A word on our editorial policy


WARNING: This is a boring article, somewhat technical, nothing interesting, but it’s about something that has to be said.


Every day we scour the internet for PSH news.  When there is a dearth of PSH news, we have to keep searching until we come upon something that we can use, and sometimes we have to be creative.  Not creating news, but packaging them in such a way as to be presentable.  When there is a flood of PSH news, as in these last few days, we have to filter them to see which we can post.

We keep track of Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and English websites, as well as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram … anything that can be a source of PSH news.  Sometimes there are rumors flying around, some buzz in chatrooms, things we hear on the grapevine, etc.  We treat these with kid gloves.  We know when gossip is repeated three times, it becomes “fact”.  We have seen fans falling over themselves over something that later turns out to be nothing.  Some rumors are started by people with ulterior motives; most are just idle talk that gets out of hand.


When we post anything, we always cite the source.  We do this almost by reflex, because it’s in our training.  Someone once asked us why we had to cite the source, because others take from us and do not credit PSH4U, instead pretending they get their news directly from the source.  They even take our photos which we’ve resized or edited, so we know it’s ours (even though we don’t put our name on them — these are not our photos, so we have no right to put our name on them.  But tell this to those people who infringe copyright without blushing.)

Before we post anything, we always check and double-check its authenticity.  But still, sometimes we make mistakes, which, when pointed out to us, we immediately amend and apologize.  We do not have any inside information; we are not in any inner circle.  We just work very hard for PSH.  We have to be very scrupulous because everything posted reflects on PSH.  This is just a fansite, we know, but we take it very seriously.  Everything we do, we do our best.


We don’t aim to be first, or fastest.  Instead, our objective is to be accurate.  For example, we know some news reports say PSH and co. are going to Macau to shoot NH in mid-October.  We did not report this because this is carried in only some reports but not the majority.  We wanted to be sure.  We wish to remind our members that just because you read it on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true.  In the old days you say: “Everything you read in print is the Bible”.  The contemporary version is: “Everything you read on the internet is NOT the Bible.”

We quote from ABOUT US: “From humble beginnings we hope in time to be the ultimate source of Park Si Hoo information/materials.”  This was written 4 years ago when we first launched PSH4U.  We can’t claim we have achieved our ambitious objective, but we’re getting there, one step nearer every day.  We report on everything PSH, the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the happy and the sad…. Even when bad people say/write ugly things about PSH that make us sad, we still think it is our duty to report them (after sorting through them, of course; we can’t afford to be indiscriminate.)  We are not ostriches but sentient beings.  We believe PSH fans would want to know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  Fans should know PSH is not a god but a living, breathing mortal, liable to erring and falling but also capable of picking himself up.  We stand around to cheer him on, encouraging him when he’s down and applauding when he’s up and running.


After almost three years of relative inactivity, it appears to all intents and purposes that PSH is finally making his comeback in Korea.  During this sensitive transition period, we’re sure it’s like walking on eggshells for PSH.  His fans should also be discreet and make sure not to stir up troubled waters.  Be patient; all will be revealed in good time.  We’ve made it through three years; what’s another three months?

We apologize for the misleading title: “A word on …..”  You’re lured under false pretenses to read many words.  This is what the Chinese call 文人多大话。(Literary people are full of lies^^)

(Credits: 1st photo from DC; others from QOR.  Thanks!)

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4 thoughts on “A word on our editorial policy

  1. You go girls! You guys are doing a fantastic job. Your efforts are much appreciated.

  2. H.A. Thanks for your efforts. You are doing a fantastic job. It is no joke going through the amount of things out there and I really appreciate and admire both of you for your dedication.


    Not only one, but many words on your editorial policy raising questions regarding its objectivity and credibility , accuracy and discretion, dedication and competence.
    Yes, your editorial policy of PSH4U ensures its professionalism, effectiveness and unique character. And I admire you, H. and A., for your professionalism in ensuring the high rating of PSH4U, which can be also a symbol for many other blogs about PSH.
    I admire you and congratulate you for your efforts and professionalism made to comply with high standards of good administration.
    I congratulate you for your independence , integrity, impartiality, excellence and professionalism that are the core values of your editorial policy, which I want to underline and uphold.them.
    Finally, I want to thank both of you for your concern to have PSH, and only PSH, the center of your editorial policy to support him, to protect him, to encourage him.
    “Only kings, presidents and editors have the right to use editorial “WE!”
    [Mark Twain]

  4. @Ashley and @Hillary, a long article indeed, but those who want to read it, go through it without any complaint. Besides you’ve made it more enjoyable by adding those gifs of GYS. Many thanks for that!

    Anyway, both of you have put in a lot of time and effort to represent PSH and spread the word about him in a most reliable way. We should never forget PSH is a living human being, just like you and me, with all his ups and downs. Old and new fans are able to find anything PSH on this blog. All thanks to you editorial policy.

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