PSH in KFM 2010.09.05 (5)


These videos are taken by PSH fans.  Although the quality is uneven, at least we can feel the atmosphere of the fan meeting, for which we are grateful.

Video below is made up of bits and pieces from many fan videos which we have edited into one for your viewing pleasure.

這是粉絲在Fanmeeting 現場拍攝回來,  雖然質素並不是最佳, 至少可以感受現場的氣氛.

這是我們剪匯集成為一套視頻, 方便大家欣賞….




(Credits: 芒果xuan@/;  Thanks!)

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4 thoughts on “PSH in KFM 2010.09.05 (5)

  1. H.A.T ,thanks for the compilation. The more I hear him sing” For you”, the more his voice grows on me. I feel if he has a good voice trainer, he will definitely ace in this area.Just like Hyun Bin who sings the “Secret Garden” theme song pretty well, I pray the day will come when PSH can sing the theme song of his new drama.

  2. If only Kim So Yeon was there..XD
    This performance is my favorite of “For You”. I love watching and hearing PSH sing this song on stage (so serious and in the moment!), sounds almost exactly like the studio version. And each time i listen to this song, it makes me fall more in love with it and PSH. I always thought it was perfect and made for him. I can imagine he will sing more (for fan meetings), but “For You” will always be the most special and memorable for me.

  3. @songielove, the more I hear your confession of love for your oppa, the more I worry you may forget to marry your Prince Charming one day..
    As for Kim So Yeon,didn’t she just said she and PSH are not in contact? In this life, if you can’t marry PSH, I also agree the next best match for him is Kim So Yeon. In your next life, just don’t come near me.

  4. @Hottie, no idea whether you are still coming here sometimes, but I read your comment about PSH’s singing skills. He has skilled himself in this area as well and he sang the OST for Scent his Chinese movie. Your feeling was so right on 2012.03.23!

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