K-stars cancel all activities

We’re so relieved PSH managed to make his appearance at the Beijing International Film Festival before South Korean stars decided to call off all activities in the wake of the ferry disaster that claimed nearly 300 lives.  Our prayers and sympathies go out to the victims and their families. 


South Korean Entertainment Industry Halts Programming And Events In Wake Of Ferry Tragedy

By Annie | April 16, 2014 11:08 PM EDT

A day after the a South Korean ferry carrying hundreds of people sank 11 miles off the country’s coast, the Korean entertainment industry has decided to halt programming and schedules while the search continues for the 290 missing passengers.

Shock and horror has rattled the nation as citizens mourn one of the most tragic peacetime disasters in recent South Korean history. The ferry, bound for the southern island of Jeju, sank on Wednesday carrying 475 people, including 325 students and 14 teachers from Danwon High School, only 170 of whom have been accounted for so far.

In light of recent events, many major players in the Korean entertainment industry have put their schedules on hold as rescue efforts continue.

With the majority of South Korean broadcast networks focusing on the incident and its aftermath, entertainment programming will be cancelled for at least the next few days.

South Korea’s major networks MBC and KBS are also delaying the broadcasts of several entertainment programs like “Radio Star” and “Golden Cross”, in addition to their announced cancellation of the music performance shows.

And it is not just the networks halting activities, but also many popular stars have decided to cease planned appearances and promotional activities in light of the tragic situation. e.g. BoA, A Pink, Block B, EXO, and MBLAQ.

Several idol groups and singers have also rearranged schedules and postponed events in light of the ferry tragedy, e.g. BoA, A Pink, Block B, EXO, and MBLAQ..

As rescue efforts continue, many more stars, networks, and producers are expected to alter their schedules and activities while the entire South Korean population waits in angst for news of the hundreds still missing.

If you wish to read the entire news report, please see source below.

(Source: http://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/88332/20140416/south-korean-entertainment-industry-halts-programming-and-events-in-wake-of-ferry-tragedy.htm)

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Chinese fans did it again

PSH’s Chinese fans have again left numerous messages at THE PLACE in Beijing (between 7 – 8 p.m. April 16, 2014).

Chinese words say: Park Si Hoo, China Beijing welcomes you!


We hope PSH can see it with his own eyes, so he can feel his Chinese fans’ love and support.





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PSH on ystarnews 2014.04.16


ystarnews reported on PSH’s trip to BIFF on April 15.  Video is taken at Seoul’s Incheon International Airport.




“Hallyu Prince” Park Si Hoo leaves to attend the Beijing International Film Festival

Mr. Park Si Hoo resumed activity with the Chinese movie “Scent” and left for China on April 15 to attend the Beijing International Film Festival where he will walk the red carpet at the opening ceremony on April 16.

The “reborn” Hallyu Prince was selected as a representative of Korea and was invited to attend the Beijing International Film Festival as a special guest and his film “Scent” was selected for screening.

Park Si Hoo appeared at Incheon dressed in jeans and a white tee under a grey jacket, with a rectangular bag and sunglasses and a baseball cap to complete his casual but tasteful airport fashion.

He was surrounded by numerous fans, but we managed to ask him to say a few words to fans.  He said: “I’m very grateful, as always, and I’ll work hard.  Thank you.”

(Source: http://www.ystarnews.com/starnews/news_view.php?article=0000000005356)

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PSH at BIFF (3)

More photos of PSH at BIFF:






From An Hu’s Weibo:







f01See PSH smiling broadly in the background?

f11aThis is of course Korean actress Song Hye Kyo.  Why are we featuring her here?  Because she’s standing right in front of PSH’s autograph!

f10The name on the vacant chair is PSH (in Chinese)



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