Rice wreaths at PSH BD

This is from the website that supplied the rice wreaths on PSH’s 2015 birthday party – www.dreame.co.kr (same one as last year.)

The original video is nearly 6 1/2 minutes long.  We have edited it to make it concentrate on PSH4U^^ (we added music too.)

To see the original video, please go to:





(Credits: www.dreame.co.kr. Thanks!)

Jami and Dami on Twitter (74)

Remember the Dinner Date with Sihoo that is the Grand Prize for buying his CD?  Application forms were included in the CDs.  Now the result has been announced on JOFC.

Jami and Dami also mentioned this on their Twitter:


Jami: To celebrate Master’s debut Japanese CD, there’s the “Dream date in Seoul with Sihoo!” The winner has finally been announced … Meow!

Dami: Congratulations to the winner!  For more information, please go to Japan official site and check it out ~ ♪


We’re sure it will be a real romantic date in a fancy restaurant; certainly it won’t be just a lunchbox^^

The JOFC said they received thousands of applications and have finally decided on the winner.  This dream dinner date with Sihoo will take place in mid-June somewhere in Seoul.  The winner will be notified individually.

We want to know who the lucky winner is!  We contributed to buying the CD too (even though we didn’t apply for the privilege since it was obviously meant for a Japanese fan.)

(Credits: http://twitter.com.  Thanks!  English translation by H.A.T.)



This is from Twitter:

PSH is replying to a FC Forum question about what he likes to eat and his answer is “Tendon”.

This year he also had “Tendon” in Tokyo.

In the photo on top right, PSH is waiting outside the famous “Tendon” restaurant in Asakusa.



Tendon (Japanese cuisine)

Tendon (天丼) is a Japanese dish consisting of tempura on a bowl of rice.  The name “tendon” is an abbreviation of tempura and donburi.

(Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tendon_(Japanese_cuisine)

In Japan, tempura over rice is simply called “tendon”.  It’s a shortened word for tempura donburi. You can certainly use any veggies, herbs, fish, seafood for the topping. Normally, large shrimp along with several varieties of vegetables are made into tempura.

(Source: http://www.food.com/recipe/tempura-donburi-tendon-tempura-rice-bowl-305012)


How to Make Tendon (Japanese Tempura Rice Bowl Recipe) 天丼 作り方レシピ — YOUTUBE

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PSH CD in K-Pop weekly chart

Would you believe it?  PSH’s CD “You…” that was released in January is still in the TOP 10 in the K-POP Weekly Chart in Japan!

K-POP Weekly Chart <2015/4/6 – 4/12>

Tower Records all stores K-POP single weekly chart (2015/4/6 – 4/12)

K-POP Weeklyチャート<2015/4/6~4/12>




And please note all the others are professional singers and all groups.  Only our PSH is the lone actor with a single in the pop charts 3 months after its initial release.  Japanese fans, we love you for loving PSH!

(Source: http://news.kstyle.com/article.ksn?articleNo=2018219&categoryCode=KP)




Now let’s review this single / 名曲重溫:



(Credits: http://news.kstyle.com; http://gall.dcinside.com; 好报小鸟63942673@youku.com; wanismile su@youtube.com. Thanks!)

PSH’s BD party makes news in Buyeo

This article on PSH’s birthday party was originally published in the e-newspaper of his hometown Buyeo.


The eternal son of Buyeo Park Si Hoo

500 Asian fans visited Seoul for Park Si Hoo’s birthday, his official fan club Sihoorang donated 2.5 tonnes of rice

영원한 부여의 아들 박시후

5백여 아시아팬 생일축하 서울 방문, 공식팬클럽 ‘시후랑’ 등 2.5t 쌀 기부

2015.04.14 13:53



The eternal son of Buyeo actor Park Si Hoo celebrated his birthday with more than 500 Asian fans at a fan meeting in Seoul.

영원한 부여의 아들 배우 박시후의 생일을 맞아 5백여명의 아시아 팬들이 서울을 방문해 축하 팬미팅을 가졌다.



On April 3 over 500 fans from Japan and China came to Korea and stayed at a 5-star hotel in Jamsil, Seoul, for a fan meeting.  Park Si Hoo’s official fan club Sihoorang together with other fans donated 2.5 tonnes of rice to Buyeo.

지난 3일 서울 잠실의 특급 호텔에서 중국과 일본 등지에서 5백여명의 팬들이 한국을 찾아 팬미팅을 갖고 박시후의 공식 팬클럽 ‘시후랑’을 비롯해 아시아 각국의 팬클럽에서 2.5t에 달하는 쌀을 고향 부여에 기부하기로 했다.



Earlier in the day these fans toured Buyeo in 12 tour buses and visited Park Si Hoo’s birthplace at Gagokri, Eunsanmyeon.

이에 앞서 3일 오전에는 관광버스 12대가 은산면 가곡리 박시후의 생가를 방문하는 정성을 보이기도 했다.



A large banner “Park Si Hoo welcomes international fans” was erected at Eunsanmyeon, Buyeo where fans were greeted by a warm welcome.

부여군 은산면(면장 이종관)에서는 박시후의 해외 팬 방문을 환영하는 대형 현수막으로 팬들을 맞이했고, 이종관 은산면장은 직접 박시후의 생가까지 찾아가 팬들을 맞이했다.



Last year on Park Si Hoo’s birthday his Asian fans donated 2.8 tonnes of rice, and in the winter of 2013, Park Si Hoo donated TV, refrigerator, coal briquette boiler, kimchi refrigerator, etc. to his hometown.

지난해에도 박시후의 생일을 맞아 아시아 팬들이 본지에 2.8t의 쌀을 기부했고, 2013년 겨울에는 박시후의 고향에 냉장고, TV, 연탄보일러, 김치냉장고 등을 후원해 박시후에 대한 영원한 팬들의 마음을 전하기도 했다.



