Japan new voting site final results 2015 (Drama)



Yesterday we posted the handsomest Korean actors in historical dramas, with PSH topping the polls all 4 rounds.

Today it’s the Korean historical drama rankings of 2015.

Again there were 4 rounds.  And TPM was #1 in all 4 rounds.  “Iljimae” was #2.

Same scoring system as actor – #1 is 1 point, #2 is 2 points, and so on.  So the fewer the points, the higher the rank.


Overall ranking based on total score of all 4 rounds:

1. The Princess’s Man #1 : 1 1 1 1 – 4
2. Iljimae #2 : 2 2 2 2 – 8
3. Joseon Gunman #3 : 3 3 4 4 – 14
4. Arang and the Magistrate #4 : 4 4 5 6 – 19
5. Dong Yi #5 : 9 6 6 5 – 26


new site 2015- drama


(Credits: http://kandorajidaigeki.ranking100.net; http://gall.dcinside.com.  Thanks!)

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2 thoughts on “Japan new voting site final results 2015 (Drama)

  1. What an achievement! #1 in Actor and Drama categories in ALL 4 rounds! Thanks to all fans who voted.

  2. Yes Ashley, it’s a great achievement for PSH winning #1 Actor and Drama categories in all 4 rounds on Japan voting site. In fact it’s a reward from all his fans, voting him as the best K. actor.
    And this is due to the power of his permanent personal growth and his personal improvement in his acting. He is so talented that he can do everything with ease in his dramas, and not only. That’s why his acting is so brilliant , convincing, exciting, full of life, breathtaking, amazing.He has impressed his audience so much playing the only main leading role in a historical drama, “The Princess’s Man”. that he remains for ever in the memory of his audience. And this is fantastic for an actor!
    As someone said:”Acting is about forgetting yourself, in order to give the best of yourself.” And he has forgotten about being PSH, creating a splendid, magnificent hero, Kim Seung Yoo. Because acting is magical for PSH. Changing his look, his attitude he can be anyone!
    Each time he acts , he does not hide, but he exposes himself by revealing delicate emotions enchanting his audience.

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