“Let’s get married” – PSH cut (1)

If we don’t count his cameo in “Delightful Girl Choon Hyang”, then MBC’s 2005 weekend drama “Let’s get married” is Park Si Hoo’s debut drama.  This 51-episode drama was broadcast on Saturday and Sunday from 2005.10.08 to 2006.04.02.  PSH plays the role of Jae Ho, a character who appears halfway through the drama as the love interest of Jung Suk Soon (played by Chu Sang Mi) and, according to many news reports, helps raise the ratings.

The PSH cut here is like a two-hour movie.  We absolutely adore the very young, very green, very raw PSH, although still inadequate as an actor (as he himself readily admits) but already very much PSH (if you know what we mean.)  The shapeless clothes, the baggy jeans, the corny dialogue …. cannot hide the brilliance of the emerging great actor.  We find him delightful and refreshing.

If you can read the Chinese subtitles, you’re in for a Sunday treat.  Sorry, can’t find English subtitles.  Even if you don’t understand Chinese, you can still watch it like a silent movie (I just watched “The Artist”, so it should be no problem for you.)  No, not a silent movie, because you can hear PSH’s voice.

To help you, let us give you a few pointers about the characters and plot:

The PSH character Jae Ho is 26 years old and the woman Suk Soon is 6 years his senior.  She’s a workaholic, a senior executive in an advertising PR agency, and he’s jobless.  He doesn’t like working in an office, but he’s an expert in housework — he can cook, sew, knit …. puts a lot of women to shame.  So their unconventional relationship starts from a gathering of university alumni.  She’s been hurt in love before, so she’s wary, and he’s very candid, forthright, genuine, sincere.  Their relationship is very simple (to him) and inexplicable (to her).  Before Hwang Tae Hee in QOR, there’s Jung Soon Suk in LGM.  Why do scriptwriters think PSH has a “thing” for older women?

We have 56.COM and TUDOU here for you to choose.  Hope those of you who had problems with TUDOU are happy with 56.COM.  (How’s this for “fan service”?)

If you have problems with any scene, please holler!  We’ve written a few notes that may help you — not a complete synopsis (you don’t need that), just clarification in a couple of places.


Part 1

– Young man and older woman meet, they start dating (going to the movies), on and off — no explanation required.

– At the disco he says he increasingly finds her to be more and more “like a woman”.

– 1st restaurant scene – He gives her a little present to congratulate her on her promotion and he asks her to go steady with him.

– 2nd restaurant scene – He gives her the keys to his apartment.

Part 2

Part 2a

Part 2b

Part 2c

– At her office he again gives her the keys to his apartment which she didn’t take last time.

– He insists on treating her for helping him find work. He gives her a scarf which he spent 3D/3N knitting and he handcuffs them so she can’t run away. Later on parting he tells her the handcuffs mean he is her slave and hopes the scarf will give her warmth because of all the efforts he spent on it.

– First time in his apartment, it’s his birthday.  She says she has no BD present for him and he says she’s already given (the kiss the other day.)

– Second time in his apartment, she gives him his BD present – a painting which he says he can’t put up because he doesn’t like hammering nails.

– Third time in his apartment he prepares a lot of food and he tells her he prefers to do housework rather than work in an office. He says they’ll make a perfect couple (she works in an office and he works at home) and asks if she wants to get married, at which point she gets up to leave.

– When she is trapped in the malfunctioning elevater, she calls him and asks if he really just wants to go to bed with her. She tells him she’s been jilted by a man she loved wholeheartedly and she doesn’t believe in love anymore because when love cools down, there is nothing left. So what is she to him? He tells her very seriously that he has never considered her just a sex object but a life partner. He says: “I love you.” and “Even if love cools, it won’t be cold. I love you.”

– In the restaurant she says: “Why do I sometimes feel my boyfriend is like my son?” and he says: “That’s the good thing about it: sometimes a husband, sometimes a son.”

– When he brings pizza to her office, she rushes him off.  He asks why she doesn’t introduce him to her colleague and if she is ashamed of him.  She says he still has to get rid of his girlfriend and he says he doesn’t mean to do that.

– He waits for her at her office building and drags her to a restaurant where he introduces her to his girlfriend – his mother.



Part 1

Part 2



To be continued next Sunday


(Credits: http://mbc.co.kr. Many thanks to fans who added Chinese subtitles!)

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20 thoughts on ““Let’s get married” – PSH cut (1)

  1. I can’t watch the Youtube ones. They all say blocked by MBC on copyright grounds. Luckily I can watch the Tudou ones but they’re taking r..e..a..l..l..y…….l..o..n..g…… to load. It’s been many hours and I’m only halfway thru the first part. I left it to load and keep checking on it. Doesn’t seem to be progressing. I hope it will be faster at later parts of the day.

    PSH is really adorable here. So cute and refreshing. Can’t wait for Tudou to load faster!!! Aaaarrrgghh!!!

  2. @Jill, too bad. YOUTUBE gave us a warning, but since these videos are not open to the general public (you can see them only on our blog), we thought they would spare us. You have to persevere with TUDOU, LGM is really worth watching!

