You don’t bring me flowers anymore

Remember the Barbra Streisand /Neil Diamond classic “You don’t bring me flowers anymore” that begins and ends like this:

You Don’t Bring Me Flowers

You don’t bring me flowers
You don’t sing me love songs
You hardly talk to me anymore
When you come through the door
At the end of the day…..

Well, you’d think I could learn
How to tell you goodbye
‘Cause you don’t bring me flowers

We don’t really want to talk about this, but several people asked us how come they looked in vain for the rice wreath from PSH4U at the “Neighborhood Hero” press conference on January 19.  Well, there’s none.  And here’s why:

PSH4U wanted to send a 500 kg rice wreath but was told (by whom? Guess^^) that only Sihoorang (Korea), JOFC (Japan), and Baidu (China) were allowed 500 kg.  All other fansites could only contribute 400 kg or 100 kg.  They specifically said if PSH4U wanted to take part, the maximum we’re allowed was 400 kg.

So, PSH’s international fans are to be made to feel like second-class citizens.  This is DISCRIMINATION!  We would not participate under such unfair restrictions.

They want the world to think PSH only has the support of fans from Korea, Japan, and China, in other words, Asian fans?  We’re appalled by such myopic and parochial mentality!  Such narrow-mindedness, such limited vision, such exclusivity!


PSH’s 2014 birthday

The curious thing is: PSH4U has always participated (on an equal footing) in previous PSH events which called for rice wreaths.  The first time was his birthday bash in April 2014 and the last time was again his birthday in April 2015, both times donating 500 kg.  The 500 kg rice wreath cost 1,750,000KRW; together with bank charges (both outgoing and incoming) total came to more than US$1800 — that’s how much we wired from the U.S.A. in April 2014.  So we’re not talking exactly about peanuts.


PSH’s 2015 birthday

But of course it’s not the money which is the issue.  We feel PSH is worth every cent and every ounce of our support in whatever way we can show it.  We’re proud we could show people PSH’s fans are not confined to Asia but are all over the world.  We always write: “With love from your international fans on PSH4U”.  We’re not concerned whether anyone knows what PSH4U is (who cares?) but the emphasis is always on “international fans”.

Apart from rice wreaths, we’ve also sent flowers on several occasions, the last time being PSH’s Japan Fan Meeting in Yokohama in September 2014.

2014JFM 010

2014JFM 015

They couldn’t see that by putting us down they’re actually hurting PSH?  Do they really have PSH’s best interests at heart?  This is his long-awaited comeback in Korea.  Surely the more support he has, the more rice wreaths there are, the more it will show the Koreans he is still very popular ALL OVER THE WORLD.

We considerd going straight to the rice wreath website and ordering the biggest rice wreath they have (1,000kg) and having that sent to the press conference venue.  But we knew they could have it thrown out for being unauthorized since they’re in control.  No point in pouring money down the drains.

But then we also know in this kind of game, it’s always 多你一個不多,  少你一個不少 (as the Chinese saying goes) – what’s one more or one less?  We are not so big-headed as to think PSH’s comeback will in any way be dimmed by the absence of a 500 kg rice wreath from his international fans.  We just feel it’s a pity those in power chose to handle things this way.

You all know the saying: “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”  We now realize: “A little power is also a dangerous thing.”  Just because they’re official, they can set the rules, favoring some and belittling others.  Instead of such petty gestures, why don’t they do more for their artist in their own country?  If it hadn’t been for his overseas fans (and this include his INTERNATIONAL fans), do you think PSH would be able to make his comeback in such a record time?  [ED: 3 years is a record in Korea.]

We mentioned before that there’s a current Chinese saying:
Translation: “Not afraid of Godlike opponents, only afraid of pig-like team-mates”
meaning: “Your success (or failure) does not necessarily depend on the strength of your opponents/rivals, but also on the strength (or weakness) of your own team.”  We wonder if they realize what being on the same team means.  We’re not sure we’re on the same wavelength.

We are proud PSH has risen from the ashes like the legendary phoenix.  We just wish his fans will have an iota of his courage and wisdom.  We at PSH4U are proud to be PSH fans who admire him with clarity and objectivity (our head) and all our heart.

(Credits: All photos by H.A.T.)

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18 thoughts on “You don’t bring me flowers anymore

  1. This is pretty outrageous! Hard to believe that they could exclude PSH4U and the international fans from contributing whatever they want!

