Fans’ ways, idol pays


Hey!  What kind of English is this?  My English teacher would have given me a C- for asymmetry.  “ways” is a noun and “pays” is a verb — used in the same sentence, they don’t balance or are not symmetrical.  Ungrammatical, no; but poor style, yes.  I was trying to be cute with words — “ways” rhymes with “pays” — but ended up with inelegant English^^

I was actually trying to translate from the Chinese 粉絲行為, 偶像埋單 (literally: fans’ behavior, idol foots the bill).  This is one of the many gems I found on Weibo.

PSH’s fans are very cautious and conscientious about how they should behave because they know that fans’ behavior reflects on PSH himself.

There is a famous saying, oft repeated on PSH4U: “A certain kind of actor attracts a certain kind of fans.”  Oh, that’s us^^  Even if you don’t know anything about the actor, you can tell from his/her fans what kind of a person he/she is (or is projected to be – they’re actors, remember?)

How did I become a PSH fan?  That’s too long and boring a story to tell here.  But I do want to say that I became a double diehard PSH fan when misfortune befell him in February 2013.  First, because I always root for the underdog; and second, because he conducted himself in such a way that made me proud to be his fan.

How would you react if you are falsely accused of a heinous crime?  And every day dozens of fabricated evidence is heaped upon you.  It’s a David vs Goliath scenario, and this David has no weapon to protect himself, let alone counter-attack.

PSH issued one statement to clarify the issue at the outset of the outbreak of the scandal, and he appeared twice at Western Police Station in March 2013 to give his side of the story.  I remember at one appearance his lawyers tried to steer him away from the reporters (who were like vultures), but he walked purposefully towards them and said he would cooperate fully with the police and the matter would be cleared up in due course.  He looked so gaunt and haggard he broke my heart.  He managed to hold his tears in but I couldn’t.  As I was listening to his brief speech, uttered with such dignity and humility, one phrase kept reverberating in my head — “grace under pressure” (that’s how Hemingway defined “guts”.)  After that I would do anything for the man — to do whatever a fan can to keep him from falling and to help restore him to his proper place in the K-entertainment world.  The first has been accomplished (by PSH himself): he stood tall; he didn’t collapse.  The second is still a work in progress.

In this respect, PSH’s loyal fans played a crucial role.  Oh, he lost tons of fans, to be sure, but true fans stayed.  They were there for him when he needed it most, not just his Korean fans but especially his international fans who collectively form a formidable force.  He even gained new fans, people who could judge for themselves the merits of the case.  His admirable behavior (never said a single bad word against those who tried to destroy him) and his never-say-die attitude, his resilience, his perseverance (he has said in an interview that he’s a long-distance runner, not a sprinter) inspired his fans.

Because our PSH is such a special person (and not just a marvelous actor), we must of course do our best for him because he’s worth it (as we always say.)  Not only that, we have to be worthy of him and never do anything to make him look bad.  That is why we do not allow our members to say nasty things about other actors.  We keep reminding them that these other actors’ fans love them as much as we love PSH, so we should not denigrate them.  We have deleted members for conduct unbecoming which is how seriously we take our task as this blog’s admin.

Whatever people say about Chinese fans — that they do not respect intellectual property; they do not care about invasion of privacy; they think money can buy anything; they are loud, brash, and obnoxious ….. Guilty as charged, on all counts — but this is applicable only to some, to a minority.  The majority of PSH’s Chinese fans are courteous, considerate, and caring people; they just want to do the best they can for an actor they love.

China had a late start, and it’s only in the last ten years or so that it has really sprinted forward.  Star-chasing in China is as yet not fully developed, so it’s sort of a free-for-all.  Anybody can do what she wants, within certain limits, which results sometimes in outrageous behavior.  But I’m certain that given time and more exposure to the outside world, Chinese fans will conform to civilized behavior.

