Sunday Special — HARU

HARU (which means “day” in Korean) is the promotional video shot by the Korea Tourism Organization to celebrate “Visit Korea” in 2010.  The 30-minute video is billed as “An Unforgettable Day in Korea” and features some of the biggest stars and pop stars (see names on poster above.)

When Park Si Hoo was chosen to participate in this project, some voices were raised: “Why him?”  When you have seen the video, you will ask: “Why not him?” or “If not him, who?”  How many Korean actors can list fencing as one of their hobbies?

We have edited the video to include ONLY the PSH parts.  Enjoy!




Behind the scenes / 拍攝花絮



Haru OST – Part 3   (Bobby Kim 바비 킴 – 이끌림(這牽絆)



Press Conference 2010.08.06


Please see our earlier post:


(Credits: Korea Tourism Organization;;; leerina506@youtube.com; 逆转女王吧 Thanks!)

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Special — HARU

  1. Thanks for sharing. I love this video so much. The character very suit with him and he looks so handsome and gorgeous. :)
    Even though it was just a short film but PSH definitely had given big impact to viewer.
    I wish he will act in a movie or drama like this. Comedy, action and romantic…. :)

  2. Thanks for editing the HARU video with PSH parts only H.A.T. I knew about it, but never was able to catch it somewhere on the internet. It’s funny, his love for being a restaurant owner and the role of killer are coming together here. I loved to watch.

    Thank you too for the other MV’s. The OST is beautiful.

  3. Thanks H.A.T for sharing. I like film much. How nice PSH is! How elegant he is in this film. He is the best actor whom the Film’s maker chosen.

  4. thank you so much for the edit and giving us the psh cut.actually the entire video is nice but most often than not,we only have eyes for psh!
    si hoossi and han chae young also have good chemistry on the screen,maybe because they have worked together quite often.they were together for 2 fashion shows for the late Andre Kim and for My Delightful Girl,Chunyang where our si hoossi has only a cameo role.
    this is a real sunday treat from HAT.Cheers!

  5. The touristy info was tasty, but didn’t draw me in half as much as PSH did. I cringe watching HCY’s acting, so i tend to feel worrisome when PSH works with her. I honestly went through the whole interactive site (which was a beauty) just for him– he’s just so polished and cool! And the storyline was a fun mess.

  6. Haha! I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this clip some time back.
    This is Hollywood’s Mr and Mrs Smith recycled the Korean way. Except that Hollywood didn’t murder a multitude of fruits along the way. And PSH and HCY didn’t fall in love like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie did from that show and went on to have a family of 6 kids!

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