a popular series during the poll, his numbers will be higher during that period.  There are also many actors who are singers too, so their exposure and popularity is consistently high.
No doubt these polls have an influence on corporate decisions to hire one actor over another, otherwise they wouldn’t exist.  Corporate sponsors notice (and sometimes manipulate) the results.  Consequently, voting for PSH to ensure that he stays at the top of the polls is important and necessary for him.
There are lots of strategy involved in voting.  Since there are many resourceful strategists on PSH4U, it’s best to follow their lead.  Then it becomes even more exciting when PSH fans rally to out-vote the competition by making effective choices.
Although it takes time to vote, it’s time well spent.  It’s also a significant and gratifying way to help PSH.  After all, it’s not over ‘til it’s over!

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PSH on HF Twitter (26)



Hoo Factory left this tweet last night:

Sent with a sincere heart.

Words on yellow design under ribbon say:

One small movement, a great miracle …
Pray earnestly …


[ED: Please see this link - the Yellow Ribbon has become a symbol of hope in the wake of the ferry tragedy in South Korea: ]





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“Scent” copyright issues


From Wang Bin’s Weibo:

His novel “Taste” is being reprinted with the new title ”Scent” and his editor sent him 2 cover designs, the first one with two variations and the second one he doesn’t like.






And then there is another message on Weibo from the “Scent” production company:  The publishing company of “Taste” is infringing copyright by changing its title to “Scent” and using a photo from the movie without their consent.  They reserve the right to pursue legal responsibility.





To movie “Scent” watchers and novel “Taste” readers:

We wish to thank everyone for their support of the novel “Taste” and the movie “Scent”.  Wang Bin is the writer of the novel “Taste” published by Writers’ Publisher.  When the novel was reprinted, the publisher, without getting the consent of Li Zhuo Xingyu Television Media [ED: We don't know the English name of the production company; we just translated the phonetic spelling], changed the name of the novel to “Scent” and also used a photo from the movie.  This is infringement of copyright.

The production company of “Scent” is not related to the publisher and has not given its consent for the use of the name and the photo.  So, to safeguard the legal rights of the production company and the actors, if the publisher does not immediately stop such copyright infringement, the production company reserves the right to pursue legal responsibility [ED: to sue].

立卓兴宇影视传媒 (Li Zhuo Xingyu Television Media)
April 14, 2014


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PSH on TSUTAYA Asia Magazine – May issue

TSUTAYA アジア(Asia) MAGAZINE, May issue

PSH on cover / 封面


Some contents inside / 部份內頁介紹


Publicity / 宣傳


More info / 更多資訊


Please consult webpage / 請參閱網頁


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We went to PSH’s Buyeo BD party – P.S.

knapavalley has more to add:

All photos are taken by Japanese fan misa123 who organized the rice wreaths, birthday cake, flowers, and gifts.

She asked people from Sihoorang to make the bottom part of the cake and she ordered the top part from a bakery in Omotesando*, one of the most fashionable places in Tokyo, and brought it with her all the way to Buyeo in Korea.

[* ED: Omotesando 表参道 - A major upmarket shopping avenue in Harajuku, Tokyo.]



When she ordered the top part of the cake, she gave the bakery a photo of PSH as a model.
Can you tell what photo she gave them?

Actually … this one!  This is one of misa123’s favorite photos!


Isn’t it great?

misa123 said that she and the people from the shop have known each other for a long time, but she didn’t know that the people there are PSH fans until she ordered the cake.  So, actually this cake was made by PSH fans!!
While they were making it, they were definitely thinking of PSH.^^

I’m glad to hear that from misa123.

One more thing I’d like to share is about providing gifts for the staff members who worked hard for PSH.

On the third day, while we were on the bus heading for Gimpo airport, a Korean guide who spoke Japanese fluently was so excited and showed us a box of traditional Korean sweets.


She said everyone got a box of Korean sweets that morning.
Although she had been a guide for a long time and she had worked with lots of different fan clubs for Korean actors and singers, this was the first time for her to receive a gift from a fan club like this.
She said PSH must be really nice, sweet, and thoughtful, since an actor can influence his fans and actor and fans usually become more and more like each other.

