PSH is a winner (1)

We’re expecting Park Si Hoo to win a grand prize for his performance in “The Princess’s Man” at KBS’s year-end Drama Awards.  We are here revising the awards he has won from SBS and MBC before, beginning with the 2007 SBS “New Star Award” for “How to meet a perfect neighbor”.

Look closely at the other winners on stage.  Do you see anyone you recognize from “The Princess’s Man”?  We mean the guy in the white suit standing to PSH’s left. Yes, he’s Song Jong Ho who plays Shin Myun, Kim Seung Yoo’s best friend and later adversary.  We know, even with eagle eyes you can’t see clearly here, but we’ve seen a photo of the two of them (which we can’t find now), so you’ll just have to trust us.


我們期待朴施厚在KBS年末的頒發禮上, 藉著”公主的男人”可以得大獎.  現在我們重溫他前之前在SBS及MBC勝出的獎項, 以2007年SBS的”完美鄰居”掀開序幕.

請留意舞台上的其他得獎者.  有沒有找到”公主的男人”中熟悉的臉孔?  我們是指在朴施厚左方穿上白色禮服的男子.  是的, 他就是宋鍾浩, 金承琉的好朋友之後與他水火不容的申沔.  我們知道目光如炬的你也可能會看不清楚的, 請相信我們, 我們曾看過他們同台的照片(雖然我們現在找不到).


YOUTUBE  (Quality not so good, but this is history!  雖然視頻的效果欠佳, 但也是歷史的一部份!)


MC: PSH, whom do you think of today?

PSH: My grandmother who goes to church to pray for me everyday.  Grandma once asked me: “When will you ever appear on TV?  If I don’t live long enough, I may die before I get to see you appear.”  Grandma, please stay healthy.  I’ve won!  Be happy with the Lord in the new year.  I’d like to share this happiness with everyone who likes me.  Thank you.


(Credits:  Thanks!)

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5 thoughts on “PSH is a winner (1)

  1. So, SH’s Granny is Christian, who provides many things and her support to the needy.
    That’s what I thought when I read about her in PHS4U…Salute and admire her very much from the bottom of my heart…more than I do for/to SH xxx
    How I wish I could follow her step as a ‘Fellow’ of her in HIM (not SH, sorry**)… and to HIM !!
    SH must follow her every Sunday when he was small/young^^, and Granny MUST be his pillar of strength, too…No wonder he is so feminine ^^
    Can imagine what/how Granny thinks n prays…sama^^

  2. No wonder GOD has blessed you PSH, their are those who always supports you in prayers . Your Granny has nurtured you so well to be a good GOD fearing man…
    I really salute you PSH! before, i was wondering if your well pleasing personality is same as your real character…………Now i know.
    I didn’t mistaken to like you as my most FAVORITE actor…
    More power and praying for good health and blessings everyday….

  3. Sansui, I agree with you. I have also wondered why this man who has the looks and talents to be amongst the top, has such a pleasant, sweet, humble personality which is rare in the entertainment industry.

    Now I know.His grannny and her Christian faith must have a big influence on him.

    I pray he stay this way always as God shows favour on him and bless him with more sucess and good health because he deserves it.

    PSH, we love you always.

  4. Hi H.A.T. I have been tellling anyone who wants to hear ( my family, my office tea lady ,my house lizards and cockroaches too) that the KBS Best Actor award for 2011 is a no brainer. If PSH doesn’t win , I will eat my umbrella ( we don’t usually wear hat in my country).

    He should also win for Best Couple with Moon Chae Won. Their chemistry is pulsating. Some are hoping they date after TPM. Their love scenes are the best I have seen this year.

    What I hope for is the big winner , the 2012 Bakseang award for Best Actor. Not that I am biased, but our guy really deserves it. I think his main contender may be Lee Min Ho in City Hunter.

  5. Aww…He looked so shy on stage then…
    Hottie, I expect him to win the KBS Actor Award and hoping that my fav. couple PSH/MCW will walk down the red carpet together and win the best couple award at year end too. Praying that my dream will come true.

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