New Japanese voting site (1)

We’ve discovered a new Japanese voting site — Best Korean Historical Drama 2015.

Just started because only few votes.

hd-vote head-to vote


PSH’s “The Princess’s Man” is currently No .1!  Keep voting.

[No.2 is KSH’s “Moon/Sun, whatever”]

1. To vote, go to :

2. On bottom right, you will find this: 投票してみる (To vote) — please refer to our first printscreen.

3. Scroll halfway down and click on the square to the left of TPM (王女の男 ).

4. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and click on the RED rectangle to VOTE.



There is another feature which is really fun.

On the left column you will find this.  Click on TPM’s photo and you will find a dedicated page on TPM.  Scroll all the way down.  On the left you will find this — — means CLAP.  Click that and TPM will get another vote.  Currently TPM has 3 — 2 are contributed by H and A.


(Credits:  Thanks!)

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4 thoughts on “New Japanese voting site (1)

  1. I was able to vote, but not able to get to the ‘clap’ section. Will try again later.

  2. I really don’t understand how this site works. When I click the link I get an overview of the results. No possibility to vote. Has it ended already? Or can you only vote once? I remember I did when I first saw this post.

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