Actually misa123 prepared this for JOFC and provided them to the staff members of JOFC, Hoo Factory, Buyeo Lotte Resort, and all the bus drivers and the guides.
Up until misa123 reported the details to us who pitched in, we didn’t know that though …

How thoughtful she is! ^^


(Credits: All photos from misa123.  Many thanks!  If you wish to transfer, please credit


Let’s make PSH the Male God of Korea

SctBar1We’ll toast PSH’s win on April 26!

This is our #20 voting site: Male Gods of Korea

This is the third and final round that will end on April 26, 2014.

We are so p___sed by the Korean article we posted earlier that we are goaded into action.

The more PSH’s enemies try to bring him down, the more PSH fans should raise him up.

So, let’s make PSH the MALE GOD.  Not just one of the last 10, but No.1 topping the list.

If PSH can rebound from No.7 to No.3, he can make it to the top.

We call on all PSH fans to vote for him every hour using all available means.

We want PSH to be crowned THE MALE GOD of KOREA!

Can we do it?  Yes, we can!

VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!  Let’s show the bad guys the good guy deserves to win!


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Not yet? @#$%&*+?!^^

That’s us swearing!  We just knew this would be coming!  When there were all those positive news reports of PSH at BIFF in China, the K-media just had to cook up something to dampen PSH’s euphoria.  They have nothing new to say, so they just rehash old news – not even new wine in old bottles, but old wine in old bottles.  And we do not apologize for our title.  In fact, we wanted to put something stronger!

2014.04.21      News report

“That oughta do” vs “Not yet”

This article takes 5 disgraced entertainers in the Korean entertainment industry and discusses their “recent reinstatement” and comeback plans — hip hop artist MC Mong, singer Andy (of Shinhwa), comedian Yang Se Hyung, Hallyu star Ryu Si Won, and, of course, our Park Si Hoo.

Artists who have been in trouble have to exercise self-restraint and move carefully to make their return.  Now let’s look at the news of their return and gauge the temperature difference in the reaction of the public.  There are comments of “That oughta do” and then there is a mixed reaction of ”Not yet”.

◈  Point of return is the problem

Case of MC Mong — accused of draft dodging in September 2010 (had teeth pulled out so could not meet minimum physical requirements of military service), sentenced on April 2011 to 6 months in jail, suspended for 1 year, plus 129 hours of community service, banned on September 2011 by KBS and MBC.  Has been in self-restraint since, now planning comeback as some entertainment companies are starting to say: “Point of return depends on MC Mong’s attitude.”

But singer Andy and comedian Yang Se Hyung had a frosty reaction from the public.  The common opinion is : “Not yet”.

Andy and Yang Se Hyung were indicted for illegal gambling (Andy: 40 million won bets and YSH 20 m) and sentenced to a fine of 5 million won (Andy) and 3 m (YSH) in November 2013.  They have both apologized and have stayed out of the limelight.  Andy, however, has made a surprise appearance at Shinhwa’s 16th anniversary concert in March, and he also planned to rejoin to group in October.

◈ Diverted into overseas activities

But it is difficult to find an appropriate point of return.  Reaction of the public is unpredictable, so some seek to make a return overseas rather than domestically.

A prime example is actor Park Si Hoo.  Park Si Hoo has tried to practice self-restraint since the sex scandal in February last year but surfaced in December to star in the Chinese film “Scent”.  He also appeared in the International Motor Show in the People’s Republic of China as well as the “Scent” production presentation and press conference recently.

But resumption of domestic activities is still very difficult for him.  He was actually considering to appear in a KBS drama a while ago but that attempt was frustrated.

And inevitably the article had to quote from that infamous KEMA statement “sanctioning” PSH which we will not repeat here since it is TRASH!

