We have a winner!

Actually, 2 winners:

1.  Floting (Australia)

2.  Wilma (The Netherlands)

The correct answers for our Countries Rank Quiz are:

#9     Germany
#203  Reunion


We received many, many contest entries, multiple answers.  About 6 or 7 got Reunion, but only near the deadline did 2 people single out Germany out of all the European countries.

We thought this was a simple exercise, but apparently it’s not.  Sorry we didn’t understand random guessing could be so difficult.

Will Floting and Wilma please e-mail us their address at parksihoo4u@gmail.com and we’ll mail you your prize ASAP.

(Credits: Photo from http://twitter.com. Thanks!)

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12 thoughts on “We have a winner!

  1. @Floating and @Wilma congratulations!
    Although I’ve failed the answer,I’m not sad. On the contrary I’m happy to see that fans from so many countries are visiting and leaving comments on PSH4U , supporting PSH.
    It means that the GREAT WINNER is PSH4U, and their administrators, Hillary and Ashley.
    Congratulations for both of you, Hillary and Ashley!

  2. Congratulations to our winners,@Floting and @Wilma! ^^
    Am very happy (even though I failed in the answer too) that there are many fans from all over the world who visit PSH4U to show their love and support for our beloved PSH.
    And I do agree with @stefi that the Greatest Winner is PSH4U and its administrators, H.A. Congratulations, our dearest H.A.! ^^

  3. @stefi and @Angeline, thanks for your congratulations. After all, I was lucky to combine the right countries together. There are more European countries than you may think and the list of combinations would have been endless. You could compare it with chance calculate math. Believe me, I’ve never been a math woman. I wish all PSH fans better luck next time!

    Thanks again for this game @Ashley and @Hillary. It was fun to do, but not as easy as you thought, because we could not make a choice out of available European countries as well. That made the guessing a lot more difficult. However, the many entries also showed that PSH and PSH4U are very much loved!^^

  4. Congratulations to Wilma and Floting! Sorry I didn’t realize how many European countries there are now. I should have said “old European country”. Sorry! Apologies also to those who were misled by my comments on the Vatican. The Pope has not visited us for the last few months – he’s too busy jetsetting^^ Until the next time ….

  5. @Ashley, thank you!

    Don’t blame yourself Ashley. After all, I’m a European citizen. For someone not European all changes of past decades may not be known. I can tell you when it comes to geography I’m glad I don’t have to memorize all those different countries and their capitals anymore.

  6. Thank you ladies! It was fun to participate and I have to admit that it was pretty exciting to know that I got the right answers especially as a new member I guess.

  7. Oh No! I knew it Reunion is the right one .. I failed in Germany :-(

    Congrats @Wilma & @Floating!
    mwuahhhh mwuahh mwuahhh!!!

  8. Congratulations @Floating&@Wilma! :)
    Dear H.A., thanks for the game, it was fun(and good for refreshing our geographical knowledge)! (✿◠‿◠)

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