Everybody knows I think the Japanese are model fans.  PSH’s Japanese fans (I have no idea how many there are, but I don’t think they over-run the earth^^) have worked wonders in keeping his dramas on TV — re-runs after re-runs — and his CD on the charts for over 3 months now.  And now they have even succeeded in getting “Scent” onto the big screen in Japan.  I don’t know how they managed to “persuade” the distributor to take on this little-known movie (little-known outside of the PSH circle).  I love the Japanese fans because they don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk.  They’ve been buying “Scent” tickets before the screening date was even announced.  Sales figures really talk.  I hope “Scent” will do as well as, or, better still, better than “Confession of Murder” in Japan.

I am not really a patient person but I have become mellow in my old age.  I have been praying for PSH every night since February 18, 2013, and I have been straining my neck to look forward to the day when he can make his comeback as an actor in Korea (so much so that I have almost become a giraffe^^)  To his enemies/adversaries/opponents/detractors (whatever) in Korea, I just want to say this: “You can’t put a good man down.  You can’t destroy the best actor of his generation with a lie.  If your country doesn’t want him, let the world have him.  The world loves Park Si Hoo!”

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14 thoughts on “Fans’ ways, idol pays

  1. Dear Ashley,
    I deeply appreciate and admire you for your great effort in maintaining the blog during PSH’s most difficult time and your busy period. You are my role model.
    I also become a diehard PSH fan after the unfortunate incident. His actions shows that he has more good character traits than I previously knew. I’ll definitely collapse if I encounter such big storm. The suffering, pressure and difficulties that cover on his shoulders and body are much greater than I thought at the beginning of the incident. He has to endure great and long torture. He is still under pressure and attacks from his enemies.
    PSH has many loyal fans because they know that he is a good man and a great actor as well as a super handsome man.
    Many Chinese fans that I met in my Shanghai and Jeju trips are good and loyal fans. I appreciate the Chinese fans and Japanese fans for their strong support to PSH. The international fans also love him very much. So the world love PSH! We will continue to fight for him and support him.

  2. @Ashley, I remember that scene at WPS very well. It was a circus! And PSH stood out by his “dignity and humility” and especially his courage (“grace under pressure”). Most people would have burrowed underground and hid there instead of facing the reporters. “Fans’ ways, idol pays” works both ways. Some people dare not admit they are fans of a certain star because of his/her less than exemplary behavior. Like you, I am proud to be a PSH fan!

  3. Dear Ashley,
    The title of your article “Fan’s ways, idol pays” although you take it as an inelegant English, I’ll take it as “a poetic licence”, used to achieve your desired effect. And you’ve excellently succeeded with your article.
    In February 2013 I didn’t know who Par Si Hoo was. After I watched his drama “TPM”, on one of our TV channels, I was so impressed by his acting , that I said to myself:” I must know more about this talented K. actor,PSH”. And so I started to get as much information as possible ,and so I found PSH4U. Reading about his misfortune that happened to him in February 2013, and about the way he behaved, with dignity and self-respect, not trying to lie, to cover the truth, not hiding from the, that tried to annihilate his dignity with false accusations, I felt a great admiration and respect for this man. Because he behaved as Aristotle said:”
    “The ideal man bears the accidents of life with dignity and grace, making the best
    of circumstances!”
    I’ve become one of his fans, but a very fervent, devoted and diligent one, trying to support him everywhere I can: PSH4U, Facebook. Twitter a,s.o, because he deserves it.
    If Chinese, Japanese and Korean fans, who are nearer to him, can display many concrete actions to support him, Sihoo’s fans from the other side of the planet, his international fans, millions of fans, those who believe in his integrity, his correctness, his honesty, his talent are supporting him everyday on blogs, on voting sites a.s.o.
    We’ll not stop until his right ,as a great, is restored in his country, and K. entertainment!
    Yes ,Ashley :” THE WORLD LOVES PARK SI HOO!”

