PSH on Hoo Factory 34







(Credits: Thanks!)

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4 thoughts on “PSH on Hoo Factory 34

  1. Very happy to see the photos related to the first scene. It is very early in the morning. PSH should have get up even earlier to prepare for the shooting. May God bless PSH and the whole crew success and good health as well as the shooting process being smooth.

  2. Good to see PSH back at work in Korea, even though we can’t really see him^^ HF, how about giving us a photo or two?

  3. SIHOO,

    I wish you the best way in starting to shoot your movie “Love after Love!”.

    I wish you to start by doing what’s necessary and important for you, what’s possible for you,
    and at the end of the shooting to realize that you’ve done the impossible!

    I wish you health, luck and success!

    I’ll always support you !

  4. Congratulations, Mr. Park Si Hoo ! the starting of your new movie.
    I hope that your good health and
    it will become a big hit.

    Thanks a lot ! H.A.T.

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