  3. @Ashley, oh yes I’m definitely going to watch this, even if it takes me eons on Tudou! Watching the first half of part one and I’m already so in love with PSH here. What a cutie! I’m also glad the woman isn’t as ugly as I thought. I really hated her when I saw her and PSH in other LGM MVs with songs. But now that I see her in the actual drama, she doesn’t seem so bad. :-)

  4. @Jill, never mind that she looks like an ajuma, she’s actually not bad. PSH said she helped him a lot with his acting for which he was very gratefiul, even years later. They look OK together.

  5. H.A.T. thanks for uploading these videos from LGM. It’s the only drama I can’t watch online, because Dramafever is streaming in America only.

    I like Jung Suk Soon very much. She’s the kind of woman you can bump in on the street anytime. Not a glamorous girl at all. I love her for that. She’s a nice couple with PSH. Haha, she’s complaining all the time, but at the same time she can’t get him out of her head. I’m looking forward to next Sunday already.

    BTW, now I’ve a new PC Tudou doesn’t take that long to load for me. I had to wait with the old one for a long time too.

  6. @Jill, I agree. Downloading Tudou is like having constipation.You need to get it out quick but it has a mind of its own. Even if you hang yourself from your ceiling chandelier and hope gavity will do its work, the contents just refuse to budge.

    As for LGM drama, kudos to the casting director. He /she chose the correct actress.Ripe for her six-year-older-than-her-lover role. Any other heavily botoxed actress would look less credible.Particularly when PSH has that evergreen boyish looks.

  7. Waaa…..aaaa…….aaahh…… I went out for a long dinner and when I came back, the Tudou loading hasn’t moved a bit!!!!

    @Ashley, my laptop is not brand new, but it’s still relatively new! I got it only a few months ago.

    @Hottie, hahaha…….. really missed your madcap comments!

    Will try watching it again later. Might work better in the wee hours of morning.

  8. @Ashley, I finally finished watching both parts! Part one on 56.com and part 2 on Tudou (which suddenly loaded a lot faster). Thank you very much!

    I’m so in love with Jae Ho!!! He’s so good-looking and absolutely adorable! I think PSH acted very well. He’s so natural and made his character so believable. I feel it’s not easy to be this character cos if you over-act, it will be too cutesy and unmanly, but PSH did it JUST RIGHT. Very child-like actions but still manly enough to make my heart pound. Excellent acting in my books!

    And yes, all of you are right about the actress. The LGM MVs I watched don’t do justice to her at all. Watching her in the actual drama, she’s grown on me! I’m liking her a lot more now and they do have some chemistry between them. Like Wilma, I’m looking forward to the next part!

    Thank you again, H.A.T !

  9. @Jill, I’ve watched these LGM PSH cuts 6 times and am loving Jae Ho (he grows on you!) and PSH more and more! Can you imagine it’s the same actor in TPM?

  10. @Ashley, hehe I’m re-watching it too, 3rd time! Think I’m going to be obsessed with Jae Ho for a while……….
    And his mum here is the same as his FH mum! Haha! She looks very good!

  11. Firstly, I can’t acess by ipad. Then, I must try second time by my computer. Lucky, I can acess. I like it much. Thanks for posting.

  12. @narcissi, why don’t you give me your ipad since you can’t access the show with it and I’m sure I can in Singapore? Ashley wants me to get a new computer but the shops refuse to give it free to old people. PSH fans must help each other in times of need, right?

    @Ashley and @Jill, I’m sorry but I find it hard to imagine PSH with that ajumma an item. Why then do you think I have to wait the next life to get him?

  13. Ha ha, @Hottie, I’m not stingy and I am always helpful. However, I must go to Singapore to test whether my ipad can access or not in Singapore. Hardly believe you. If I can, I’ll give you immediately in Singapore.

  14. @narcissi, did I tell you PSH4U is a good site where strangers meet to give things away freely? It’s not just giving opinions on PSH and his dramas.

  15. @Hottie, when I first saw this LGM actress with PSH, I really hated her. She’s so ugly and so much older than PSH! ( Kim Nam Joo at least is a whole lot more attractive.) But as I watched the drama, she kinda grew on me. The way she talks and her mannerisms are rather cute. So thank goodness, I don’t cringe now when I watch them together.

  16. @Jill, I hear you, Ashley and Wilma. We all love the girl-next-door look. As long as she is as “next door” as the All-American Girl, Jennifer Aniston.

    I know the LGM actress is no J Aniston but I had a hard time , watching LGM because of the stark contrast . No, not against Kim Nam Joo but as lover to her handsome dongsaeng. His chirpy call of “Noona” didn’t help matters. Kim Nam Joo grows on me and I can accept why she was awarded the Best Actress for her role in QoR. But this actress……..frankly, I’m watching LGM the 2nd time and it has not been easy. My constipated Tudou aside.

    Maybe it’s my first encounter with PSH as KSY – the gallant, sexy, romantic lover with the youthful, spirited , pretty SeRyeong. Once you have tasted PSH in Romeo and Juliet, anything less than a Korean Liang Shanbo (梁山伯) and Zhu Yingtai (祝英台 ) cannot pass muster.

  17. Hi everyone! I’m a new member from Canada, I can’t relate yet on that LGM…i’ve got to watch it! I just finished watching How to meet a perfect neighbor 2 days ago…i finished watching the last 5 episodes thru dramafever at around 6am after i got off to work at 10:30pm! I guess i need to find that website 56.com

  18. @Parksihoo4ever, welcome to PSH4U! Please see WATCH PSH DRAMAS ONLINE at Top Bar of our Top Page — everything is there.

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