New Japanese voting site – Second Round

The First Round (2015.05.28 – 2015.07.03) results for the Japanese voting site Kandorajidaigeki have been announced, as follows:

Best Korean Historical Dramas 2015:

1. TPM (69%, 3900 votes)
2. Iljimae (23%, 1311 votes)
3 – 5.  No idea what they are


hd-drama 2nd round-tpm

They have now started a second round (2015.7.06 – to be announced).

Same thing – Best Korean Historical Drama 2015.

Please VOTE for PSH as before.

hd-drama 2nd round

hd-drama 2nd round-vote


Current results (TPM is leading):

hd-drama 2nd round-resutl

You are only allowed to vote ONCE.

Bad votes will be eliminated.

(Credits: Thanks!)

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