PSH4U is a rumor mill?

We were surfing the net yesterday and came to this Korean blog when we suddenly saw something familiar — Aren’t those our words?  At the bottom of the post it says – Source: Sihoorang.  Author: Jundool.  But those are our photos, or rather photos we transferred from Weibo.  We put a mark on all our photos, remember?  So Sihoorang used our words and photos without acknowledgement.  We’re not surprised, because Koreans never credit.  It is so strange the Korean language uses a lot of honorifics, but they don’t have the basic courtesy to credit when they use other people’s stuff.

It’s a long piece which we don’t understand completely.  But we see the word RUMOR a couple of times.  PSH4U DOES NOT SPREAD RUMORS (Period!)  Photos don’t lie.  The talks did take place.  What the outcome of the talks is nobody knows.  We mean: nobody who has no business to know knows.  Those who know are not talking.  Do we mean EYAGI by this?  We don’t know.

Now we’ll tell you a RUMOR.  On the grapevine there’s talk that PSH will soon go to China to attend the contract-signing ceremony for “Poor boy makes it rich”, in other words, he’ll be shooting this Chinese drama.  PBMIR already has a webpage but when we tried the link, it didn’t check out.  So this is a rumor.  That Chinese production company has been issuing news on their own since a few months ago.  We’re taking everything with a grain of salt until there’s confirmation from PSH’s end.

We don’t know whether to be glad or mad that we’ve become the source of several Korean and Japanese sites, not to mention other countries.  One Korean site transferred our “I saw PSH in LA” article (without credit) and then called us “Liar”.  They didn’t read the second part?  We had a good laugh over this.  If you can’t laugh at something ridiculous, you’ll get cancer.  People come to an actor’s website to have fun, to be amused, not to find material for a Ph.D. thesis.

So everyday apart from digging up PSH material to entertain our readers, we have to bear with aggravations like the above.  And all we want is to do something for PSH, particularly at a time when he’s not in the limelight.

Korean post:

愛也好, 恨也好, 仍然是PSH4U…

在足球界, 有一個名詞 – 主場, 即是在自己球場踢的比賽, 所謂”主場之利”, 即是在自己熟悉的地方, 做得好/Good Job 是天經地義的事情.  中文是PSH4U的官方語文之一, 如果用中文發佈的消息我們抓不牢, 真是無面目見江中父老了~

不是主場就沒有了主場之利, 那又如之何?  楚項羽說的…

力拔山兮氣蓋世,時不利兮騅不逝。 騅不逝兮可奈何,虞兮虞兮奈若何。

也是吧? 在4月某日回國後的朴施厚, 銷聲匿跡後再露面的消息, 竟然不是來自直屬的網站, 而是來自”紅毛鬼” – 一個與自己沒有往來天外飛仙來的PSH4U…

最最最痛的, 是PSH4U貼上的兩張照片 – 看到嗎? 那是欠違了令各位粉絲牽腸掛肚的朴施厚!!

如果不是韓文的信會成為韓國碎紙機的點心, 不是中文的信, 當然也會成為中國碎紙機的afternoon delight~

互聯網是分享的世界, 一剎那的光輝並不代表永恆, 大家不如在沒有消息的日子, 好好地打理網站(看清沒有? 是打理網站, 不是打”你”網站, 即在網站內/外打架, please!)

愛也好, 恨也好, 仍然是PSH4U…

忘了…轉載請說明出處….領導就是要有領導的風範, 我們小輩的都在看呀~


(Credits: Thanks!)

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22 thoughts on “PSH4U is a rumor mill?

  1. Rumours or not we can judge for ourselves. Rumour mills don’t get 4000-6000 hits a day. I may not comment much but I read PSH4U everyday, and not because I have nothing better to do. I know you have a lot of silent supporters like me, so please keep up the good work for PSH! Fighting!

  2. One Korean site transferred our “I saw PSH in LA” article (without credit) and then called us “Liar”. – HAT
    They’re really ridiculous… they didn’t read the full story(or they didn’t understand?). It’s only joking…we’re having fun with your story.

    People say “the higher the tree, the more the wind”. So lets consider that PSH4U become so famous and reach higher level^^

  3. I second Victoria. Just do your own thing. You are my one-stop PSH website. I like you because you have substance and character, and you’re funny. I had a good laugh over the PSH LA sighting post.

  4. we miss our guy psh a lot.some people just don’t understand.just let them long as our intentions are good (always!)and as far as we know that we don’t do anything wrong,that’s what really matters.PSH4U has always only mean well for psh and followers.

  5. @Beautiful is Me, I agree with you that not understanding English quite well, which occurs easily with longer pieces of text, might lead to unfounded sayings.
    Your saying about the tree is in my language “Hoge bomen vangen veel wind”. As H.A.T. keeps on providing us with news about PSH, it can’t be else as be noticed by other PSH sites/blogs.

    As we all know H.A.T. is honest and sincere and don’t want to hurt PSH in any way, we should all laugh about such accusations. Those people might wish they could do what H.A.T. is doing for PSH and his international fans. We are just faithful to him whether he is in the limelight or not.

  6. Goes to show that HAT is eye catching. Am sure many people love this site since we have such good writers and can dream so beautifully about PSH. Otherwise how can we be so love sick and still stay so healthy. Fighting, HAT and fans! HAT, thanks! Love your updates!

  7. It would be great if someone who reads Korean to give a gist of that Korean post.

    @Hottie, where are you? I miss you…

  8. @Wilma : i guess that they just read the title “I saw PSH in LA” and directly accused PSH4U as a liar.

