PSH on Hoo Factory 32





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7 thoughts on “PSH on Hoo Factory 32

  1. hi…”park sihoo will start shooting that(i couldn’t read it) film”.what is it?…thank u…

  2. Dear @bahareh89,
    I couldn’t read it,too.
    But I read that he was decided the lead actor in
    ” After love” in the news.
    It will be that.^ ^

  3. Finally, PSH is confirmed for the male lead role in the Chinese-Japanese-Korean movie! This is great!
    Does anybody know who is the female lead?

  4. Dear Valko,
    There were not female lead’s name in the news yesterday.
    Let’s wait.^ ^

  5. Congratulations to the entire staff of HOO-factory, who have tried and succeeded in revealing to PSH’s fans all over the world , through the Photo stories, the feverish atmosphere and activity during PSH’s rehearsals, before his show in Nagoya.

    By now, he has finished his Asia Tour 2014, Nagoya reflecting another of his great successes that will weigh very heavy in his portfolio!

    And PSH knows that every end is a new beginning! This new beginning is for him to start shooting in a new film. To all of his fans’ satisfaction!
    “Let go of yesterday. Let today be a new beginning, and the best you can, and you’ll get to
    where God wants you to be!”.[ J.Osteen]

    Once again congratulations PSH !
    All your fans are proud of you, and will support you on all your endeavors, because you deserve it!
    Let your new film be a great success!

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