Next comes Ryu Si Won who was convicted of assault and intimidation and illegal tracking of his wife during their divorce and in April 2013 was fined 7 million won which he is appealing against.  He halted all domestic activities but he has held a fan meeting in Japan (where he has a large following.)

At the time of his trial, Ryu Si Won said: “There is no doubt my image has suffered.”


So much for this article, now our critique:

How many times do we have to point out that such “commissioned” articles in the Korean media deliberately distort facts in trying to influence readers’ opinions — against PSH.  All the other 4 guys included in this article have been indicted, convicted, and sentenced/fined!  PSH has not even been charged!  There is a world of difference between our PSH who has only been accused and the others who now all have criminal records.  Do the K-media think all Koreans are blind and dumb?  Can they not discriminate between the case of PSH who was obviously framed and the others who were found guilty by the law?  This is what makes us so mad!  What kind of a society tolerates such blatant unfairness?  What kind of a people let the vocal minority (we’re sure they’re in the minority) trample on a good man and grind him under their heels?  We are speechless with fury and disgust!



“이 정도면 됐다”vs”아직은 아니야”

2014-04-21    10:20

가수 MC몽, 앤디, 개그맨 양세형, 배우 박시후, 류시원…최근 복귀 계획을 밝히거나 복귀와 관련해 이름이 오르내리는 인물들이다.

자숙기간을 가졌던 연예인들이 조심스럽게 복귀 움직임을 보이고 있다. 하지만 이들의 복귀 소식을 바라보는 대중의 반응에는 온도차이가 있다. “그 정도면 됐다”는 의견이 있는가 하면, “아직은 아니다”는 엇갈린 반응도 있다.

◈ 복귀 시점, 그것이 문제로다

최근 복귀와 관련에 가장 화제를 모았던 인물은 가수 MC몽이다. MC몽의 복귀 소식이 알려지자 누리꾼들은 “그만하면 됐다”며 복귀를 환영하는 반응을 보였다. 이 같은 반응은 무죄선고에도 불구, 충분한 자숙 기간을 가졌던 MC몽의 행보와 무관하지 않다는 분석이다.

MC몽은 2010년 고의발치 등 병역기피 의혹을 받고 법정공방을 벌이면서 연예계 활동을 접었다. 2012년 5월, 대법원에서 최종 무죄 판결을 받았지만, 지금까지 자숙하며 시간을 보내왔다. 근래 몇몇 엔터테인먼트사와 접촉을 가진 것으로 알려지면서 “이제 복귀 시점은 MC몽의 마음가짐에 달렸다”는 말까지 흘러나오고 있다.

하지만 가수 앤디와 개그맨 양세형에게는 싸늘한 반응이 이어지고 있다. 공통된 의견은 “아직 때가 아니다”는 것이다.

앤디와 양세형은 지난해 11월 휴대전화를 이용해 상습적으로 스포츠 도박을 펼친 혐의로 300만원의 벌금형을 받았다. 하지만 양세형은 지난 13일 tvN ‘코미디 빅리그’를 통해 방송에 등장했다. 방송 중단 5개월 만이다.

비록 아이언맨 마스크를 쓰고 있었지만, 함께 출연한 유상무가 “자숙 중인 연예인이 이 상자 속에서 페달을 밟고 있다”는 말과 양세찬이 “제가 지켜줘야 할 것 같아요”라는 대사로 양세형임을 짐작할 수 있도록 했다. 세월호 침몰로 방송이 미뤄지긴 했지만, 지난 녹화에서는 마스크를 벗은 채 참여한 것으로 알려져 본격 복귀가 가시화된 상황이다.

앤디 역시 5월 17일 중국에서 팬미팅을 여는 것으로 알려져 팬들 사이에서도 우려의 목소리가 나오고 있다. 3월 23일 신화 데뷔 16주년 콘서트 앙코르 무대에 올라 사죄하면서 “10월에 완전체 신화로 돌아오겠다”던 앤디가 지나치게 빨리 개인 활동으로 복귀하는 것은 시기적으로 이르다는 지적도 이어지고 있다.

