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PSH just left a message on Weibo – the same on the new “Scent” posters recently released:

I love struggle, also love life; love kimchi, also love spicy hotpot.  I understand design, but I don’t understand love.  Took off on a journey on the spur of the moment, only because I needed to wrap up the past.  I am not a male God; I am Aries.  I am Jiang Ren Jun, and I am speaking for “Scent”~^^



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PSH’s another kind of love

“Scent” – New announcement: The film is to be launched on 15 August. Male God Park Si Hoo shows another way of seeking love

Tencent Entertainment News     2014-07-21     10:15


The movie market has just entered the summer vacation time slot. The Chinese films which are to be shown in July have pleasant surprises with gratifying results. The box office of the Chinese films to be shown in August was held in suspense again. China-ROK cooperation film “Scent” is produced by “立卓兴宇影视传媒”, directed by the new cutting-edge female director Tsang Tsui Shan and starring Korean Male God Park Si Hoo and IT girl Chen Ran. This film is the only “New Literary” romance movie to be shown in the summer vacation time slot. Park Si Hoo leading the other actors takes a shout for love – love, you can “do”, but cannot “make up”!


Poster is about conveying love by dove: The rise of new literary romance movie

Following the “distance version” poster released last week, new poster and new trailer of “Scent” are released today.

Most love stories are similar. Meeting by chance and love at first sight or suddenly understand when looking back. In the poster the male and female protagonists are different from that in the traditional love story. There is no nestling of the couple. It shows one of them on the other side and the other is “I am here”. It seems they are separated in a different dimension. “Scent” is the comeback work of the Korean Male God Park Si Hoo to the big screen. In the film the male protagonist is full of melancholy while the female protagonist Chen Ran is looking affectionately at a distance. It is ambiguous that they are close together or separated far apart. Numerous incidental occurrences can only be explained fully by predestination. The pigeon, not knowing the way it comes and goes, becomes the rabbit with the pocket watch that leads the audience into the wonderland.

In the cold city with many skyscrapers, ”Scent” is like a gust of strong wind with fairy tale color blowing accidentally. It touches the heart straight to arouse people of their various memories of love. In “Scent”, the Hong Kong new director Tsang Tsui Shan still follows her own strong personal touch, adopting alternative perspectives and expression to narrate a fairy tale transnational love story.

Without glass slippers or prince, the true and touching love story is quietly changing the mainstream big screen. “New Literary” romance in the Chinese film market has gradually revived and brings a different type of love story to the audience.


“First Oppa” does not fear the Hollywood films joining the box office battle in August

After the beginning of the summer vacation, Hollywood and Chinese films continuously create box office miracles. Historically 2014 box office in the Mainland is having the most intense competition in the summer vacation time slot. The fighting of the August box office market in China is still fierce. Two Hollywood films will soon join the war. Chinese films need more “cardiac stimulant”.  Against the onslaught of foreign films, the China-ROK cooperation movie “Scent” which is to be released on August 15 is quite confident.

“China-ROK cooperation” is an important keyword for Chinese film market this year. The movie “Scent” has become its synonym. Actor Park Si Hoo is also the “First Oppa” who shows the earliest appearance in the Chinese big screen in the film market this year.

The producer Guo Li Jun frankly said, “‘Scent’ has undergone three years of refinement. We do not have the intention to rush into the trend. We just want to work wholeheartedly to make a movie on pure love story. By chance we meet the return of the Hallyu and become the first tier of the Hallyu movie. This movie is a gift from women to women. The temperament of “Scent” is above the other movies shown in summer vacation time slot. “Scent” meets the requirements of the current woman’s emotional needs.

The emotional needs of women cannot be detached from the care of men. It can be said that women want to watch the film and men have to watch the film!


The Male God returns: Park Si Hoo shows his own character to perform in “a movie that makes people want to fall in love after watching”

“Scent” is the comeback work of the Korean Male God Park Si Hoo on the big screen. He plays a Korean interior designer called Jiang Ren Jun who is a melancholy gentleman in the film. Park Si Hoo frankly said that he has put a great effort in this role. Once he even let himself completely to become the protagonist, as if he is the one who travels thousands of miles to seek love. In shaping the character of the role, it is not so much by trying to figure out. It should be the performance showing his own character. He directly interprets the crises encountered by Jiang Ren Jun using his purest heart.

