Write to PSH!

Our recent letter campaign in support of Park Si Hoo is destined to come to a futile end since it is becoming increasingly obvious that EYAGI (for whatever reason) is no longer promoting PSH.

So let us bypass EYAGI and try to write directly to PSH – this time at his Official Japan Website operated by EMI.  Now we don’t know whether this site is under the control of EYAGI, but maybe it’s worth giving it a try.

This time we’re writing to convey our support and love for Park Si Hoo, to let him know his international fans are standing solidly behind him.  Please write in English this time as he probably can’t read other foreign languages.  Remember to write your country at the end of letter, so he’ll know he has fans all over the world.

Just like last time, please write “PSH4U for PSH” on the lower right corner of envelope.

Please make sure letters will reach PSH by June 9 (when he will be in Japan for NHK TPM event.)

Address in English

Mr. Park Si Hoo
c/o EMI Music Japan Co., Ltd.
27/F Akasaka Biz Tower
5-3-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku
〒 107-6327

Address in Japanese

Mr. Park Si Hoo (パク・シフ)
赤坂Bizタワー27F 株式会社 EMIミュージック・ジャパン

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27 thoughts on “Write to PSH!

  1. We thank Jill for goading us into action. We thought of doing this before but were feeling rather lethargic. Let us give it one last push.

  2. I will definitely do it ASAP and mail it out when I go for my morning exercise. Really hope that our PSH will receive these letters from us. Thank H.A.T. and @Jill.

  3. guys, thank you for the address.will do it tomorrow morning.it’s evening here now. anything for our man!

  4. i’ll write him tomorrow morning… i’ll tell him we’re always supporting him and ask him to leave us a message in PSH4U…:)
    i wish i could write him in Korean… *sigh

  5. Tonight I will write the letter. Not sure whether I’ll try Korean or stick to English.
    EMI is a world-wide independent record label, so sure worth to give it a try.

  6. @Ashley, wow that was fast! I just emailed you! YAY!!!! Let’s all spring into action now to tell PSH how much we love him!!! I’m sending my letter tomorrow, in English with a few Korean sentences. Thank you, H.A.T. for taking up my suggestion! I believe the Japanese staff will pass all our letters to PSH when he goes to Tokyo on June 9th. This is so exciting!!!

  7. @Jill, don’t get your hopes up too high. We have a feeling PSH will be entertained by NHK. Anyway, we’ll just do what we can.

  8. I must say that doing PSH homework is really good for you! I was reading some of the older posts in this blog to brush up on my PSH knowledge when I saw a post about PSH’s official Japan fan club . I clicked on the link and was checking out the site when I suddenly saw the words (in Japanese) FAN MAIL and the above address was given. The Japanese fans would send their letters for PSH there. So I got really excited cos I think our letters will really get to him! So WRITE WRITE WRITE!!! And quickly SEND SEND SEND!!!

  9. @Ashley, ok but I really think there is a good chance the letters will get to him.

  10. @Jill and ashley, thank you for the information, I write the letter now. It is so frustrating not hearing anything about PSH. I hope our letter can really get into his hand.

  11. Ok. i write the letter to. hopefully the letter will get into PSH hand in japan…

  12. @Jill, FYI, there’s a section on the Official Japan Website called PSH Garden where PSH and his Japanese fans can communicate. His Japanese fans leave messages for him there. This is only accessible to (paying) members.

  13. I will send the letter out today,When I am in KOREA, I also go and search for his news from the paper and friend there but no news for him.Even the TV program also no news too.Hope Si Hoo is fine.

  14. @Jill n HAT, thanks for initiating the letter. Every move is worth for our dearest PSH. He deserved all the care and concern from us for being so kind and loving to his fans. I think all his fans are worried for him now. I hope that with this crisis comes an opportunity for him and that he will excel soon again.
    Will be writing the letter shortly and get it posted by today.

  15. @Ashley, yes I saw the PSH garden and I tried to register as a member so that I could leave messages for him. But the site is under maintenance and so there was nothing I could do. I was feeling a bit sad about it, so when I saw the fan mail address, it made me very happy. This letter is the next best thing I can do.

  16. @Jill, you have to pay 6,300 yen annual fee to be a member, like we did. It’s functioning yesterday. Not much on the site though.

  17. So japan website also under maintenance? Hopefully everything ok.

    @ashley, do you remember, one of PSH4U member said that her friend is PSH’s younger brother best friend. Is it true? If yes, Can we use this way? Can we ask his younger brother? Can we ask friend from PSH4U’s member? Is it possible?

    I just saw eyagi twitter, and found Mr. Yun Bae Choi. His face looks the same with a guy who is sitting next to PSH when they met with chinese production. How do you think? Just for make sure. (Sorry my bad english, hopefully u understand)

  18. @11763, PSH Official Japan Website NOT under construction, functioning normally. But only paying members can access certain sections now (some sections still open to everybody.) We’re not going the PSH younger brother road – Don’t believe everything that people say. Let’s not worry too much; just wait. Things will clear up sooner or later.

  19. Dear HAT , I keep quiet for a long time because I am traveling aboard. I am really concern about what going on with him as much as all of us here! Thank you for being a spearhead for this campaign.

    Fortunately I will be in Tokyo on May 30 and I will definately mail my 2 letters when I’m over there (one in english address & another in Japanese to make sure the mail service can’t mess up with my mails ) Unfortunately I have to come back home before June 5th for my daughter’s graduation. ( I really want to cry that I miss a chance to meet PSH in Tokyo )

    I will just pray for him, please no more pain or obstacles he has to go through again !

  20. @Ashley, I just checked. There is a message saying sorry but registration of new members is not possible at the moment because of system maintenance. I’m so glad that you are already a member. ( This is where you got our birthday presents from, right? The PSH photos?)

    @11763, like Ashley said, the fansite is working fine. Just can’t register to be a member for now.

  21. One letter ready to mail today.
    If you go to filmsmash.com and click on ‘Contact Us’ at the bottom of the screen, you can send an email asking about the release of Confession of Murder, although I did it but haven’t gotten a reply

  22. i mailed 3 letters.1 addressed to the Eyagi CEO,1 to Eyagi Ent and 1 to PSH c/o EMI Music Co. may they merit something for psh!
    may the force be with us!

  23. I’m a bit late in seeing this (busy lately), but I will write and send my letter as soon as possible today. Thank you for the idea, Jill, and thank you for posting it for us all to see and take part in, H.A.T.!

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