PSH in “Iljimae” interview (2)

Part 2

YOUTUBE (This is ONLY of the PSH family – the YOUKU below is 10 minutes longer.)

YOUKU (This is much longer and more comprehensive)

R – Reporter


PSH: I’m worried about Eun Chae [played by Han Hyo Joo], so I’ve come to see her.  Now she’s also worried about Yong [played by Lee Jun Ki.]

HHJ: I now have two people to worry about.

R (to PSH): Are you jealous?

PSH: A little.

R (to HHJ): If someone like PSH says he loves you, what will you do?

HHJ: Up to now I’m not familiar with him.  But he has a fine image, also very handsome in the drama.  Everything about him is good.  If it’s Sihoo oppa in the drama, it’s OK.  With Iljimae and Sihoo oppa, I’m longing for love and will be very happy with either or both.



PSH goes into his car to take a nap, still reciting lines.

B – PSH’s younger brother Park Wu Ho

His younger brother Park Wu Ho who is his manager at that time appears – the best, most caring manager.  B gives PSH a drink, fans him, adjusts his hat, and starts massaging PSH.

B: I massage best.

R: Your brother always massages you like this?

PSH: When I’m shooting, he’ll do this.

R: Have you done this for your brother?

PSH: Yes, but he says it hurts.  Every time I leave home, he’ll massage me.

R (to B): How come you know so much?

B: Because I watch a lot.



PSH and brother appear.

R: What’s up today?

PSH: We’re here to work out.

R: No shooting today?

PSH: I have a day off.

They start stretching and warming up.

R: Your brother taught you to do this?

PSH: My brother has been physically trained from very young, so he’s better than me.

R: Apart from working out, what other sports do you like?

PSH: Boxing, swimming, all kinds of exercise.

R: Your brother has still not finished.  You’re done?

PSH: Because you’re filming, so we’ll call it a day.

B: Normally he’s very good and does everything I tell him to.

R: When you were children, who got beaten up more?

B: My memory is a bit hazy.  When big brother beat me, I hid, I ran.

PSH: When did I ever hit you?  Just look at how big he is. [meaning: How could I beat him?]


R (to boxing coach – C): First time you saw PSH, how did you feel about him?

C: At first I was very worried.  Can he keep up?  But he’s a real man, very athletic, good sports sense, also great strength.

R: You been hit by PSH?

C: Yes, once, when my timing was off.

PSH: Occasionally during practice it happens.



PSH is having dinner with his family; it is his younger brother’s birthday.

R: Brother (B) and father (F) look alike.

B: Yes, father is very well-built.

PSH: Do I resemble my mother (M)?

R: Mother is a beauty.

PSH: She normally doesn’t wear make-up when she goes out.

M: Today I’m specially made-up for Si Hoo.

R (to father): Was it hard bringing up two boys?

F: Not at all.  Si Hoo is an introvert and Wu Ho is an extrovert.

M: Very naughty.

R: Which one is naughtier?

M: Si Hoo is an introvert but also very naughty.

R: Seems to be a little different from what’s been said before.

M: But that’s the truth.  When Si Hoo starts something, he must see it to the end.  Father also boxed with them.  I was worried.  Wu Ho wanted to quit but Si Hoo persisted.

PSH: I can’t lose to my younger brother.  Ha!Ha!Ha!

R: At the gym you said you never hit your younger brother.

PSH’s younger brother Park Wu Ho used to be a professional baseball player.  He talks about his role model Park Chan Ho* who was his senior at school and with whom he has a special relationship.

[*Park Chan Ho is a South Korean professional baseball pitcher, the first SK player in Major League history, who previously played for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Texas Rangers, New York Mets, etc.]

R (to father): You were once a CF model?

F: Yes.  In the 70’s my brother and I tried out but my brother didn’t make it.

Father’s former CFs shown.

F: I said to Si Hoo: “Acting is not an easy profession.  Can you do it?”  He said: “Yes, I can.”  I told him: “Once you go on this road, even if your stomach is hungry, you still have to continue.”  And Si Hoo said: “I’ll persist to the end.  I’ll carry on.”

R (to PSH): You ever wavered?

PSH: Never!  From beginning to now, not once.

R (to mother): Your son works so hard and can’t even get a good night’s sleep.  How do you feel?

M: Very worried.  To help him sleep, I’d give him a foot massage.

F (to B): It’s so hard on you!

B: What hardship?  Compared to my older brother, it’s not even half of what he has to go through.  An actor’s life looks glamourous on the outside, but actually it’s very painful inside.  My brother works so hard for the family.  That’s why I’m very proud of my brother.  My brother is great!

When he hears this, PSH is moved to tears and has to use a napkin to dry his eyes.

M: Si Hoo cries because he is very moved.

Then mother also cries and has to use the napkin too.

PSH (to brother): Thank you!

PSH brings out a birthday cake for his brother and the family sings Happy Birthday to You.  Park Wu Ho blows out the candles.

PSH (to B): Many thanks for always being there for me, supporting me, standing behind me.  Sorry to let you work so hard.  Please continue to support me.  (Everybody laughs.)  I love you.

Then the brothers embrace.  At this point you can hear The Hollies’ “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother”.

The family drinks a toast.



Although in the drama PSH is someone no one loves, in real life he is the pillar of his family and they rely on him.


(Credit: Many thanks to the Chinese fan at who restored this video!)

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  1. I loved watching the Youku video and reading the transcript.
    PSH is having nice and lovely parents and a cute and caring brother.
    Their family ties are very tight. One of the pillars of PSH’s present success!

  2. Wow… that kick ! When I watched TPM, I wondered the action scenes played by stunt or himself and the answer is here ! Thank you HAT for translation.

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