Turkey loves PSH

PSH’s Turkish fans are among his most devoted and loyal.  We wonder what they see in him that bridges the gulf between east and west.  Could it be it’s because PSH went to Turkey in the summer of 2006 for a modeling assignment?  But that was 7 years ago.  The Turks are still steadfast in their support of PSH.  We love the Turks for loving PSH!

Please see our earlier posts “PSH in Turkey” (in 3 parts) under Category: “PSH: Travels”.

This is another MV from one of his Turkish fans, set to the song “Pure Love” (in Persian and English) by Iranian singer Arash with Helena.  Many thanks!




(Credits: PSHTurkey@youtube.com. Thanks!)


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11 thoughts on “Turkey loves PSH

  1. dear HAT I am a fan from Iran. Arash is an iranian singer who lives in USA and sings this song with helenav (turkish singer). They sing this song in persian-english, this song is very famous in Iran. I am very happy to see this mv for psh with an iranian singer in my language. Thanks turkish fan, thank you so much HAT.

  2. I love this song. It is a famous song in Iran. Forough, I feel happy of hearing an Iranian singer’s song set to MV of PSH too. Many thanks to the Turkish fan and also to you H.AT.

  3. oh thank for shared..but Helena not Turkish Singer:S :) just I love Arash ,so we make this song :) all thanks

  4. excuse me hooil ,iwas not sure about nationaliy of helena beacuse this mv was from turkish fan i made mistake,excuse me HAT(iam not good in english!!)

  5. yes @Ashley ..Helena not Turkish Singer .. I love Arash ,so make video with this song ,Helena is info >> Helena Marianne Josefsson is a Swedish singer and songwriter and @foroughirani I wonder if you mix , Azerbaijani Turks singer Aysel with,because there are She is Arash with a one video ..(Arash and Aysel-Always for Eurovision)

  6. i am so happy to see something like that about turkey =) i am from turkey and a big fan of PSH.. he came to İstanbul in 2006 but i couldn’t see him

  7. I know PSH of drama The princess Man(years 2011) and published 3 months ago in our country..So that more people have recognized the.. and now again publish The Princess Man :) TurkishTV

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