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It’s ASIAN MALE GOD time again!  We can’t believe this is already another year!

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Rules / 评选规则

Starts on January 24, 2015.  140 candidates for “Asian Male God”.

1月24日 亚洲男神启动,将发布由专家团和搜索引擎与微博三方数据所产生入选“亚洲男神”的一百四十位候选人,并开启投票。

FIRST ROUND: January 25 – February 8

100 out of 140 voted by the general public to go forward to 2nd round

• 第一轮: 1月25日-2月 8日 一百四十位男神候选者,将由全民投票选出前百位男神出线。

SECOND ROUND: February 8 – February 15

70 out of 100 voted by the general public to go forward to 3rd round

• 第二轮: 2月 8日-2月15日 百位男神候选者,将由全民投票选出前七十位出线。

THIRD ROUND: February 15 – February 22

40 out of 70 voted by the general public to go forward to 4th round

• 第三轮: 2月15日-2月22日 七十位男神候选者,将由全民投票选出前四十位出线

FOURTH ROUND: February 22 – March 8

11 out of 40 voted by the general public to go forward to 5th round

• 第四轮: 2月22日-3月 8日 四十位男神候选者,将由网友投票选出前十一位晋级。

FIFTH ROUND: March 8 – April 1

10 out of 11 voted by the general public to become ASIAN MALE GODS.  The one with the most votes will become #1 ASIAN MALE GOD.

• 第五轮: 3月 8日-4月 1日 十一位男神候选者,全民投票第一者当选亚洲第一男神 投票前十者,获选亚洲十大男神。排名第十一位者遗憾淘汰。



Voting page / 投票版面

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Park Si Hoo / 朴施厚

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How to vote / 投票方法:

1. Click rectangular box under PSH’s photo

2. You’ll be asked to fill in CAPTCHA (numbers and letters)

3. Click the GREEN rectangle on bottom right to CONFIRM

4. Voting successful / 投票成功!

[ED: If you do not see what is in the rectangle below, please vote again immediately.]

 *** You’re allowed to vote every 30 minutes ***

[ED: If you do not see what is in the rectangle below, please vote again immediately.]

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PSH wins 90th in a row


PSH is the winner again in Stage 269 of #8 voting site (that ended at midnight 2015.01.31) — 90th in a row!  NINE-ZERO!  PSH continues to set the record of MOST CONTINUOUS WINS for this site, now exceeding BYJ’s by 36.  He received 19,001,843 votes, 11.5 million votes more than 2nd place No Min Woo.

It’s getting a little tedious — same old story every week, for nearly 3 months now — NMW challenging PSH again and being relegated to second place.  NMW fans are really tireless, but shouldn’t there be a point to such tirelessness?  Don’t they realize PSH fans will NOT give an inch?


This is the 90th week in a row PSH has won this competition. Last 89 times he defeated Jang Geun Suk x 5, Kim Hee Chul x 4, Moon Geun Young, G-Dragon x 4, Kim Hyun Joong x 5, Wu Yi Fan (Kris) x 14, Oh Se Hun x 12, So Ji Sub, Hwang Ji Tao, Lee Min Ho x 12, Lee Jun Ki, Kim Soo Hyun x 13, Lee Jong Suk, Rain, Mayu Watanabe x 2, and No Min Woo x 11.


PSH’s cumulative votes are 1,119,498,689! (Stages 180 to 269 – Just count the gold cups!) Bae Yong Jun’s record of continuous wins were set over a period of 2 years (at that time the competition was held every 2 weeks). This is our next target — We want to make sure PSH wins 108 in a row (and beyond!)

Every week is a new challenge, and new challengers continue to emerge. Don’t let up. Fighting!

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Sunday delight – TPM FM

2012.09.02 in Tokyo

PSH and his co-stars in “The Princess’s Man”, Hong Soo Hyun (Princess Kyung Hye)and Song Jong Ho (Shin Myun), held a sort of fan meeting (2 shows) in Tokyo on 2013.09.02.


朴施厚 洪秀贤 宋钟浩公男粉丝见面会出场


PSH and fan re-enacting a scene in TPM / 公男音乐会 朴施厚与粉丝互动


PSH singing “Again today I love you” / 朴施厚《今天也爱你》中韩字幕


PSH singing “Shampoo” / 朴施厚演唱”Shampoo”


You may wish to read our report on the event (if you haven’t done so before): (in 6 parts)


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PSH in Korean news 2015.01.30


To return without noise … Korean stars go to China

If Korea doesn’t allow it, it’s off to China.  Entertainers whose domestic activities are under duress turn to China.

Actor Park Si Hoo who was involved in a sex scandal in 2013 has surfaced in activities in China.  Unlike in Korea in which he mainly appeared in dramas, he is now active in films in China.

Last year he played the lead role in the Chinese movie “Scent”, and this year he is in the Korean-Chinese joint-venture film “Love After Love” with actress Yoon Eun Hye which will be released later this year.

As a Hallyu star, Park Si Hoo already had a strong fan base in China.  After his drama “The Princess’s Man” was broadcast in China, he became even more popular.

