PSH on Hoo Factory 35






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4 thoughts on “PSH on Hoo Factory 35

  1. Did PSH pick these himself? I can just imagine him picking and eating at the same time! Yums!

  2. May be some of you know much more than me about JEJU ISLAND.
    After I’ve seen some of K.dramas , I’ve learned about this island. But I wanted to know more.

    Jeju Island was chosen in 11/11/11 as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Being a volcanic island, situated in the Korea Strait , contains the natural World Heritage Site “Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes”, created entirely from volcanic eruptions, and the famous Gotjawal Forest , covering 12% of Jeju, being the main source of ground water and the main source of water for half a million people of the island, having a unique ecology. Gotjawal forest is considered an internationally important wetland, being also the habitat of unique species of plants .
    Jeju’s subtropical climate , natural scenery and beaches makes it a popular tourist destination, with its most popular tourist spots as: Cheonjeyeon and Cheonjeyeon waterfalls, Mount Halla, Hyeobye cave and Hyeobye island.
    Some local products are popular with tourists, including Jeju’s special till fish and mandarin oranges, But most well known fruit is hallabong, grown here as early as the era of The Three Kingdoms, offered as presents to kings along with abalone as special product of Jeju.
    Hallbong , the irresistible Korean citrus , is an awesome succulent fruit available in winter, being a cross breed between an orange and tangerine, but sweeter than orange.
    In Jeju, this paradise on earth, is the main location of the shooting team of the movie “Love after Love”. And in this mirific environment all members of the staff as well as PSH enjoy eating the gorgeous mandarins that are boosting up their immune system with Vitamin C..
    As we know PSH a fruit-eater, he probably eats a box of mandarins a day? Am I right?

  3. Dear @Stefi,
    Thank you very much for your explanation of JEJU island.
    It is wonderful place,isn’t it?
    I am glad that Mr.PSH work in there now.

  4. PSH loves his motherland. He is promoting Jeju through organizing the on-site visit, the famous fruit of Jeju and its beautiful scenery.
    @Stefi, thanks for giving us the valuable information about Jeju Island.

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