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2013.10.03      16:03

Park Si Hoo’s brother, Park Woo Ho, CEO of Hoo Factory, has just issued a press release at 3 p.m.:

Hello!  This is Park Woo Ho, Park Si Hoo’s younger brother and the representative of his management company [Hoo Factory].

After “Confession of Murder” and “Cheongdam-dong Alice”, Park Si Hoo received a lot of expectations from many people.  On his way to the top, as a public figure he should be a role model.  As a member of his family and as the representative of his agency, I would like to deeply apologize for his causing social controversy.

Many people who had a lot of expectations of Park Si Hoo were disappointed in this incident.  Park Si Hoo has received a lot of love and encouragement which he greatly appreciated as well as rebuke and criticism which he humbly accepted.  He will learn from this to try to be a role model and to be reborn as a better actor.

Park Si Hoo has made acting his vocation.

This incident has been a very painful experience for Park Si Hoo who will return to his original principles and start afresh as an actor.  During this process, we hope you can encourage a young artist who is in difficulty and pain and help him extol the excellence of Korean culture so that he can spread the hot wind of Hallyu.  We would be grateful if you would exercise restraint and tolerance out of consideration of a delicate human being who has suffered great pain and refrain from making references to the past events again.

From all of us at the agency, including me, it is hoped that the elite and noble-minded reporters of the Republic of Korea will be objective and acute in allowing an actor who has the courage to start again to achieve a new beginning.  Please look with caring eyes upon Park Si Hoo as a little bird which has lost its wings.  Stay tuned: Park Si Hoo will not forget his heavy responsibility as an actor and will become the best actor he can be.  Park Si Hoo and Hoo Factory thank you for your support.


이하 박시후 소속사가 보낸 보도자료 전문

안녕하십니까 ! 저는 배우 박시후의 동생이자 후팩토리 대표를 맡고 있는 박우호입니다.

배우 박시후가 영화 <내가살인범이다>와 드라마 <청담동앨리스> 작품을 끝내고 한류배우로 많은 분들의 기대를 받으며 정상으로 향하는 길목에서 타의 모범이 되어야하는 공인으로서 사회적 물의를 일으킨 점 가깝게는 가족으로, 대외적으로는 배우의 소속사 대표로서 깊이 사과를 드립니다.

그동안 배우 박시후에게 많은 사랑과 기대를 품었던 만큼 이번 사건으로 실망도 커 애정어린 질타도, 분에 겨운 격려도 받았습니다. 강한 질타와 격려를 주신 모든분들의 깊은 뜻을 겸허히 받들어 타의 모범이 되고 최선을 다하는 연기자로 거듭나겠습니다.

배우 박시후는 연기를 천직으로 아는 사람입니다.

이번 사건으로 누구 보다 힘든 시간을 보낸 배우 박시후가 초심으로 돌아가 다시 연기자로서 시작의 발걸을 옮길 때 연기자로 미처 꽃피우지 못한 채 고통 속에 있는 젊은 예술인을 후원하여 대한민국의 영상문화의 우수성을 알리는 대표 한류배우로서 한류열풍을 다시 광풍으로 일으킬 수 있는 주역이 되도록 도와 주신다 생각하시고 배우 박시후와 관련된 기사를 게재하실 때 아직도 큰 고통 속에 있는 연약한 인간에게 따듯한 다독임으로 용기를 주시는 은혜를 베푸신다 여기시고 그동안 배우 박시후가 받은 고통과 그리고 앞으로도 배우나 배우를 사랑했던 대중들에게 아린 흉터로 남을 깊은 상처를 애처롭게 여기셔서 지난 사건의 언급 없이 기사를 마무리 해주시면 정말 감사하겠습니다.

저를 비롯한 저희 소속사 관계자 모두는 대한민국 최고의 엘리트이시고 모든 사안에 객관적이며 날카롭고 투절한 기자정신으로 힘들고 고통 받는 이들에게 새로운 시작의 용기를 주시는 기자님들의 숭고한 정신을 잘 압니다. 날개를 잃은 어린새를 보살펴주신다는 애정어린 시선으로 배우 박시후를 지켜봐주시면 공인으로서의 막중한 책임감을 잊지않고 최선을 다하는 연기자로 애와 증으로 응원하여 주시는 모든분께 감사함을 오래 기억하는 배우 박시후와 후팩토리가 되겠습니다. 감사합니다.



