Healing camp #72 – PSH

Park Si Hoo appeared on SBS “Healing Camp” on December 10:

All about Park Si Hoo!  Come and see~~

박시후의 모든 것! 나만 바라봐~~


(Credits: http://sbs.co.kr; 感觉着感@youku.com. Thanks!)


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4 thoughts on “Healing camp #72 – PSH

  1. Wow, our man talks a lot, like talking with his friends. It’s soothing just listening to his voice.
    Thank you @H.A.T.!

  2. @Queenie, HC is a talk show, and as the guest star, PSH of course has to talk. They are all laughing a lot, so what he says must have been funny. Wish I could understand.

  3. Yup!My exact wish too!..Contemplating in studying the language,though. Surely he looks so comfortable and natural. That’s what I like most with PSH, unlike other celebrities, he moves very casually yet poised. As if he is totally unaware of his amazing good looks. Loving him so much more. Seeing him is like a dream. A Mr.Perfect too good to be true. hmmmm…

  4. thank you to share this video..

    anw there is another link like youtube to watch healing camp ??

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