New Japanese voting site – Second Round (Actor)

The Japanese website that is organizing voting on Korean historical dramas 2015 has started the SECOND ROUND of “Best Actor in a Korean Historical Drama 2015″ (July 8 – to be announced).

PSH has won “Best Actor in a Korean Historical Drama 2015 – 1st round” for his role of Kim Seung Yoo in “The Princess’s Man”.

Let’s repeat the success for PSH in this 2nd round.

Here are the results of the 1st round that ended on July 5, 2015:

Full list of 1st round
hd-actor 1st result

Top 5 of 1st round
hd-actor 1st result-top5


hd-actor 2nd-psh

To vote:

hd-actor 2nd


Click on box to left of PSH’s name and TPM and scroll down to VOTE:
hd-actor 2nd -vote

Current results of 2nd round:

hd-actor 2nd-result

You are only allowed to vote ONCE.

Bad votes will be eliminated.

(Credits: Thanks!)

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