As of last year, when “Cheongdam-dong Alice” started broadcasting in China, his popularity has continued to skyrocket.  Since his debut in China, he has been playing lead roles in films.  He doesn’t give up; he doesn’t feel tired.

He received lots of love calls from local broadcasters and magazines and was also invited as a celebrity to Beijing Film Festival in China.  In the two years he was not active in Korea, Park Si Hoo has consolidated his presence in the huge Chinese market.

[ED: We have not translated the parts about Song Hye Kyo and Clara.]

The biggest reason these stars chose to go to China is because they have to practice self-restraint in Korea.  Once there is controversy, whether their image is tarnished or not, it is bound to affect their return.

Moreover, if there are moral issues associated with the controversy, it will take a long time of self-restraint and a roundabout way to resume domestic activities.

When they come back sometime in Korea, they may or may not be accepted. The answer to this question is up to the public again.



잡음없이 복귀하려면…中으로 간 韓 스타들
2015-01-30 06:00

한국이 안되면 중국이다. 국내 활동이 쉽지 않은 연예인들이 중국의 품에 안겼다.

배우 박시후는 2013년 불거진 성 스캔들 이후 중국 활동에만 매진하고 있다. 주로 드라마에 출연했던 한국과 달리, 중국에서는 영화에 활발하게 출연 중이다.

지난해에는 영화 ‘향기’에서 주연을 맡았고, 올해엔 배우 윤은혜와 함께한 한중합작 영화 ‘사랑후애’가 개봉을 앞두고 있다.

본격적으로 중국 활동에 임하기 전부터 박시후는 이미 탄탄한 팬층을 가진 한류 스타였다. 그가 출연한 드라마 ‘공주의 남자’가 중국에서 인기리에 방송됐기 때문이다.

지난해 ‘청담동 앨리스’가 방송을 시작하면서 그의 인기는 고공행진을 거듭했다. 갓 중국을 데뷔한 시점에서 꾸준히 주연을 맡고 있는 것도, 이런 박시후의 위치가 한 몫 했다.

현지 방송사나 잡지는 물론이고, 영화제에서 러브콜이 올 정도로 그는 이제 중국의 유명인사다. 한국에서 볼 수 없었던 2년 동안 박시후는 거대한 중국 시장에서 자신의 입지를 다져온 셈이다.

배우 송혜교는 탈루 사건 이후 중국으로 발길을 돌렸다. 영화 ‘태평륜’, ‘나는 여왕이다’ 등에 출연하며 한류 스타의 행보를 밟고 있다.

사건 이전부터 송혜교는 중국에서 활발한 활동을 해왔다. 2000년대 초반, 드라마 ‘가을동화’로 단숨에 스타덤에 오르면서 중국 한류의 선봉에 서게 됐다.

업계에 따르면 지난해 기준, 송혜교의 광고모델료는 14억에 달한다. 이는 현지 톱스타들의 몸값에 버금가거나 상회하는 수준이다.

소속사와 계약 분쟁 중인 클라라 역시 중국을 비롯한 해외 활동에 집중하고 있다.

클라라는 최근 홍콩에서 홍콩 영화 ‘천국에서 떨어진 강아지 왕자'(가제)의 촬영 및 홍보 일정을 소화했다. 일정을 마친 후에도 국내 일정이 없어 미국으로 갈 것으로 알려졌다.

이들이 중국행을 택하는 가장 큰 이유로는 각종 스캔들 이후, ‘자숙’을 권하는 국내 분위기가 꼽힌다. 일단 논란의 중심에 섰던 것만으로도 이미지에 흠집이 나고, 이것이 복귀 여부에도 영향을 미칠 수밖에 없다는 의견이다.

더욱이 도덕성 문제와 연관될 경우 길고 긴 자숙이 아니면 비난을 사기 십상이기 때문에 활동을 재개할 때 우회적인 방식을 택하게 된다는 것.

언젠가 한국으로 돌아올 때, 이들의 선택은 받아들여질 수 있을까. 이 의문에 대한 답은 또 다시 대중에게 달렸다.


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PSH CFM in Korean news 2015.01.29




Park Si Hoo to hold China Fan Meeting on February 13, Valentine’s Day

Park Si Hoo is to hold a fan meeting in China to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

He is scheduled to meet his local fans at a fan meeting at the Oriental Art Center Concert Hall in Shanghai on February 13, the eve of Valentine’s Day.

In the poster to publicize the fan meeting “LOVE & FOREVER”, Park Si Hoo is shown holding a colorful red flower with a romantic look on his face and eyes closed..

Park Si Hoo held his first Shanghai Fan Meeting in February 2011, which launched his foray into Greater China and Asia.

Since December 2014 crowds of local fans have flocked to the location sites in China where Park Si Hoo was shooting “Love After Love” which proved his immense popularity in China.

In addition, when the movie was previously shooting in Jeju Island in South Korea, his Chinese fans also visited him there to support and show his affection for him.