    @Queenie: i notice that Hottie is missing as well.. calling for Hottie… are you okay, dear?

  9. Worry not, HAT! We here at PSH4u know how hard u all work for the sake of this darling man n we are supporting u all, all the way!
    Also, the other people need to learn how to read carefully! Sigh- I understand your exasperation!
    Take heart- we are here for HAT! :)

  10. @Wilma, @beautiful is me, we have a similar saying in Cantonese too!
    “Dai xu jiu fong”– a big tree attracts the wind. PSH4U is becoming really big!

    I am so mad….H and A are so honest, down-to-earth and hardworking…..How dare these people take their stuff without credit, AND link them with rumours and lies!!!! HEY YOU SHAMELESS PEOPLE, DO YOU KNOW STEALING IS WRONG???? STOP STEALING THINGS FROM HERE!!!!

  11. @Ashley, since when did your fairy godmother grant you international citizenship? First, those who steal from you, say PSH4U is Turkish. Now you’ve become a Korean – Jundool ? And soon after, they call you a liar? Is “liar” – what they call the citizen of a new country the UN has just recognised?

    Frankly, I’m quite sick of others stealing H.A.T’s work without crediting.This is the 3rd time you have posted on this and it looks like it’s not the last. Why can’t they learn from the brave fan who has admitted, apologised and moved on ? I respect her. Now they have gone one step further and call you names.

    I was inspired when I read this in my first visit to PSH4U : ” From humble beginnings we hope in time to be the ultimate source of Park Si Hoo information/materials.”

    As you can see, within 6 months since you started , other more established PSH blogs are lifting your articles without crediting. You have done great work and surpassed most of the others. Thank you , Ashley and Hillary, for all your selfless hard labour in bringing us PSH news. We are grateful.

    Whoever calls PSH4U a “liar” in your Korean website over the “I saw PSH in LA” post and is reading this, this comment is for you. If you had seen my earlier comments relating to this ” PSH in LA” post, where I’d teasingly called Ashley a “liar”, I had actually clarified later that it was a “tongue -in- cheek” remark. All members of PSH4U knew the post was a clever joke which we enjoyed. We hope it’s a case of oversight on your part where you missed reading the second part of the post and not because of any other sinister reason.

    As fans of PSH, we can only do better if all blogs dedicated to him , show camaraderie and share PSH materials amongst us as long as we credit the source. It doesn’t further PSH’s cause when fans create unneccessary misunderstanding and strife.There is no prize for being PSH No. 1 fan.

    I like what Songielove and Wilma constantly exhort us here ” One for all .And all for PSH”.

    @Queenie, @Beautiful is Me, rest assured I come here every morning and night ( it’s my 4 a.m now) and read every comma and full-stop of every post and every comment ! So I know who’s sick and who’s pregnant ! And who plays truant and who’s checking out PSH news when she should be working.

    If you are wondering where I was, remember the wuxia novels about old sifus who have to rejuvenate by locking themselves away from everyone and practising their kungfu alone? Yeah, I was praying that PSH would make wise decisions during this critical period. Not kidding. The praying part,that is. Not the locking. Because the day I lock myself up, somebody will swallow the key.

  12. Wow, more discrediting? I never expected Koreans to be so disrespectful when it comes to blogging. And rumors and lies? Looks like someone’s not a very good reader. All good readers know that they should read and try to understand everything before saying anything.

    @Ashley, I really love visiting PSH4U because I know that every post is true, and if it’s just a joke (such as the PSH in LA post) or rumor, you would mention so at the end. I admire the fact that this isn’t a blog to compete for the position of “the No.1 fan”.

  13. Many thanks, everyone, for your support! Now that we’ve got that off our chest, we’ll move on. We have no time to waste on trivialities and banalities. There’s work to be done.

  14. “We don’t know whether to be glad or mad that we’ve become the source of several Korean and Japanese sites, not to mention other countries.”
    @Ashley, H and T, Congratulations! PSH4U has arrived!

    “and who’s checking out PSH news when she should be working”
    @Hottie, psssshhhh, i can do multitasking :-)

  15. @hottie : yup.have missed your’ve been inactive for awhile.
    @HAT: just go on. you’re doing fine.some people just disregard ethics.
    @PSH4U/all PSHfans : let’s continue to be vigilant about si hoossi.

  16. @Hottie, good to hear your voice. I thought you might have been really locked up for demonstrating outside EYAGI’s office, after you told me to take over the placards. Glad you are just in some self-isolation mode, praying for PSH. Are you on top of Bukit Timah Hill?

  17. @Jill, no, Bukit Timah Hill is only 500 feet high and too low to stick my head in the clouds.

    I’m ensconced in 峨眉山 ( Mount Emei) , trying to figure out where my fellow Shaolin monks are .But PSH’s handsome face keeps interrupting my thoughts. When I push it away, his hard abs stare at my face. That’s when I realise all is futile and descend mountain (下山).

  18. @avic , are you feeling better? I remember you are the unwell one.Not the pregnant one.

    @gonchu226, and you are not the pregnant one too.You are the drinking one. With a French boss who gives you French wine to drown your Korean BS in.

  19. My support to PSH4U! I may not comment every time, but I read all posts, and reread them because I enjoy them (they’re witty, intelligent, and excellent writing). And of course I love to hear news about PSH.
    My comment is late, but just want to express my support.

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