When I was small ….

When I was small and Christmas trees were tall ….

Remember the Bee Gees’ “First of May”?  Well, not that small, just before Park Si Hoo made a name for himself as an actor.  In the L’Officiel Hommes interview, the translation of which we just posted, the reporter brought up PSH’s so-called debut drama in 2005 – “Delightful Girl Choon Hyang”.  How many of you have seen this?  How many remember PSH’s role in it?  If you blink, you could miss him!

This is the way the world goes — some show their brilliance from very young and some, by the time you notice him and look back, you discover he has cast a long shadow.  Park Si Hoo’s serenity is astonishing: “Isn’t there a saying that a man’s career begins to take shape at 30?”

PSH started out on the stage in 1998.  When asked about that time when he was an unknown, he said: “When I first decided to be an actor, I knew the only path I could take was through a university in Seoul, so that’s why I started my acting career on the university stage.”  That’s how he came to Seoul on his own without much thought.  He not only learnt to act; he also acted as an understudy.  “I have been in hundreds of auditions but never managed to get an opportunity.”

Since his acting debut, he has been in several nameless roles, always in the background, until he got the role in “Delightful Girl Choon Hyang” in 2005.



His name is “#2 actress’s ex-boyfriend”, a moving backdrop, most notable scene being splashed with wine by that girl.

他的名字是叫作:”女二的前男友”.  是活動佈景板, 還被女二撥了水。


這個世界就是這樣,有些人鋒芒畢露,年少成名,而有一些人,當你注意到他時,回頭看看,發現他的影子竟有那麼長。 朴施厚卻平靜地令人吃驚:“不是說男人的事業是從30歲才正式開始嗎?”

1998年,20歲的朴施厚從演話劇開始做起。 常被問起那段籍籍無名的日子,“剛開始下決心要做一名演員的時候,我唯一知道的和演技有關係的地方,就是首爾大學路的劇場,所以就從戲劇舞台開始了自己的演技生涯”。 就這樣,沒有考慮太多就隻身來到首爾,不只學習話劇,還做過替身演員,“光是選秀就參加了幾百個,但一直沒有抓住機會”。

自出道後, 都是以配角身份出現, 過場式的角色, 無人記得他的名和姓。 直到2005年,朴施厚出演了《豪傑春香》。


(Credits: http://google.com; http://youtube.com; http://life.renren.com; http://pixnet.net.  Thanks!)

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2 thoughts on “When I was small ….

  1. How prophetic that PSH was splashed with wine in his debut drama.

    He ages like fine wine. He can only look better.

  2. @ Hottie
    Haha! So true! He looks hotter and hotter with every year. Though I have to say he hasn’t changed that much. Sure, he looks younger in this video but I would never guess it was 7 years ago :)

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