On this occasion, Park Si Hoo also sang for his fans at the fan meeting, saying “We are a true family”, and he shared a good time with his fans.

On the other hand, Park Si Hoo has recently finished shooting the film “Love After Love” which marks his comeback to the big screen in two years, so there are great expectations.

박시후는 팬미팅 행사에서 자신이 직접 팬들을 위해 노래를 부르기도 했고 ‘우리는 진정한 가족이다’라며 팬들과 함께 즐거운 시간을 나누며 감동을 주었다.
한편, 박시후는 최근 영화 ‘사랑후愛’의 촬영을 마치고 2년만에 스크린 컴백을 앞두고 있어 큰 기대가 되고 있다.


(Source: http://www.xn--z92bt5b70herd.kr/contentChannel/article.php?scol_serial=201504141354308631&aca_idx=3&bca_idx=5&scol_class=4)

(Credits: http://www.xn--z92bt5b70herd.kr. Thanks!  English translation by H.A.T.)

Jami and Dami on Twitter (73)




Jami:  Master’s “PARK SIHOO BIRTHDAY TOUR 2015 ~ Another FAMILY ~” is going on sale in a premium DVD-BOX ~ ♪

Dami:  Application is open from April 20 (Monday) at 14:00!  Meow!
Enjoy ^^




(Credits: http://twitter.com; http://www.mentorshop.net; http://park-sihoo.jp. Thanks!  English translation by H.A.T.)





1,500 sets limited edition!

Application open: April 20 (Tuesday) at 2 p.m.

Release date: June 30 (Tuesday)

Selling price (tax inc.): 7,980 yen



Park Shi Hoo Fan Meeting Premium DVD-BOX

● Luxury hard case for permanent preservation

● DISK 1: Birthday events (about 90 minutes)

● DISK 2: Making & close-up video (about 20 minutes)

● Special photo book (64P planned)

※ Please note contents might be subject to change.

※ Because of limited production, there is a limited number to this product.  Please apply as soon as possible.




(Source: https://www.mentorshop.net/products/detail.php?product_id=260)

(Credits: www.mentorshop.net. Thanks!  English translation by H.A.T.)

The 22nd Beijing College Student Film Festival



Beijing College Student Film Festival is a major cultural activity approved by State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of The People’s Republic of China, hosted by Beijing Normal University and Beijing Television, and co-hosted by School of Art and Communication of Beijing Normal University, CCTV-6, China Film Archive (CFA), Beijing Television Center, China Film News, Beijing Film Company, Beijing Xinying Lianyingye Co.,Ltd., China Film Foundation, Beijing Association of Film and Television, Beijing Film Association, and Beijing Federation of University Societies.  Since its inception in 1993, it has successfully organized 21 festivals, establishing as its unique character “youthful passion, academic quality, and cultural awareness“.

This year the 22nd Beijing College Student Film Festival will be held from April 11 to May 9, 2015.




And this is from Central China Normal University:

Located in Hubei Province, Central China Normal University has organized a film review competition as part of the 22nd Beijing Student Film Festival.  With its unique features “done by college students, seen by college students, assessed by college students”, it strives to inspire college students’ interest and love of Chinese movies.  It is now calling for entries from all college students in the country (April 16 – 30).  Entries must be a review of a movie, title can be self-chosen, should have a clear theme, a unique point of view, clear analysis, substantial discussion, fluent writing, no more than 3,500 words.

位於湖北的华中师范大学, 作為第二十二届北京大学生电影节的分会场, 舉辦了影评大赛。 以“大学生办、大学生看、大学生评”为特色,致力于激励大学生群体对中国电影的兴趣和关爱,现面向全国高校大学生征集参赛作品。 参赛作品须为电影评论论文,题目可自拟,应观点主题鲜明,观点独到,层次清楚,论述充实,行文流畅,参赛作品字数不超过3500字。


1.参赛作品征集: 2015年4月16日——2014年4月30日
3. 初评: 2015年5 月5日——2015年5月15日
4. 入围名单公布,终评: 2015年5月16日——2015年5月26日
5. 评审结果发布: 2015年6月1日(暂定)




This film review competition movies (13 in total):

《万物生长》 《照见》 《香气》 《17岁的你,好吗》 《十二公民》 《北京·纽约》 《有一天》 《东北偏北》 《智取威虎山》 《天将雄狮》 《归来》 《孕城》 《情笛之爱》

That’s the whole point of this post — that “Scent” is one of 13 Chinese movies chosen for this film review competition.  [We have half a mind to take part — if our Chinese had been up to par^^ but oops! it’s only for college students, which we were … N years ago^^^]



(Credita: www.bcsff.cn; www.ccnu.com.cn; http://weibo.com. Thanks!  English translation by H.A.T.)

CFM in EASY magazine

PSH’s China Fan Meeting in Shanghai in February was reported in China’s “Easy Music World” in its March 2015 issue.

『Easy音楽世界』 2015年3月下

発行年月日 2015-03-05


The March issue of EASY magazine has a special feature called “First Look at latest entertainment news of super idols”, and “Park Si Hoo’s warm-hearted fan meeting” is ranked #1 — “Must see first.”  Report says: Returns to Beijing for his first meeting in 4 years, Park Si Hoo cherishes special feelings for China.  Park Si Hoo not only shared his latest situation with everyone, he also engaged in close interaction with his fans, displaying his unique warm male charisma in every smile.



Magazine cover / 雜誌封面



To order (For Japanese fans):



(Source: http://www.weibo.com/p/2304181307409da0102vjts)

(Credits: www.weibo.com; www.quick-china.com; 2nd photo by shlee. Thanks!  English translation by H.A.T.)