2014 PSH calendar winners


We thought the contest was so simple, but apparently it was trickier than we anticipated.  That’s because we just found out (only because of this exercise) that the country rankings don’t just vary from month to month — they actually vary from day to day!  The rankings depend on the number of hits received every day, accumulated into every month, in this case, September 2013.  We use the ranking on the last day of September to calculate the points.

And in September 2013, there were hits from only 179 locations.  We also discovered the lowest ranked locations (from which there are not too many hits) change all the time.  So in September, some of the more exotic locations did not appear, like the Vatican or Niue [Niue reappeared in October!]  So those members who chose these locations were penalized, which was why we gave everybody a second chance.

The winners are:

1. Luerdao

Her countries: Yemen (101), Andorra (162), Malta (146), Bermuda (164), Paraguay (141).  Total points: 714

You have a choice of the desk or wall calendar.  Please indicate in e-mail

2. izradingz

Her countries: Haiti (172), Sudan (132), Bhutan (129), Cameroon (167), Ghana (88).  Total points: 688

JOFC will be sending out calendars at the end of October, so we won’t be able to send them to you until November.  But we guarantee you’ll receive them before the start of 2014.  Please give us your address at: parksihoo4u@gmail.com.  Congratulations!

For your information:

TOP 10 countries in September 2013:
1. China
2. Japan
3. Singapore
4. Indonesia
5. Malaysia
6. Romania
7. South Korea
8. U.S.A.
9. Saudi Arabia
10. Hong Kong

173.Saint Lucia
176.New Caledonia
179.Virgin Islands (U.S.)

We included some of the countries you listed in our post “Dear Park Si Hoo…” of October 6, 2013.


For everyone else who did not win, no need to be disappointed.  You’ll have another chance — to win more prizes.  Just stay close to PSH and PSH4U and don’t go anywhere.



Must share this info with you — this is so exciting!  For the first time we’re getting hits from NORTH KOREA – at #144! (in October)  And South Korea has risen to #5.


(Credits: Photo from http://mentorshop.com.  Thanks!)



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15 thoughts on “2014 PSH calendar winners

  1. My heartiest congratulations to you both, @Luerdao and @izradingz! CHEERS! ^^

    Really? Hits from North Korea – WOW! That’s great!!! Am so happy for our beloved PSH! :)

  2. 哈哈哈哈哈,really ! I CAN’T believe! my god! thanks god! thanks PSH4U;thanks H&A!

  3. Congratulations to the winners, @ luerdao & @ izradingz ! I had no clue except Uganda and Greece… but I’m glad my country is in top 10.

  4. thanks all my love——PSH,PSH4U and all of my friends above! love you!

  5. Ho’omaika’i ‘ana!! Congratulations^^ @ luerdao & @ izradingz!!

  6. A hearty congratulations to @Leurdao and @ izradingz!~~ Much deserved!! Would love to see the reaction on your faces. Hehehe~~ great job, dears!
    @H.A., it was a challenge!

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