Sick leave

This isn’t us  — too sick to smile / 這決不是現在的我倆


H and A both under the weather.  Can’t work on blog.  Sorry!

Will try to post whenever we can.

常人說: 小病是褔, 但今次發生在我們二人身上的, 絕對不是褔.

慶幸病情與死生無關, 但每天怎樣好好地生活下去, 卻成為了我倆的難題.

看一眼一笑能解萬古愁, 天下間可以解語生花的朴公子都力不從心! 試想想照顧朴施厚網站的人, 連朴施厚都要扔在一旁, 可以想像我們為可以活下去的慘烈…

體力不支, 要休息了, 謹此擱筆. 謝謝!

(Credits: Thanks!)

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13 thoughts on “Sick leave

  1. Dear Ashley and Hillary,

    “To keep the body in good health is a duty,.. otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind
    strong and clear .”[Buddha]

    I wish you a fast recovery!

    Get well soon! We miss you !

  2. Wishing you both quick recovery and good health!

    Hope that both of you will be back in the swing of things very soon.

  3. Please take care of yourselves so you can enjoy the holidays with your families. I hope you both are better soon.

  4. please take care of your health first, Ashley and Hillary.
    you really deserve a much-needed rest but please come back to PSH and us soon.

  5. Dear Ashley and Hillary!
    Please take care of yourselves and get well soon!!!!

  6. Dear Ashley and Hillary, I’m sorry to hear that! Take care and a well-earned rest! We’ll wait patiently your return!

  7. First, I wish to you both to get well very soon!
    No one should get sick, and even less two beloved ladies like yourselves – and really, at the same time!
    From solidarity, I have a cold.
    We have a saying in Romania: if you don’t get well in seven days, for sure you will recover within a week!
    Let the recovery take less than a week!

  8. Dear H/A,hope both of you get well soon and have good health always.

  9. @Ashley and Hillary : hope that you’re resting fine while you both are on sick leave.
    we are here for Si Hoossi still united!

  10. Hi Ashley and Hillary, wishing both of you a speedy recovery. Stay healthy and take care.

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