PSH dramas in Japan – 2015.11

PSH’s dramas are re-broadcast in Japan almost continuously.  Here we go again for November 2015.

“Cheongdam-dong Alice” – on KNTV

①11 / 12 (Thursday) – every week (Thursday) Late night 0:35 to 3:00 (2 episodes continuous)
②11 / 17 (Tue) – every week (Monday to Friday) before noon 10:45 to noon

①11/12(木)~毎週(木) 深0:35~3:00(2話連続)
②11/17(火)~毎週(月~金) 前10:45~正午


KNTV magazine



“Queen of Reversals” – on TVK-Yokohama (Free channel 地上波)

Starting 2015.11.17 (Tue) 22:00



“The Princess’s Man” – on BS-TBS

Starting 2015.11.06 (Monday to Friday)  07:00


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One thought on “PSH dramas in Japan – 2015.11

  1. Amazing! Three PSH dramas are re-broadcast in Japan. It shows that PSH has high market value in Japan and strong support from his fans. He will get more new fans.

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