“Let’s get married” – PSH cut (2)

We continue with Park Si Hoo as Jae Ho in his 2005 MBC weekend drama “Let’s get married.”

Against all odds, Jae Ho and Suk Soon get married and he becomes thoroughly involved in her big family, a precursor of Lee Kang Suk in “Family Honor”.  The last part of “Let’s get married” reminds us of “Family Honor” (2008).  Suk Soon’s family have come to accept Jae Ho as the househusband while their daughter goes out to work.  In this respect, LGM is ahead of its time, at least in Korea.

You’ll also see quite a few people you’ll recognize — Jae Ho’s mother here is LKS’s mother in FH, and there is the old grandma (actually housekeeper) in FH.

Again you’ll find 4 parts of 56.COM to TUDOU’s one.  (We’ve given up on YOUTUBE.)  To help you (if you don’t understand Chinese), we’ve given you a few pointers (not full transcript.)


Part 3A

– Jae Ho (JH) invites Suk Soon (SS) to a restaurant to celebrate their 100 days and gives her a bracelet.  They get drunk and end up in his bed.

– SS is very unhappy at finding out her father works at a roadside stall while she eats at expensive restaurants and JH comforts her.

– JH takes SS to his mother’s restaurant.  Mother asks about their plans after marriage and JH says he’ll stay home as the househusband while SS goes out to work and she tells him to treat his wife well.  SS says they should take more time to get to know one another.

– When SS’s family is all gathered at home one evening, JH shows up and introduces himself as the man SS is going to marry.  Everybody is shocked.  Grandma asks which of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs he is born under and he answers “Rooster”.  “So you’re 38 now.”  “No, 26.”  Everybody is more shocked.  Asked about his siblings, he says he’s an only child (apparently not something in his favor in Korea.)  Asked about his occupation, he answers he’s jobless.  Everybody is more, more shocked.  He says he’s going to stay home to do housework while SS will go out to work.  His phone rings and when told to answer, he says it’s just his girlfriend calling to wish him luck.  Girlfriend?!  SS has to quickly explain “girlfriend” means his “mother”.  Asked how long they’ve known each other, he readily answers “122 days” and reveals that they spent the night together when they celebrated their 100 days.  Everybody is most shocked, at which point SS drags JH out.  She feels like murdering him for showing up like this and he says since she doesn’t seem to be able to make up her mind, he has to take action.  “Now that I have met your family, the only thing left is decide on the wedding date.”

Part 3B

– JH and his mother visit SS at her office and they discuss their wedding.  SS says she doesn’t want a big formal wedding (actually she hasn’t discussed it with her family) and JH’s mother says that’s exactly her idea.  The two women get on like a house on fire.

– JH discusses wedding with SS’s mother.  When told they’re not going to have a big formal wedding (which seems to be the norm in Korea), SS’s mother asks JH: “What if I object to that?” to which he replies: “Then of course I will comply with your wishes and I will try to convince SS.”  He also says: “SS looks tough on the outside but is actually fragile inside.”

– SS and mother discuss wedding.  Mother finally lets SS have her way.  “You’re intelligent and capable.  I believe in your choice [of a husband].”

– Scene of JH with SS’s 2 brothers (older one a car salesman and younger one a doctor).  JH: “Wow! You’re all professionals and I’m jobless.  But I’m good at cooking and cleaning, better than most women.  I just want to be a househusband to a professional woman.”

– JH and SS at home after wedding (they plan to live in his bachelor pad until they can afford a bigger place.)  JH to SS: “Thank you for accepting my love. I may look carefree but I’m actually very nervous and worried.”  She assures him they’ll be fine.

Part 3C

– JH brings lunch to SS at her office but tells her colleagues he has only prepared enough for him and his wife.  When SS asks why he is so stingy, he says if he includes them once, he’ll have to include them later.  And that could jeopardize their plan to go backpacking in Europe.

– JH meets SS’s mother near their home.  She has brought them some dishes and he tells her they have plenty (which she sees for herself when she opens their refrigerator.)  She sees the laundry and asks if he washes SS’s underwear and he answers: “By hand”.

– JH proposes the women in SS’s family take a day off every month to enjoy themselves.  The men have to do the housework and are not happy with JH at all, especially his father-in-law when he tells him he has not cleaned the bathroom properly.