◈ 해외 활동으로 우회

하지만 적절한 복귀 시점을 찾는 것은 쉽지 않는 일이다. 복귀에 대한 대중들의 시선을 섣불리 예측할 수 없는 만큼, 국내 보다는 해외 활동을 통해 복귀를 모색하는 이들도 있다.

대표적인 예가 배우 박시후다. 박시후는 지난해 2월 불거진 성(性) 스캔들로 자숙의 시간을 가지다 지난해 12월, 중국 영화 ‘향기’에 출연하면서 활동 기지개를 켰다. 이후 중국 춘계 국제 모터쇼, ‘향기’ 제작발표회 등 공식 일정을 이어나갔다.

하지만 국내 활동엔 여전히 어려운 상황이다. 실제로 출연 검토 중이던 한 드라마 출연이 최종 조율단계에서 좌절되기도 했다.

한국연예매니지먼트협회도 박시후에 대해 “사회적으로 물의를 일으킨 당사자”라며 “사건은 법적으로 모두 종료했으나, 도덕적으로 사회적 합의가 없는 상태에서 곧바로 연예활동 복귀를 시도하고 있다”고 제동을 걸고 나섰다.

아내를 폭행 및 폭언, 협박과 위치정보를 수집한 혐의로 유죄 판결을 받은 류시원 역시 국내 활동은 전면 중단했지만, 일본에서는 팬미팅을 개최했다.

류시원은 아내 조 모씨와 3년째 이혼 소송을 진행하고 있다. 이 과정에서 조 씨가 류시원이 폭행과 협박, 위치정보를 불법적으로 수집했다고 고소장을 접수했고, 재판부는 혐의를 인정하고 벌금 700만원을 선고했다. 류시원은 이에 불복해 상고해 대법원 판결을 기다리고 있다.

재판 당시 류시원은 “연예계 활동에 미련은 없다”는 말하며 “이번 일로 이미지에 큰 타격을 입었다”고 말했다.


(Credits:  Thanks!  English interpretation by H.A.T.)


CDDA on Chinese TV


This news report says PSH’s “Cheongdam-dong Alice” will start broadcasting on China’s Jiangsu TV (Overseas Theater) on April 20.

Title: “Cheongdam-dong Alice” starts broadcasting, Park Si Hoo Moon Geun Young portray new-style Korean drama


《清潭洞爱丽丝》开播 朴施厚文根英演绎新式韩剧

2014-04-19 17:28来源:南报网

南报网讯(记者 邢虹)韩剧《清潭洞爱丽丝》将于4月20日登陆江苏影视频道《海外剧场》。该剧以韩国富人区清潭洞为背景,讲述了“灰姑娘”韩世景(文根英饰)看清现实困局后,奋力想跻身上流社会而与“钻石男”车胜祖(朴施厚饰)相爱相救的故事。不同于以往的童话式韩剧,《清潭洞爱丽丝》不片面制造爱情童话,而是强化矛盾冲突,直击富人婚恋中的骗局与人性挣扎是该剧的最大看点。






Program from Jiangsu TV


And CDDA is also broadcasting in another Chinese city – Dalian.  This is the program from Dalian TV (looks like they’re already at Episode 6 and 7).



PSH on Korean TV Drama Guide (52)


Korean TV Drama Guide, Vol.52

韓国TVドラマガイド(52) (双葉社スーパームック) [ムック]

Release Date: April 22, 2014




To order:

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COM U.S.A. DVD preview

“Confession of Murder”: Exclusive Car Chase

What happens when the statute of limitations runs out on a serial killer’s crimes?  An amazing car chase, courtesy of “Confession of Murder”.

April 17th, 2014




The new action thriller is about a serial killer who confesses to all his crimes after the statute of limitations runs out.  The law can’t touch the killer, but that doesn’t mean the families of his victims – and perhaps even someone claiming to be the “real” killer – can’t make a go of it, leading to this freakin’ awesome CraveOnline Exclusive car chase.

Check it out, and then check out “Confession of Murder”, now available on DVD and Blu-ray.



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