“Love After Love” is the movie Park Si Hoo selected to make his comeback in two years, and it is expected to be open simultaneously in Korea, China, and Japan in the second half of this year.

(Video = OBS ‘Unique Entertainment News’)


psh poster


[단독] 박시후, 2월 13일 발렌타인데이 中 팬미팅 개최

2015.01.29 15:23:26

배우 박시후가 발렌타인 데이 기념 중국 팬미팅을 개최한다.

박시후는 오는 2월13일 발렌타인데이를 맞아 중국 상하이 오리엔탈 아트센터 콘서트 홀에서 팬미팅을 열고 현지 팬들과 만날 예정이다.

이에 박시후는 ‘LOVE&FOREVER’이란 로맨틱한 제목과 함께 화려한 붉은 꽃을 들고 지긋이 눈을 감고 있는 모습이 담긴 감상적인 포스터를 공개했다.

앞서 박시후는 2011년 2월 중국 첫 단독 팬미팅 ‘2011 박시후 아시아 in 상하이’로 중화권 진출의 신호탄을 쏘아 올렸다.

이어 지난해 12월부터 중국 로케이션으로 진행된 ‘사랑후愛’의 촬영 현장에서 연일 박시후를 보기 위해 현장으로 몰려든 현지팬들로 북새통을 이루며 중국에서의 굳건한 인기를 입증했다.

또한 중국 팬들은 제주도 촬영 당시에도 박시후를 응원하기 위해 기꺼이 제주도까지 찾아와 만리장성 응원을 펼치며 박시후에 대한 애정을 보였다.

한편 박시후가 2년 만에 컴백작으로 선택한 영화 ‘사랑후愛’는 올해 상반기 한·중·일 동시 개봉될 예정이다.

(영상=OBS ‘독특한 연예뉴스’ 유푸른 기자)

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Miracles in December

MV created by a Chinese fan, set to the EXO song “Miracles in December” 12월의 기적 .  Oops! it’s end of January!  Whatever the month, PSH is a miracle!



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PSH CD makes news (English)

We’ve finally found an English news report on PSH’s CD.  Actually there was one earlier, but it contained several factual errors, including PSH’s management agency, so we didn’t think it was worthy of appearing on our blog.  This one didn’t spell PSH’s name in English as it should be spelt and it got his JFM date wrong.  Still, it’s means something that starnews saw it fit to report the news in English.


Park Si Hu releases his first single in Japan

Park Si Hu released his first single in Japan.

On January 27th, actor Park Si Hu released his first single, called ‘Kimiwo…,’ in Japan, further broadening the spectrum of his career. From the very first day, the single received explosive reactions from many local fans.

On its first day, the single debuted #1 on Daily Sales Chart of Tower Records Shibuya store, and it also peaked #2 on Album Sales Chart of the entire Tower Records. The album also peaked #2 on Oricon Daily CD Chart, further indicating his colossal popularity in the region. A great number of fans in Japan have been waiting for Park Si Hu’s comeback, and it seems that another side that he showed through the single made a successful appeal to the fans.

On January 9th, [ED: should be September 28, 2014] Park Si Hu held a fan meeting in Yokohama, and showcased Korean version of ‘Kimiwo’ for the first time. A great number of fans have showed explosive reactions for the performance, and Park Si Hu decided to release a Japanese version because of many fans’ strong requests.

‘Kimiwo’ is a song that expresses Park Si Hu’s sincere gratitude for his fans’ unchanging love and supports, and he wrote the lyrics himself. It is said that Park Si Hu went through hours of practices to make his Japanese pronunciation much closer to perfection.

Back in August 2014, Park Si Hu had made a big hit with a film called ‘Scent’ and the film’s OST called ‘The Sound of You Coming’ made big hits in China. ‘The Sound of You Coming’ debuted #1 on Baidu Chart, which is one of the most influential charts in China, and many different contents that he released in Japan is also getting hot reactions from many fans as well.

Park Si Hu said, “I cannot believe that an official album of mine was released, and I feel so overwhelming. It was not easy to sing in Japanese, but I did my best for my fans.”

Meanwhile, Park Si Hu is getting ready to release a new film called ‘After Love,’ which will be released in Korea, China, and Japan at the same time.

Reporting by Lee Mi-Ji


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PSH CD in video news reports 2015.01.29


Video contents same as news reports posted this morning — all about PSH’s debut CD dominating the charts in Japan on its release on January 27 — #3 on Oricon, #1 on Tower Records daily singles chart.









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PSH CD makes news (Chinese)


朴施厚首发日单曲专辑 销量成绩喜人




bnt新闻讯 韩国演员朴施厚在日本发行的单曲专辑《Kimiwo》登上人气排行榜首位,专辑销售量也达到第二位。
此外,朴施厚主演的中韩电影《爱后爱》将于上半年在中韩日同时上映。王筱筱/文 3HW/图


Identical news in:




PSH CD makes news (Japanese)







なお、パク・シフにとって2年ぶりの出演となる映画『After Love』は今年上半期、韓国、中国、日本で同時公開される予定。











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