VOTE for PSH!!!


Please everybody, vote for PSH in #8 voting site!

PSH has been overtaken by JGS!

Many more JGS fans than PSH fans are voting!

HELP!!!!!  Where is everybody?

Hey! European fans!  You should be awake!  Start voting!




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61 thoughts on “VOTE for PSH!!!

  1. Yes Ippo , GOOD JOB !!!
    PSH4U the Best !
    @ marwa , absolutely ! Our MIDNIGHT STRATEGY always works . See you again sisters .

  2. Thanks, thanks, everybody! We’re the Best! PSH Forever! PSH4U Forever!
    I’ll continue again this evening after work. See you all tonight!

  3. From 1.4M gap this morning , down again by only 800M oh no !!!

    Tonight , see you all, our MIDNIGHT STRATEGY sisters ! :-)

  4. I think we need a bigger lead particularly critical over the weekend as a lot of us dont have time to be online to cast our votes. Noticed that we tend to lose our lead considerably on Fri/Sat/Sun….so if we can, we need to get as much votes in as we can all the time so that we can be safer at the most critical weekend when results are out. Dont want surprises like last weekend when we were neck and neck No 1 and No 2….many thanks!

  5. Ok @Nance, noted. Saturdays & Sundays, I can promise you. However, for weekdays, it’ll only be in the evenings as I’ve got to work.

  6. @nance, I am voting all the time, I’m in a vacation for the whole coming month! hehe!.
    Ramadan Mubarak for all PSH Muslim fans around the world.

  7. @ marwa that’s exciting ! Long vacation !
    1.7M+ gap in #8 as of now :-)

  8. @Ken. thanks for the info. Let’s put that kid in his proper place, far, far down below.

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