2014 Diary of a star-chaser (4)

HFYTJFM3 My favorite 2014 JFM look

I love going to Japan Fan Meetings.

Tickets are one price, so no I’m-superior-to-you stuff.  Tickets are by lottery: if you’re lucky, you get your tickets; if not, too bad.  I can accept this.  The venues are always first-rate.  I know I’ll be in for an enjoyable evening.  They are without exception well-organized; everything runs according to schedule.

The Japanese are model fans in many respects — affectionate, loyal, respectful, courteous, considerate, cordial, enthusiastic.  They’re 靜若處子 , 動若脱兔. (demure as a virgin, sprightly as a rabbit) — they are well-behaved but they can also be very lively.

What I admire most about them is they are all very 大方 (natural and poised).  When their number is picked by lottery, they graciously go on stage to play games, however embarrassing it may be.  A Japanese fan told me to them going to a fan meeting is a big deal, so as soon as tickets have been bought, they would groom themselves from head to toe, so they can look their best in case they get to go on stage.  Now if my number had been drawn, wild horses could not have dragged me on stage.  I am very shy; I dare not even rush forward to shake PSH’s hand.  I may suffer a heart attack if I get up close and personal; on the other hand, PSH could have a fit on seeing someone 又老又醜(old and ugly) drooling over him^^  Yes, Japanese fans are super good sport!

HFYTJFM PSH singing “Sexy Back”

I don’t understand a single word of Japanese (or Korean), except “Hello” and “Goodbye”^^.  But our hearts and minds are one: I laugh when they laugh, scream when they scream, and applaud when they applaud.  The camaraderie is amazing.  At the evening show, the Japanese lady standing in front of us (everybody spontaneously stood up when PSH came bouncing on stage with his guitar) was so into the moment that she was “performing” along with PSH, complete with gestures, you know, like those girl groups.  She was totally caught up in the emotions, and H and I looked at each other and felt we’re so inhibited.


PSH loves Japan Fan Meetings too.  It is obvious he knows he is among friends, even family (not just fans.)  It warms my heart to see him grinning from ear to ear, genuinely happy, relieved he is with people who love and support him (who have loved and supported him through thick and thin.)  That first song on his CD – クデル=君を(“Love” = You) – which he invited his Japanese fans to sing along with him by releasing partial lyrics beforehand was a case in point.  This was the last song PSH sang at the evening fan meeting (before encore).  The lyrics are very touching (from what I could read of the Chinese words in the Japanese subtitles – this is PSH’s THANK YOU to his fans for their unwavering support and love), and PSH sang it in a heartfelt way.  And when he reached the end, the very last words, I could see his eyes were brimming with tears (and he bit his lower lip.)  H and N can testify to this; we all saw this.


Thank you, Sihoo-ssi, for a wonderful day (2 Japan Fan Meetings)!  And thank you, Japanese fans, for making it a memorable day for PSH and for me!

My series “2014 Diary of a star-chaser” is dedicated to Mr. Park Si Hoo and a tribute to Japanese fans (a few of whom I’m privileged to call my friends.)  I love you all marni-marni (actually “많은 manh-eun” = a lot)!


(Credits: Photos are printscreen from Hoo Factory Youtube video; last photo from Twitter.  Thanks!)

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12 thoughts on “2014 Diary of a star-chaser (4)

  1. @Ashley, many thanks for your JFM series. Always enjoy what you write. Belated congratulations to PSH for a successful JFM! Looking forward to more.

  2. Thank you, Ashley! 不管何时何地,你都是因为朴施厚而年轻冲动、善良而勇敢的前锋!谢谢PSH4U与我们分享和见证这些重要而美丽的时刻! 感恩!

  3. Dear Ashley, many thanks for the detailed report of JFM. Deep appreciation to the Japanese fans for their very strong support to PSH. Congratulate PSH on having a successful FM in Japan and look forward to having successful CFM.

  4. Dear Ashley, many thanks from the bottom of my heart for the detailed report of JFM. Love it! ^^ Feel like the whole event’s happening in front of me.
    A belated congratulations to our dear man for a successful JFM! Just like what our dear @SHLee said, we look forward to a successful CFM for him!

  5. @Ashley, hahaha… I can understand that your legs may turn to jelly if you were drawn to go up on stage. But I am sure no fan is old and ugly in PSH’s eyes, everyone is his precious princess. And he loves it that all his princesses, young or old, drooled over him^^ The Japanese fans are super good sport, so are the three of you in your own way. Many thanks for the very enjoyable JFM report.

  6. Dear Ashley,
    What a precious present you’ve given us with your detailed and accurate presentation of PSH’s Show at JFM.
    I’ve lived THE MOMENT intensively!
    I’m also happy that PSH has got an immense success , and I’m also sure that due to this, he has displayed all his inner talent, energy, confidence, and love in his messages to his fans.
    I’m also sure that now he is at the apex of his career! No one can doubt this!

    I’m also grateful to his Japanese fans for their enthusiasm, love and support for PSH, and as you say, all of us from PSH4U can call them “Our Japanese Friends”, having in mind the same goal, to support PSH for ever!

    Thanks again dear Ashley from my heart!
    But “The Show Must Go On!”.
    And I’m looking forward to reading your next report from CFM, this weekend.

    Also, lots of thanks for Hillary and Nance too, whose contribution was great in sharing with us THE MOST SPECTACULAR SHOW OF PSH in Japan!

  7. Thanks Ashley for sharing your JFM diaries with us. I enjoyed reading. This last part I enjoyed even more. It was coming straight from your heart. Thanks one more time.

  8. Thank you, Ashley!

    I was really moved by your warm words. So did my friends. They said thank you to you, Ashley.

    Yes, llke you said, we have to groom ourselves and be pretty by the time we can meet him again which is November 5. So, we are busy!
    And we are practicing singing all the songs in Korean in order to sing with Sihoo-ssi in Nagoya!
    We believe it’s going to be a great support for him!

    I hope his great success in China as well!
    Thank you, again!

  9. Thanks for the great report of the JFM. I love the shirt in the first picture also, but I wish PSH’s hair wasn’t covering quite so much of his face.

  10. Thanks Ashley for sharing your wonderful experience with us. I am glad that you enjoyed so much.

  11. @Ashley, it was a real pleasure, as always, to read your JFM diary…I could live the events from your words and for that I thank you. Many thanks to H and N and congrats to Japanese fans for the warmth which they welcomed PSH!

  12. @pshcafan, PSH always has long hair before the shooting of a new drama. Hope that the long hair is an indication of good news.

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