PSH magazine is here!

The PSH Official Japan Fan Club has just issued this information:

Release information on Park Si Hoo original magazine

2012.09.18  News

Park Si Hoo original exclusive magazine!
One whole year with Schiff Park!
Not only as an actor, but also a variety of appearance to fans!
Filled with his planning, his thoughts!
All of which have not been seen before.
Magazine exclusively on Park Si Hoo! 4 books per year, to reach your home once every three months, a must-see original fan magazine is finally here!

Reservations start at 2:00 on Tuesday afternoon, September 25!
Site for reservation:
Release date: November 30, 2012 (Friday)!

<Park Si Hoo’s comments>
I have to think hard and get the best opinion from you!  Please consider many things and try to participate, everyone.  You and I are going to create the magazine together.  I would like to consider first your opinion, my fans.  Please come up with great ideas.  Thank you!

Commemorative events magazine!
Original magazine title wanted!
To celebrate the launch of Park Si Hoo original magazine, we are looking for the title of the magazine!
Please apply.  For information on how to apply, see above, the HP-only reservation.
Park Si Hoo original goods gift to those who reserve the magazine!
※ Reservation is limited to those who have completed by Thursday, 15 November.

■ How to buy: Subscription (after application, the price is paid in advance)
■ Subscription fee: (4 books per year / including tax and shipping) ¥ 9,450 [US$120, so each issue is US$30, about the price of a hardback]
■ Size: 80 ~ 96P / full color: style / ■ AB size or A4 size
■ Sold by-issue: MENTOR Co., Ltd.
– Contact Us –
TEL :03-6380-3773 / FAX :03-6380-3757 Original magazine sales department Schiff Park
※ For more information and reservation, visit the above website.


2012.09.18  News

パク・シフ !オリジナルマガジン 発売情報
まるごと パク・シフ オリジナルマガジン!

9月25日(火) 午後2時 予約開始!
2012 年11月30日(金) 発売!

「僕も一生懸命考えているところです。皆さんもぜひいろいろ考えて参加してみてください。僕と皆さんが一緒に作っていくマガジンですから! ファンの皆さんの意見をまず一番に考えて決めたいと思います。素敵なアイデアをたくさん考えてみてください! よろしくお願いします!

オリジナルマガジン タイトル大募集!
パク・シフ オリジナルマガジン創刊を記念して、マガジンのタイトルを募集します!

パク・シフ オリジナルマガジン 販売部 TEL:03-6380-3773/FAX:03-6380-3757


This is the MUST-HAVE exclusively PSH magazine we mentioned in our earlier post:

If you wish to support PSH, you should subscribe to this magazine.  Whoever is financing this will be watching to see how popular PSH really is.  Money talks!


(Credits:  Thanks!  English translation by H.A.T.)


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10 thoughts on “PSH magazine is here!

  1. @Ashley, thank you for the offer to help. I would like to subscribe, but can’t do it myself unless the website posts some way to order in English. I will be on vacation and out of the country from Sept. 21 through Oct. 4, so I hope to be able to subscribe when I get back.

  2. @yati, how to subscribe – let us try first and we’ll let you know. Language – Japanese, but who cares as long as it’s about PSH?

  3. I’m seeing this post quite late…
    Is it to late to subscribe ? And do they send it all around the world ?

  4. Thanks. As expected… lucky japanese fans. I hope it will be available somewhere else too.

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