PSH in “Happiness”

This is the 2005 MV that Park Si Hoo filmed for Gavy NJ’s “Happiness”.  In 2 parts (2nd part is called 그래도 사아가겠지 (盡管如此也要繼續活下去吧 / “Even then, have to continue living” – our translation.)  It’s like a mini-movie, reminds us of those Hong Kong triad movies.  Don’t know who the other guy is – don’t like him, don’t like the girl, don’t like the kiss.  We’re so glad PSH doesn’t have to do this kind of thing anymore.

這是朴施厚在2005年為Gavy NJ拍攝名為”快樂”的MV.  MV分為2部份(第2部份名為” 盡管如此也要繼續活下去吧”.  像迷你電影般的MV彷彿就是香港描述黑社會的影片.   不知名的另一男角 – 不討喜的男角, 不討喜的女角, 不討喜的吻.  作為朴施厚的粉絲, 慶幸再沒有另一套類同的作品.aa


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(Credits: Many thanks to fans who added Chinese subtitles!)

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