  4. Dear Ashley,

    I watched PSH’s dramas and thought very highly of his acting. I enjoyed watching him so much that I decided to check up on the actor. Not normally something I would do. That was in February 2013 and I found your blog. Some sixth sense must have led me there to tell me that the young man was in trouble. I was so horrified by the news that broke and the events that followed. To me, it was so clear that he was being framed and yet, the police and the press did not leave him alone. I, too, like to root for the underdog and I was so grateful to find likeminded people in your blog. Thank you and Hillary for your part in keeping us informed, encouraging us and for bringing the world to him. We will be standing with you, waiting for his triumphant return as an actor in Korea, which should not be too long now.

  5. Ashley, count me as another one who is proud to be a PSH fan. He is not just a very fine actor, but also a good person (so rare these days and almost an endangered species in the entertainment world.) I will always remember how I visited PSH4U several times a day from February to May 2013 (even though I was in hospital most of the time) to follow the news and to commiserate with fellow fans. Thank you for getting us through that difficult period and for not sparing any efforts to work for his comeback. Like flyingcloud, I believe that day should not be too far away.

  6. Dear Ashley, the same with you I also included one person who is proud to be a fan of PSH and have been praying for PSH every night.
    I admire PSH before misfortune befall him, admired his beauty, his acting ability, his kindness and warm attitude. but, after misfortune befall him in the month of February 2013 I think not admire him as an actor (to see him in the persecuted with so vile, like seeing my brother standing there) and I think I love him like a brother (begin to see it as a brother is at that time) love him not because of his good looks, not because of his acting ability, not because of his personality, but love him because he is my brother, love him with all the shortcomings and his advantages.
    I admire the advantages he had and I love him with every possible deficiencies that he has.

    And find psh4u blogs same like finding a house in which are members of the family who have the same thoughts and feelings, thank you very much for everything, for everything you did for our brloved PSH, my Oppa. ^^

  7. With you all the way, Ashley. Thank you for your non-stop love for and defense of PSH.

  8. @Ashley – yet another excellent article, even with the “imperfection” of that headline. Language is evolving :)

    I absolutely agree that you can’t put a good man down and PSH is that good man. He has been a source of inspiration to me in many ways – his persistence and perseverance, his strength under intense pressure, his quest for excellence and his grace and politeness.

    As fans, our behaviour do say a lot about the idol, so I hope that all fans will make every effort to be good fans, like the Japanese fans. No excuses for being slow – if PSH is leading and making breakthroughs, then his fans too will need to lead the pack!

  9. Feeling the same dear Ashley,at first i thought i like Sihoo because He is almost a perfect definition of a man until he was involved in that incident but the feeling remained unchanged. I love Sihoo because of him i have this chance to get to know other fans from different walks of Life and Nationalities.

    I understand Chinese fans, maybe if someday we meet Sihoo we cannot promise to behave like Japanese fans. Haha

    On my birthday on January this year, a chinese fan from Hongkong sent me birthday Card with touching message and gorgeous picture of Sihoo inside. I was so touch, i cried at work. Kekeke…. I love you kath. Hope God will lead us to meet someday.

  10. Thank you, Ashley. I just love reading your articles and comments. Always inspiring and encouraging. I can feel the sense of togetherness and loyalty as PSH fan here. I am happy to be part of PSH another family.

  11. @Ashley, good article. Thanks for sharing.

    I’ve never doubted PSH. I always felt very connected and still am. From the moment he has been tested, he stood firm. He is a survivor and the whole period has only made him stronger, more matured and more gorgeous. In the end his homeland will embrace him again. And if not? Then the whole world is waiting for him.^^

  12. Dear Ashley!

    What a wonderful article! My tears are falling, but these are tears of happiness! I’m really happy because PSH has such amazing fans like you! I’m sure, if PSH read your article, your words make him more strong, more happy and very-very proud of his fans! Thank you so much!

  13. @Ashley,thanks for this beautiful article!! What more can I say? I will always be his loyal fan and I will be waiting for good news about him!! ^^

  14. Dear Ashley, that’s a very gorgeous article! Love it! Thank you! Having such fantastic fans like you makes PSH more blessed!
    Yes, just like what @Mar78 said, “What more can I say?” For us, PSH’s the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to us! We’ll always remain loyal and faithful to him! For we love PSH!

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