PSH’s “kid”

To celebrate the upcoming release of PSH’s first Chinese movie, his comeback work, we have decided to do a little charity work on his behalf.

Through World Vision*, we have sponsored a child in Africa in Park Si Hoo’s name.  We have chosen Eric because he shares the same birthdate with PSH — April 3 —  only 30 years younger (he’s born in 2008 which makes him 6.)

Eric is from Rwanda which ranks #173 in July 2014 among the PSH4U countries (in terms of hits). We have chosen a child from Africa because of PSH’s African connection.  We tried to find a child in Ivory Coast where PSH went in 2009 but this country is not in the program.

Our fellow PSH fans in China are doing exceptional good works in China, so we thought we’d spread the cheer to other parts of the world in need of assistance.

We still have money left over from the rice wreaths donation for PSH’s birthday bash at Buyeo in April 2014.  Once again, we thank our members for their generous contributions. aa

aaaa WorldVisionEric-4 aaa

* From World Vision on “How sponsorship works”: The goal of World Vision’s child sponsorship is to make life better for children. Our child sponsorship programs have four basic aspirations that guide our work and on which our work is measured. Children have the right to enjoy good health; be educated for life; be cared for, protected, and participating in their communities; and experience the love of God and their neighbors.

(P.S.  Ashley: I am very familiar with this child sponsorship program.  My family has been sponsoring 10 kids for several years.)


This is PSH in the Ivory Coast in September 2009 where he went on the SBS Hope Mission (printscreens from video – sorry about quality):

Africa4Above: PSH touching the swollen foot of Dassie, and below: PSH playing football with the local boys, later going barefoot because the boys have no shoes

Africa1 Africa2 Africa3


Please see our earlier post:


(Credits: Info from; photos from Thanks!)

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8 thoughts on “PSH’s “kid”

  1. @HA – Many thanks for keeping the ‘spirit’ of PSH alive in the things we do for him. It is good for PSH to have a ‘kid’, even an adopted one. I hope PSH will get to know about Eric and vice versa. I remember Dassie and how PSH had privately arranged for him to have an operation in Korea. This showed his innate kind nature. And it is this kind of ‘spirit’ that makes him endearing in my eyes.

    That ‘leftover’ money won’t go a long way in maintaining Eric. Can we contribute and also explore more of the good we can do in support of PSH?

  2. I would also like to contribute.Please let me know. Thank you very much @HA for your kind heart. God blessed.

  3. 感谢施厚,因为有你,爱心传千里!

    Thank you Ashley, Hillary & all PSH fans, you are simply the BEST!

  4. Many thanks for this initiative, HA! I understand this is a long term commitment, so I’m ready to contribute more to PSH’s “kid”.

  5. The first picture above is what inspired me to become PSH’s fan-I would also like to contribute to this charity work.

  6. nance, pshcafan, chivi, fly high, PCH, pshugusa, and others who e-mailed us — You have already contributed (to the BD rice wreaths), so no need to send any more money at the moment for Eric. But we’d appreciate it if you would participate in the buy-tickets-for-“Scent” exercise. Thanks!

  7. I do also sympathize with those poor children in Africa over their hard lives. And I’ll do my best to help, by joining you in sponsoring ERIC, in PSH’s name.
    I hope my humble contribution will help improve Eric’s life, because as Gabriel Garcia Marquez said:”You may be only a person in this world,.. but for someone you are the world.!”

    H.A , I do love you for your praiseworthy initiative!

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