– The newlyweds have a tiff.  They are on a night out with SS’s friends.  Everyone is talking about their jobs and promotions, and one of them asks JH what he does.  Before he can answer SS says he’s a chef.  What kind?  Korean, Western, Japanese?  SS says “Fusion”.  When they are outside, JH asks SS if she is ashamed of him — that he is jobless.  She says NO and he asks: “Then why did you have to lie?  You are obviously ashamed of me in front of your friends.  As for me, I just want to be a househusband by your side.”  He says he needs to take a walk.

– SS goes home by herself and finally calls JH who is dancing in a disco with his friends (all male.)  When she gets there, they ask: “Who is this ajumma?”  They talk in different languages, so to speak.

Part 3D

– SS wants to go home but JH still wants to dance.  They argue outside the disco.  She says she doesn’t like his friends.  And he says: “I don’t like yours either.  All they can talk about are stocks and taking tests (for promotion).  At least my friends are more straightforward.”  He goes back to dance and she goes home by herself.

– SS is fuming that JH is still not home.  When she hears the door, she jumps into bed and pretends to be asleep.  JH calls a girl and starts talking sweet nothings to her, at which point SS grabs the phone — only to find it is not even on.  JH says it fell on the floor when he was dancing and was broken.  SS: “Then why are you pretending to be talking to this girl?”  JH: “To see if you are really asleep or pretending.”

– SS: “Why did we quarrel?  I’m not sure.”  JH: “The problem is not with us but with other people — what other people think.  What if I’m a househusband?  What if you’re older than me?  We choose each other.  Let’s not quarrel because of other people.” and “I came back early to play with my wife.” [strongly reminding us of Kang Suk in FH]

– JH doing monthly expenses and telling SS they have to cut down on certain things if they are to realize their dream of travelling round the world at 40.  He also tells her she should start paying him a salary and quotes a figure.  She says they’re husband and wife and the money belongs to both of them, so why should he be paid a salary.  He says it’s not the same and goes into some curious logic about if family is treated like other people, then you won’t be hurt even if they don’t deliver.

– Rest of video requires no explanation.



Part 3


Thanks for watching!  Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!  We can never understand why it took PSH 10 long years to be discovered.  We’re convinced it has to do with what the Chinese call  “一命,二運,三風水”  (meaning: first fate, second luck, third “feng shui” – a Chinese system of geomancy), in other words, some people have all the luck but not PSH who has to earn everything the hard way.


(Credits: http://mbc.co.kr.  Many thanks to fans who added Chinese subtitles!)


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11 thoughts on ““Let’s get married” – PSH cut (2)

  1. @Ashley, when I think of the nouveau riche that some K pop idols have become, my heart aches for PSH. My consolation is good actors usually last longer than “mass produced” idols.

    What we need is for the general audience to change their mindset from celebrating only youth and beauty. We now know youth and beauty are commodities that can be traded. But not hardwork and talent.

    The only Hollywood actor that I’ve always loved is Meryl Streep since I first saw her in “Kramer vs Kramer” as supporting actress. She is no beauty. But acting is in her DNA. I see PSH getting there.

  2. Meryl Streep is my favorite Hollywood actor too and “Kramer vs Kramer” is one of my all-time favorites. Supporting actress? I thought she’s the female lead. Have you seen her with Robert de Niro in “Falling in love”? Another of my MS favorites – very simple story, superb acting (both actors.) Also “The Bridges of Madison County” – nothing much to the novel, but the movie comes alive with MS and Clint Eastwood (who, surprise! can act!)

  3. Thanks for sharing this second cut of LGM. Now I know the storyline of all PSH’s dramas. Though this one is my less favorite.

  4. @Ashley, @Hottie, I love Meryl Streep too!

    Thanks, H.A.T. Actually, I saw this part 2 of LGM immediately after part 1 last week (on Tudou) cos I couldn’t wait! Jae Ho is too too cute!

    I was wondering, what could the story be about before Jae Ho appeared? (Couldn’t believe how he can appear so late into the drama.) So I searched online for the synopsis of this drama and read about the storyline. But I became so angry because when I looked at the list of actors in the cast, it did not have PSH’s name!!! I looked at another site, and another site, they did not have his name either!!!!! Can you believe it? I am so mad now thinking about it! Grrrrr………..
    ( I was really glad to see him featured so prominently on the LGM set for Japan. They know he will be the reason why people will buy this drama.)

