The story of N

HFYTJFM4At the 2014 Japan Fan Meeting, I met a very special PSH fan – N.

She is from Nagasaki, but it took her two days to travel to Yokohama.  That’s because she could not travel on an airplane; she had to take the train and make a stopover at Fukuoka.

She has heart problems and has to use an oxygen inhaler.  And she always moves by wheelchair; she can walk slowly but she cannot walk long distances.

We met on the evening of September 27.  She was accompanied by her husband because she could not travel by herself.  I was so moved first to meet a PSH fan who would move heaven and earth to see him, and then to see a Japanese man who would indulge his wife’s passion in this way.

Euro 005-2

At the Intercontinental lobby on September 27

This is N’s story (in her own words):

I got a serious heart disease several years ago.
At first I listened to music in bed all the time.
When my husband gave me Korean dramas, I started to watch those.
After watching more than 40 dramas, I came to “Prosecutor Princess”.
Though I didn’t like the female lead, I fell in love with PSH.
All the time, when he laughs, when he is troubled, when he cries…PSH looks splendid. I am moved by his acting.

About ten years ago when I was healthy, I had traveled to Brazil, Australia, and other places. I liked traveling very much.
I don’t know the reason why, but I got a lot of satisfied emotions from PSH’s dramas, just like in my travels.

And I bought all of PSH’s dramas except “Let’s Marry”.
I love everything about him.  His beautiful face, changeable eyes, muscular chest, long legs, sweet voice — all excellent.

Sometimes he is like a child; sometimes he behaves like a gentleman.
He plays his roles very heartily and naturally.
I couldn’t get these satisfied feelings from other Korean actors.
I can live very happily just watching PSH dramas.

When he was set up and got into trouble, my health became worse with anxiety.

Then I found PSH4U.
I was helped by PSH4U.
I got a lot of energy from here.
I  have many thanks for PSH4U.

I am really worried about my broken heart^ -^
But I am always very happy in my heart because of Mr. PSH and PSH4U.
I hope to say a lot of thanks to Mr. PSH and PSH4U.

2014JFM 030-2

At the Yokohama Pacifico National Convention Hall before the first JFM on September 28

Now I resume with N’s story – because she became a STAR at the JFM (Part 1)!  Her number was drawn and she was the second fan to go on stage to do the re-enactment of scenes in PSH dramas – “Queen of Reversals” for her.

When I saw her going on stage, I was shocked… and worried.  Shocked that she could actually walk all the way and climb the steps to the stage, and worried that her heart might not be able to sustain the excitement.

When PSH picked her up and swung her around a few times before setting her down, I was so afraid she would faint.  But she just stood there beaming, especially when PSH gave her the present of the necklace* and put it on for her.

She made it safely down the steps and when she passed our seats, I grabbed her hand and congratulated her.  She had this Cheshire cat grin on her face, and I was thrilled for her.

At the end of the JFM (Part 1), I saw N and her husband in their seats and I went over and congratulated her again.  She was still grinning and I didn’t think anything could wipe that grin off her face that night.  Her dear husband was also very happy, and obviously proud of his lucky wife.

I thought it was very plucky and brave of her to walk up stage and face PSH (especially when movement was not easy for her), and very good sport to take part in that game.

Good for you, N!  I am so proud of you! and so happy for you!

[* I forgot to mention in my JFM diary that all these presents that PSH gave to the 3 lucky fans were ON him — he was wearing he bracelet and necklace, and the Jami and Dami keychain was hooked to his trousers.  So they all got not just the presents but also a “piece” of PSH^^]


This is the game PSH played with N, but this photo is taken at the evening show

And this is how N described her unforgettable experience:

I went to JFM of Mr. PSH.  This was the first time I saw Mr. Park Si Hoo in person.
He looked splendid! His low voice was wonderful!
There was a part where he acted in some scenes with fans.
He chose three seat numbers from a box.
My seat was one of the three seats!!!
How? How? How?
I was confused for a while, but I went up to the stage.

I felt my heart beating wildly.
There was Mr. PSH in front of me.
He looked very cute and gorgeous.
Small white face with a broad smile, long arms and long thin legs, muscular chest.
He was perfect; he looked like a beautiful doll.

My turn came after the fan scene in TPM.
The performance was the scene in QOR.
Gu Yong Shik picking Hwang Tae Hee up from the ground and holding her in his arms.
I said, “I am heavy.”
Mr. PSH looked at me and seemed to say “Don’t worry” with his eyes.
He made me sit down on the chair.
He carried me in his arms like a feather and spun around three times, and then he threw me up in the air and caught me before putting me on my feet on the floor.
Honestly, I was anxious whether he could carry me up.
But he was very powerful.
I was surprised at his strength.
I was very impressed by him.

He gave me a big present.
He laid his hands on my long hair and put the necklace on my neck.
I heard a lot of fans screaming.

Mr. Park Si Hoo, I am sorry I am not a young lady.
Though it took me 8 hours to go from my town to the JFM, it was worth it.
I got a big treasure that I never expected in this world.
I was very very very happy!!!
I hope to share this big happiness with members of PSH4U.

