No news is not good news


You don’t bring me flowers anymore

This is a follow-up to our earlier post:

No news is not good news where PSH is concerned.

“No news is good news” applies only when you are expecting bad news and are relieved when none is forthcoming.

Every time the doctor says she wants to speak to me (alone), I brace myself and half-expect her to say “This is the end.”  Once she told me, “This should have been the end but he’s surviving on borrowed time.”  So, no news is good news.

In the case of PSH, he’s not coming to the end of his acting career.  On the contrary, he’s trying to make a comeback.

To paraphrase Dylan Thomas,

Do not go gentle into that good night
Stay, stay to the bitter end and fight

PSH has been in the pits and he has clawed his way out.  His own tenacity was of course the major factor, but the loyalty of his fans was an important contributing element.

“Some” of his fans, I should say.  It is a fact that he lost many fans during his ordeal.  Those who stayed, however, are the rarest of breeds — enduringly faithful, infinitely patient, abidingly loving, all-forgiving, all-embracing.

But love has to be nourished.  We have already been on a diet for too long.  Don’t starve our love.  Don’t take us for granted.

We just want to make sure you’re OK, PSH.  If you’re OK, we’re OK.

So, are you on vacation?  taking a break?  reading scripts?  filming CFs?  decorating your new house?  secretly shooting a K-drama? (we wish!)  getting hitched? (we wish too!)

You don’t drop off the radar.  You don’t disappear from view.  A public figure who is no longer in the public eye is not a public figure anymore.

Silence is not golden in your case.  You want people to know you’re still around.

Are you still around in Korea?  Even if your star has dimmed in Korea, you are still much loved in China and Japan and many other countries in the world.

Shouldn’t you keep in touch with your international fans?

Surely it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to post a message on JOFC or SHR or Weibo or Twitter or Facebook, etc.?

Is it too much to ask?

Do you care?

P.S.  The whole PSH world is like 一潭死水 (a pool of dead water), not good, if you ask me.  No PSH news, not even a snippet.  So fans amuse themselves any way they can.  Talk about anything remotely related to PSH or his works.  Or even veer off into totally unrelated subjects so at least they can stay together.

P.P.S.  I actually wrote this article the day after the earlier one, but shelved it because I didn’t want to sound too downhearted.  Nearly one month on, with nothing to post, I resurrected this piece which is still relevant.  Don’t fault me for being negative: I’m hanging on by the skin of my teeth.

(Credits: PSH photo from ENISHI.  Thanks!)

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10 thoughts on “No news is not good news

  1. @Ashley, I hope PSH would read this article and appear in the public eye in response to your article.

  2. @Ashley, we would really be in a desert of anxiety if we couldn’t at least come here to read something. Thank you for keeping us together as much as possible. I keep wishing Hoo Factory would get on the ball. Don’t they realize that it is not good for PSH to be completely silent?

  3. @Ashley, I was overcome with sadness after reading your article. Please look after your family first, and yourself too, of course. PSH’s fate is in his own hands, and in the hands of his Korean compatriots. You have already done more than your fair share as a fan.

  4. @Ashley, I respect you and your efforts to keep PSH’s presence on PSH4U, everyday.
    And in spite of your difficult family problems, you have the strength, due to your dedication to PSH, to notice that “No news is not good news”! Has he read your articles about your concern, and ours too,for him even losing his fans? Although many have remained faithful to him, a longer silence from him will turn against him! Out of sight, out of mind! If we don’t know anything about him, or his whereabouts, it means that part of his fans will forget about him. Is he aware that losing his fans it’s a tragedy for him?
    So, why is he so discreet, silent, or even indifferent to leave a message to his fans, about himself? I can’t believe all these, and I’m still waiting for good news from him as soon as possible!

  5. @Ashley, I understand your worries and it is hard to keep faith when there is no news anywhere. You’re right, just a “Hello” would make the difference. Maybe there is a good reason PSH can’t speak up. Even if he wants to. So I’ll keep waiting until the moment comes he can.

  6. @Ashley, I echo what PCH wrote. Please take care of yourself and your family first. PSH is a big boy and can take care of himself. If he chooses not to communicate with his fans, perhaps he knows best. But he should also know this prolonged silence makes his fans nervous.

  7. @Karen, I agree with you that “PSH knows the best”. He is a big boy.
    He knows his situation and constraints as well the K-entertainment world much better than us.
    PSH has great experience in managing his official Korean fan blog, SHR. He should know a lot about the reactions, emotions and feelings of his Korean fans. But what about the international fans? He would have a better picture of the situation of his international fans after reading this article.
    I have been thinking about the reasons why PSH chooses to be silent after reading Ashley’s article. I tried to write down the reasons for him. But then I gave up because there are a lot of things being unknown to us.
    So I write down my prayer for him and ask God to bless him.

  8. I’ve just got back from my holidays in one of the places that PSH has been, and where I asked myself where is he? Why we do not know nothing about him? But when I was on the plane and saw it was preparing to take off, I thought maybe PSH is like that, he wants his return to the world of Korean Entertainment be safe and great! so he is taking his time, but it would be nice some words to his fans worldwide.

    @Ashley, my best wishes to you and your family!!

  9. @Ashley I understand your anxiety about not having news of PSH, but when I think of it I remember a line of my favorite song”It’s better to hold on to love, change will come.” You’ve already done too much for “The PSH family” so just wait and take care of your family until the day the good change(hopefully) comes.

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