Jami and Dami say Hi!

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PSH’s cats Jami and Dami left a message at the new Japan Official Fan Club:


Dear fans of Mr. Park Si Hoo.  Nice to meet you.
We are Sihoo’s favorite cats Jami and Dami.

To those of you who are supporting our Sihoo
You can do so through our Twitter!

Best regards…meow, meow^^


ENISHI 3 032







(Credits: http://park-sihoo.jp; Jami and Dami photos from their Twitter and ENISHI 3. Thanks!)


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12 thoughts on “Jami and Dami say Hi!

  1. HI, Jami and Dami! Thanks for your lovely message and it’s nice to meet you over here! You’re so blessed to have such a wonderful master, who loves you so unconditionally. We, of course, will surely give our full support to our beloved PSH. He’s the one who has given us so much warmth and sunshine, and deserves to be loved by all of us, his international fans from PSH4U. May God bless PSH and his family (that includes both of you)!
    Thanks so much, H.A.T., for posting this. PSH’s cats are so cute, cuddly and lovable, just like our man himself.

  2. OMG OMG OMG so~~~ cute~~~~~ ^///^
    Hi Jami & Dami ^^
    I wonder if this message was written by PSH on behalf of his cats! kekekek~
    I’ve seen some pics of Jami n Dami before, but not sure about this one, is it a new photo?
    oh and the photo of oppa above O_O” so~ handsome *melting*
    thank you H.A.T. for the daily updates!

  3. Hi, Jami and Dami, You two are so lucky can be always accompany your Master. Here we are jealous of you. If I may ask you, where the location of this photo? your Master seems to stay there with both of you. Photo taken on a balcony of a house, somewhere, with rural backgrounds where the atmosphere is quiet and comfortable. I think, it’s a villa where the your Master lived at this time and seems to be very suitable for him to engrave his awareness back as an actor, as he said.
    Well, Jami and Dami, convey our greetings to him and entertain him with cuteness both of you, so he’s always smiling.

  4. @Ashley, So, this message is from PSH? Telling us we can support him thru HIS twitter?
    Or is it from the new JOFC? Saying we can use THEIR twitter? I think it’s the latter, right?

  5. omg! soohh cute! i’m a cat lover myself with 2 cats nuggie and kumo. i’m so overjoyed to see jami and dami. i’m sure that they’ve felt the sadness of si hoossi during the difficult times. cats have a heightened sense of feeling with their owners/masters.
    @park-sihoo.jp twitter, Enishi staff, and Ashley and Hillary : thank you for this update.
    this is one of the most warm-hearted psh updates! cheers!

  6. @ashley : how do we get their twitter? i have the twit addresses of other famous cutie cats like maru, shironeko, nala, nora and tartar, the grumpy. lol! i would like to have that of jami and dami,too.

  7. They are so lovely & pretty!! When PSH brought Dami home in early 2012, she was so small… but Dami become the same size as Jami now~~

  8. Too darn cute! Hi Jami and Dami! We trust that you are taking good care of our good man, Park Si Hoo. Our love for him extends to you as well. Please make sure he eats well and give him your warmth for us.^^

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