Vote for PSH in Asian Students Exemplar

Another voting site!  We’re going to pass until we see PSH is currently No.1.

You’re voting for the role model for Asian students.

From website:

2015 Asian Students Exemplar is sponsored by Entertainment Network!  Asian students’ role model award aims to bring positive energy.  The winner must have good character and positive image, contribute considerably to charity work, be helpful to those who need it, an excellent example of positive energy.  Asian Students Exemplar is the role model and idol for students.

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Round 1: February 3 – 13
80 out of 120 go on to Round 2 (voting by 10 million students – that’s what it says^^)

Round 2: February 14 – 20
60 out of 80 go on to Round 3

Round 3: February 20 – 27
40 out of 60 go on to Round 4

Round 4: February 27 – March 6
20 out of 40 go on to Round 5

Round 5: March 6 – 13
10 out of 20 go on to Round 6

Round 6 : March 13 – 22
Ranking to be voted by 10 million students

asian student - rules


1. Go to website:

2. Click what we highlighted in purple below – “I want to vote”

3. Click rectangle we highlighted under PSH’s photo to VOTE

4. You’ll be asked to fill in CAPTCHA (letters and numbers)

5. Click green rectangle on bottom right to CONFIRM

6. When this appears – 恭喜你投票成功 – that means your vote has been accepted; otherwise please vote again.

asian student - vote

Keep PSH at the top!  Keep voting!

Not sure how often you can vote – possibly every half hour.


(Credits: Thanks!)

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One thought on “Vote for PSH in Asian Students Exemplar

  1. You can skip STEP 2. Just go straight to VOTE after you have entered the webpage.

    I think it is ironic that the Koreans and the rest of the world both use the “R” word to describe PSH — their “R” word is of course absolutely false and grossly unfair; our “R” word is ROLE Model^^ May PSH win this contest to show the Koreans their mistake which they still refuse to rectify. PSH must be 平反 (rehabilitated)!

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