My big pains have evaporated into the sky because of Mr. PSH.
Thank you very much, Mr. Park Si Hoo!!!
Thank you very much, PSH4U !!!

(Credits: First photo from Youtube, last from Korepo – Thanks!  Others by H.A.T.)

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14 thoughts on “The story of N

  1. Dear @N – so glad to finally meet you and so happy that you got this great gift of being up close and personal with PSH :) You deserve it!

  2. What a wonderful story! I am so happy for this truly exceptional PSH fan.

  3. Dear H.A., thanks for sharing N’s beautiful story with us. She deserves this gift of getting close and personal to our dear PSH! Am so happy for her!

  4. Reading this touching story of Mrs. N from Nagasaki, I have been so impressed and so excited that , it took me more time to calm down, after taking my pill for my cardiac insufficiency.

    Dear Mrs. N.,
    PSH4U is one of the most important means of communication between PSH’s fans from all over the world, a forum that enables us to voice our feelings for PSH. Without PSH4U , I couldn’t have known your downright emotional story.
    Although at a too far distance between the two of us, you in Japan and me in Romania [Europe], we are very close to one another due to our love and consideration, admiration and respect, concern and support for a very talented, PSH.
    I want to mention what a blessing, how fortunate and happy we are to have met PSH, viewing his K. dramas. From that moment,he has entered our life for ever, changing our way of life, our “heart rate”, our state of mind, in the mood for enjoying life.
    As I have already mentioned many times, he is a magician,who has cast a spell on both of us, by his talent, by his interpreting his roles, by his personal traits, by his gorgeous character.But you yourself describe him so well:”Sometimes he is like a child, sometimes he behaves like a gentleman”.
    Sometimes I ask myself :”What star has he come from?”.
    Your courage and effort to travel from Nagasaki to Yokohoma, in difficult conditions, to meet him, have been highly rewarded , when he embraced you and gave you, as a present, one of his personal item and I think being highly impressed by you too . As I am too! And I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart!
    Dear Mrs. N.,
    I dare say, that from now on, we are friends too, and that we care for one another, and we have as a common goal, to support and love PSH.
    He deserves all these , because he , in his turn, is our moral support too!
    Finally, I want to wish you to be strong, and think that life is worth living, because it is too short to have time for sadness!

    Thanks to our dear H.A.T. for sharing with us Mrs. N.’s wonderful story.

  5. Thank you N for sharing your wonderful experience. Congratulations for being the lucky one! It’s just reward for your persistence and determination in overcoming all odds to see PSH in person.

  6. I am grateful to PSH for giving me the opportunity to meet people I would otherwise never have met in this life, even if it is only on cyberspace, and rarely, in person, like N. When PSH4U first started, I knew only one PSH fan (H), no, two (T – before she dropped out). Now I have a big family all over the world and I’ve had the privilege to meet in real life half a dozen Japanese fans and about the same number of Chinese and assorted fans. We live in different parts of the world; had it not been for PSH, we would have gone through life not knowing one another. Now we “talk” to each other every day, and we share hopes, joy, worries, happiness, sadness about the one man we all love.

  7. Thank you for sharing your great story.
    I’m one of the eyewitnesses. ^^

    I’m so happy for you. And I think you deserved it.

    As a Japanese, as a PSH fan, I’m so proud of you!!

    Thank you!!

  8. Omg dearie N , I’d like to know how are you doing now?? Are you ok? Oh pls pls manage your excitement ok , for we don’t want to see you slowly fainting .. :-)
    @Ashley as I read your story omg I cant help it but cry .. N’s story was soo touching , heartbreaking & at the same time soooo proud of our beloved Park Si Hoo for making his fans happy ..
    Gosh dearie N , you looked like PSH’s little sister when he was carrying you .. Omg I thanked God you were able to control your excitement .. Congratulations to you & let me say “I salute you” to your loving husband …
    @Ashley , so true , we’re one big supportive family . ^_^

  9. @N,Thanks you so much sharing your precious moment in very envy you.May this unexpected big HUG and beautifull necklace from Si hoo ssi will give you a healthy body.So that next time you can fly to him.Cheers.

  10. This is from N:

    Dear everyone,
    Thank you for the encouragement of everybody in PSH4U.
    When I was fighting my heart disease alone, I was depressed every day.
    I came across dramas of PSH and PSH4U and got much happiness.
    Because I was able to attend the JFM, I was very lucky.
    In addition to that I got a big hope from PSH.
    Thank you very much again.
    We will support our No.1 actor Mr. Park Si Hoo from all over the world

  11. This has been a fantastic experience. I envy this fan. This story has been very encouraging.

  12. I loved reading your story, N (and your filling in, A). Thank you both for sharing. It’s stories like this that make my heart grow bigger with content and pride that we all hail from the same family. PSH’s family. I’m so happy for you and all fans who were able to spend this precious time with PSH.

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