(Credits:  Thanks!  English translation by H.A.T.)


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14 thoughts on “Press release from Hoo Factory

  1. Many thanks @HA for the quick translation. Such a humble and very sincere release. There is no doubt PSH’s return is imminent. I can hardly wait, as I am sure all of us are in the same position.

    Sihoo-ssi, we look to welcome you back with lots of love!!!

  2. @Nance, This is a signal of imminent comeback. I hope PSH can attend the Hanyru award presentation in Japan and go to Japan to promote CDDA.
    The press release is a well-written. “He will learn from his sufferings and pain will enhance his acting and make him a better actor in the long run.”

  3. @HA thanks for the translation! ^^ all I hope is thekorean media don’t make such a big fuss out of this press release. Both PSH and PWH are really full of sincerity just like what @nance said. ^^

  4. This is really a good news and we have long been looking forward to it.
    Finally, we get the news officially from his management company.
    Thank God. Patience and steadfastness have brought him back.
    Thank you @H.A for the update news.

    @Talita, kamu senang gak baca berita ini?^__^

  5. @sari, senang banget ^^ aku harap semuanya berjalan lancar dan media gak bikin rusuh lagi apalagi netizen. Satu Hal yang aku belajar dr kasus PSH, orang baik tetap Akan Ada cobaan tapi gak Akan terpuruk ya.. Buktinya, fans ini adalah perpanjangan tangan tuhan sih Kalo menurut aku.

  6. Thanks H.A. for the good news and translation. Look forward to his comeback as a better actor. Can’t wait to see your new drama/movie. Miss your smile and laughter.

  7. …….”He would appreciate it if the media would report on this without making reference to the past events again”.
    I love the sentence above.
    His management company pleaded with respect that journalists do not relate the news of the return of PSH with past events.
    Surely, every man would get a trial, whether it be good or bad people. If we can get through it patiently and steadfastly, we will go up one level higher. Likewise with PSH, after going through this ordeal, he will achieve success again.
    Like you say that the fans are the extension of God, yes maybe. We do not never know what God’s plan behind the events that befall the PSH.
    It could be, PSH will be more famous. Hopefully ….

  8. Thank you, our dearies H.A., for this piece of good news! Really happy and am looking forward to his imminent return! Miss PSH so, so much! Thank you, dear God!

  9. @HA thanks for the translation!.i’m so relieved my superstar’ll come back:).Support PSH always>3

  10. “.. Park Si Hoo as a little bird which has lost its wings” ouww.. Park Si Hoo oppa… We always next you.. be strong..thank you for news 😉

  11. @ HA thanks for the information!
    Every day I check Facebook pages about PSH and I am glad to see the large number of fans around the world who are waiting for his return.

    Yes, it is important that the media focus on his talent, let him in peace and not mention past events. We want to see our favorite actor again, his talent and his smile that makes us so happy!

  12. Many thanks for the translation, H.A.! This press release is a masterpiece! The media all call it PSH’s “official apology”, but I only see PSH’s brother apologizing^^ The last paragraph (about the media) is ironic, right? or am I the only one who thinks so?

  13. A word on the translation:
    We first gave you an interpretation of the Hoo Factory press release (with all the gist) and then we got down to the nitty-gritty. Rule #1 of translation is of course ACCURACY. But it is not just word-for-word translation, or you can just use online translators. It is important to be able to convey the TONE as well. Sounding too pleading or abject would NOT be PSH, we are convinced. Korean is a convoluted language and its syntax is very different from English. Ten Korean words can often be expressed in two English words. The second last paragraph of the press release is a nightmare — it is one long sentence without punctuation! Unravelling its meaning and re-expressing it in English while not sounding pitiable or groveling is a real test for us. The last paragraph about the media is another stumbling block — “elite and noble-minded reporters”? But that’s exactly how the words translate. We had to find a way to weave that into the fabric of our English text without distorting its meaning. We have been faithful to the original Korean while at the same time we hope we have managed to convey the steely pride and suppressed hurt of PSH, forced to scale this last hurdle of his comeback.

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