  5. @Jill, None, literally none of PSH’s name or Jao Ho’s photo is shown on the box of LGM DVD sold in Taiwan, either. Strange thing is that, on the DVD box, they do have pictures of Jao Ho’s bride in a wedding dress, but the “husband” is not PSH. The “fake” husband is the younger brother of the leading actress in LGM. Looks like PSH didn’t make it to take the promotional shots. Maybe it’s because he was engaged in the shooting of “Which Planet are You from”; there was an overlap of the shooting of the two dramas.

  6. @Ashley, we may have similar taste in films. I was catching up on some old PSH4U posts I’d missed when away, and noticed you had actually recommended the Iranian movie ” A Separation” which I subsequently commented is a good movie I had watched ( without knowing about your earlier suggestion).

    . I like ” The Bridges of Madison County” although it was a box office failure in S’pore. I must have been the only fool who watched it twice in a close-to-empty cinema hall. I liked it so much , I bought the book and recommended it to friends as “better-than-your- Romeo-and-Juliet”. Like you say, it’s not an exciting story.But it touches me where it matters – the heart. A chance meeting. A lasting passion. A love so surreal, I wonder whether it really happened.Now and then, I dusted the book cover and read it all over again. It’s a shame MS didn’t get the Oscar although she was nominated for this.I can still see her in that pink summery dress she bought for the kitchen dinner with the Clint Eastwood character…….Sorry, I was carried away………this is a PSH website.

  7. @Queenie, you know your PSH life story so well, you deserve special mention in the Hall of Fame for fans. PSH did mention that the overlap of the 2 dramas worked against him as it affected his performance. I feel sorry for him that he probably didn’t have a manager who could have scheduled it better.

    I compare this against an idol-actor I know, who could successfully film a 20 episode K drama, went overseas to sing in concerts in 2 countries , shot 2 CFs, attended 2 fan meetings and had to handle his late father’s wake and funeral – all these in the midst of shooting the on-going drama which just ended. A manager’s nightmare. But it went like clockwork.

    I pray PSH’s new MC and manager will be an asset to his career. And not exploit him.

  8. @Queenie, I’m so appalled to hear that!!! But even if he couldn’t make it for the photo shoots, they should not leave his name out?!?

    @Hottie, wow….. sounds like this guy has a very good manager and MC. So lucky.
    I really pray that PSH will have a very good one very soon.

  9. @Jill, It’s just my inference. But it’s really strange to substitute PSH with someone else. I would rather believe that at the beginning, the production team had planned for the other actor to be the woman’s young husband, but it turned out PSH got the role. Well, that was in 2005/2006. Now, PSH’s 2-hour presence in this 51-episode drama becomes the sole purpose for Japanese and Taiwanese to by the DVD.

  10. @Hottie, I know of the actor; he even had a car accident, didn’t he? Korean actors are usually handsome, hard working, and talented, but only PSH dwells in my heart. I think PSH “creates” his own fanbase, not “sharing” with other actors, with or without MC, he will shine for a long long time.
    Talking about MC, I feel like crying. 唐僧肉(Táng Sēng ròu) can probably describe his current situation. I wish we can all be PSH’s Monkey King to protect him from being exploited.

  11. @Queenie,why you wish to change your sexual orientation and be a Monkey King to protect PSH when you can be a Monkey Queen (ie) at no cost?

    And yes, you are spot on about the car accident.But because of the drama’s tight schedule, the idol-actor didn’t even have time to go the hospital for a checkup although he was hurt. It was shooting non-stop for him as the male lead.Until the whole series ended.

    Such is the punishing pace of S Korea’s live-shoot dramas, I do wonder how long this formula can last. Can you imagine a main lead meeting with a severe accident halfway through the drama and has to be out of action for weeks? You can’t just write him/her off the drama. For instance , if Moon Chae Won had fallen off a horse and broken a leg in Episode 15 of TPM, the scriptwriter can’t tell us she has travelled to the US for further studies and used a substitute actress as Kim Seung Yoo’s new love interest, can he?

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