Color of City (1) – Blue

Park Si Hoo is featured in the 2009 MV of Kim Bum Soo’s “Color of City”, Episode 1 – BLUE – “Taste of separation”.  Watching him here is like watching a mini-drama.


English subtitles

Chinese subtitles


(Credits: Many thanks to fans who added subtitles!)

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3 thoughts on “Color of City (1) – Blue

  1. I like this 33-yrs-likely film. Cms he use his memory of separation(s) with his Ex(s) as most of the actors usually do…when they try their best to be convincing^^.
    Btw, in white, he met a girl, in blue no shadow of her…mana dia???
    Thank you for up-loading these loverly shorties…Salute to H.A.T.!!

  2. This MV should be called “5 minutes of PSH looking incredibly hot” 😀

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