In this movie which is about pure love, Park Si Hoo is gentle and delicate, showing the character of Male God. This time “Scent” releases the character photos about “Scent bodies”. Park Si Hoo leading the other star role actors takes a shout for love – love, you can “do”, but cannot “make up”! Love is “luxury”. Do not lose love of oneself. Park Si Hoo describes this comeback work as “a movie that makes people want to fall in love after watching”


Scent: The taste of love is always new and could never be forgotten

It is learned that the movie “Scent” was shot in both Shanghai and Busan. With the top music team and post-production team of China and South Korea, the visual, aural or atmosphere are full of romance and accompanied with urban sense. In addition to male lead Park Si Hoo and female lead Chen Ran, the man with style An Hu and popular Li Xiang Xiang also joined the film.

“Scent” is a romance movie which is full of entertainment and spiritual healing. It intends to show the exploration of love in a love-lacking era. It clearly points out the voices of love of the contemporary urban men and women. From the bustling and romantic corners of Shanghai to very traditional Chinese river village, then the trip to the foreign country, Busan of South Korea, the movie presents in depth the touching scenes accompanied with love.

The essence of the core of the movie “Scent” is the person you love is special. Thus the scent that belongs to him goes through the memories of love. The taste of love is always new and could never be forgotten. Just one turn in the distance, you will know that he has come without looking back.



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PSH is #1 in China


PSH made the news in the Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily.  Title of news report: “Scandal did not diminish popularity – Park Si Hoo is #1 in Mainland China”.

The title says it all.  The contents are really the same as other news report about PSH topping the 123 poll (our #8 voting site) for 61 consecutive weeks.  (That’s already last week’s news – it’s now 62). beating Lee Min Ho (at No.2) and Kim Soo Hyun (at No.3).

There is also mention of PSH’s comeback, first with the movie “Scent” which is set for release in August and then with the Japan Fan Meeting in September.



【韓勢力】醜聞無阻人氣 朴施厚內地No.1

20140719 16:20







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PSH on Weibo (23)



PSH posted 2 videos on Weibo yesterday – this is the second:

Playing in the water   Ha!Ha!Ha!~^^

玩水喇!  哈哈哈~^^





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Asia’s Most Handsome 2014

This is now our #23 voting site:


Remember Asia’s Most Handsome last year?  It’s starting all over again.  In fact, it has already started!

Round 1

July 18 - August 2 (8 p.m.)

150 Asian Handsome Men jockeying for position – 70 will make it to Round 2 through voting on the internet

Round 2

August 2 (9 p.m.) – August 16 (8 p.m.)

60 out of 70 will make it to Round 3 through voting on the internet

Round 3

August 16 (9 p.m.) – August 30 (8 p.m.)

30 out of 60 will make it to Round 3 through voting on the internet plus APP

Round 4

August 31 (9 p.m.) – September 13 (8 p.m.)

12 out of 30 will make it to Round 5 through voting on the internet plus APP

Round 5

September 13 (9 p.m.) – October 5 (23:59 – 1 minute before midnight)

10 out of 12 will be voted as ASIA’S MOST HANDSOME through on the internet plus APP



The number of votes received determines the order of the candidates (which position and page).

1. Find PSH – this photo


2. Click yellow box under his name (see above)

3. White rectangular box appears with CAPTCHA beside it – type CAPTCHA into box
[ED: You have to scroll to white background before you can see CAPTCHA]


4. Click little rectangular box (blue) on bottom right to CONFIRM (see above)

5. Message will appear that says “VOTING SUCCESSFUL”

10-2014-vote end6. Click little rectangular box at bottom to close


* If you see this, it means “You have already voted.  Thanks.”
Try again a little later.



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Hello, everybody!  This is Park Si Hoo.  Movie “Scent” is finally going to be released in Mainland China on August 15.  Please offer lots of support.  See you next time through Meipai!~^^  [ED: Meipai is the video format PSH is using]

大家好,我是朴施厚,电影《香气》最终定档8月15日于内地上映, 请大家多多支持 下一次我再通过美拍与大家见面哦!~^^




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《香气》新曝预告定档8.15 男神朴施厚另类追爱

《香气》新曝预告定档8.15 男神朴施厚另类追爱

2014-07-21 10:15



定档海报 飞鸽传情:新爱情文艺片的崛起





“第一欧巴”不惧好莱坞 加入八月票房战







香气:爱情的味道历久弥新 永难忘怀

据悉,电影《香气》在上海和釜山两地取景,配合中韩两国顶级的音乐与后期制作团队,无论视觉听觉还是氛围,都充满浪漫味道与如影随形的都市感。除了男女主角朴施厚和陈燃外,型男安琥 (微博)、人气“小鲜肉”李祥祥也加盟了该片。



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