PSH is the Winner!

This is our #3 voting site:

PSH is the Winner of May, 2013!  Congratulations!

He’s done it again!  No activities – still #1!


Winner of “Performer Popularity Vote Ranking & BBS – Korean Actor Division”

He is #1 with 24% of the votes.

#2 Kim Hyun Joong (10%)
#3 Rain (9%)
#4 Goo Yoo (7%)
#5 Lee Joon Gi (6%)

This is a Japanese voting site, so it is important.  And it’s a clear win — PSH led by a mile!


TOP topic of this site – May and Total



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8 thoughts on “PSH is the Winner!

  1. Congrats my psh4u family !
    Truly proud of our beloved man .
    Cheers everyone ! Let’s celebrate !!!

  2. congratulation! to PSH and to us!
    thank you @Ashley for announcing every time PSH wins for all people, especially the antis, to see the power of PSH even when he is currently not active! i hope it will come soon the day we celebrate after seeing him winning an award on stage.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS, PSH & PSH4U! We did it again – it’s real PSH Power!

  4. Let us get going on No 8, around 14 hours to go! PSH is in No 1 position but No 2 fans are working hard..

  5. Yeah, everyone, let’s continue voting for PSH in Site #8! Work hard to let him remain in his present position – I’ll be voting for him till the last minute and second today.

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