  2. What a shame! I’m glad you stood up to them. So they’re BIG BROTHER in the PSH world?

  3. I don’t understand these people. Actually I do – maybe they think since international fans can’t go to PSH’s fan meetings, BD parties, shooting tours, etc., we don’t count. But we love him just as much and I buy his magazines, CDs, etc. whatever available on open sites like

    [Roger Staubach]

    Reading this article I couldn’t believe that there are people who can use discrimination, nowadays! And for what? For a donation of a 500 kg rice wreath , that PSH4U wanted to send on the day of PSH’ s press conference! Being allowed only with a donation of a 400 kg rice wreath, while Korean , Japanese, Chinese with a 500 kg rice wreath! Yes, this kind of discrimination is a disease!
    But I wonder, how could someone put restrictions on donations? The purpose of PSH4U donations is a sustainable investment for the better of all in need! Following the example of PSH’s charity.
    And I also wonder, how could someone put a shadow on the brightest and most important day in PSH’s life, on his press conference day, representing his comeback to K. entertainment? Yes, this is a backward mentality, trying to show who is “in power”! And I do agree with Ashley, when she says :”Do they really have PSH’s best interests at heart?”. Not at all, I say.
    They conscious or unconscious believe in the supremacy of some, while others are believed to be innately inferior! And they act like that, which is unacceptable for all members of PSH4U!
    This kind of supremacy harms PSH4U and I believe all PSH’s international fans. All of us are repudiating such a behaviour . I do agree with our ladies, H.A.T. , who haven’t sent the rice wreath at PSH’s press cnference. Although I was sorry!
    That’s why, as PSH fan, and each of us, can practice rights ourselves, treating each other without discrimination, respecting each other’s dignity and rights. Because: WE ALL ARE EQUAL!
    We’ll continue to love, admire, support and praise PSH, “bringing him all the time the most beautiful flowers”!

    Thanks H.A.T. for fighting against discrimination and protecting the rights of PSH’s international fans.

  5. after I read this article, i think they are very unreasonable and ridiculous.. park si hoo fans in all over the worlds not only in 3 or 4 country.

    Thanks H.A.T for giving information through this article ^^

    no matter what we always support park si hoo

  6. I apologize for my opinion, but I think it was important that PSH4U presence to be felt. No matter the qanntity, but the intention. I understand your annoyance, but from love for PSH, you must conform to the rules of organisers, because the wisest cede.
    There is no other way to congratulate and show PSH personally that fans from other continents than Asia were and are with him? (A bunch of flowers with little flags sent to PSH at Hoo Factory or to the movie set?)
    Perhaps PSH, because emotion of the moment not looked closely at donations exposed on that corridor, the less at quantity. Or, perhaps he looked and he wondered why PSH4U was not there.

  7. @DMM, the dictum is not from the organizers but from the official fan club whom we refused to kowtow to. We felt very strongly they had no right to place such a restriction on us. Look at the rice wreaths from Lee Soo Hyuk and Yuri fans — the more the merrier. So they were just stupid and short-sighted. You think PSH knows about PSH4U?^^

  8. Yes, me too missed PSH4U between the rice wreath donations as it has been there on previous occasions. After reading this post about the reason why, personally I would have made the same decision. All fans and therefore all fansites are equal in their love for PSH. Besides that PSH4U is the biggest and most followed when it comes to a representation of his fans ALL OVER THE WORLD. So why make a distinction in quantity based on whether you are official or unofficial fanbase? This is a sign of showing who is in control and has the power to do so.

    Okay, now that things are going up for PSH again his International Fans are being considered as not being equal, because they are not official acknowledged?

    @DMM, I understand your opinion too, but especially in a case like this the hierarchy of those who are in charge and those who has to obey and conform or leave as it is found in companies, supposedly even more strongly in Asia, should not be an issue. This is not the way to maintain human relations. It is exercising monopoly.

  9. I really can’t understand their reason, because it’s so unreasonable. The first time I saw the rice wreaths for PSH and other actors I was surprised to see they had a larger amount than PSH, It made me sad now.I’m even more upset to know this kind of discrimination exists among PSH’s fans. We are all supporters of one man, not like enemies at war, or opponents in a competition.
    I completely support your decision not to take part. they should come to their senses

  10. Maybe I didn’t make myself clear. It’s not injured pride; it’s a matter of principle. I was born in the east but I was educated in the western system. I do not believe in “Some fans are more equal than others” (with apologies to George Orwell). This state of affairs in an actor’s fandom does not bode well. “Some things are rotten in the state of Denmark.” (Anyone with a smattering of Shakespeare knows what this means.)

  11. The DEX: OFFICIAL = emanating from an authority of a government, the State; which is said established by law; who is an authority, a government, a state.
    PSH official fan club means it is authorized to operate as a company with incomes (from subscriptions, sale of items, donations etc.), expenses and of course profit. So from the power that gives money, they condition the participation at the events of PSH for enthusiastic fans, fans that are not affiliated with them. Too bad; because the official fan club limits the true size of the actor’s popularity that they represent, achieving the opposite of purpose for which were established as the official fan club and working so in detriment of PSH.
    With members worldwide, I suppose it’s hard for psh4u become an official organization in order to not have nevermore such difficulties.
    Among the members psh4u are Koreans ? Maybe an audience (or a letter?) at Hoo Factory could lead to the title of Honorary psh4u fan club.
    (from FC BARCELONA STATUTES CHAPTER 3, Article 15.- Fans’ clubs: The Governing Board may distinguish those individuals and legal persons who merit it with their designation as Meritorious or Honorary members, in recognition of their devotion to the Club or importance, or as Protector Members, in recognition of their financial contributions made and of interest to the Club).

  12. @ DMM, I respect your opinion, and I’m as well dissilusioned that PSH4U’s donation hasn’t been seen among others. And although the official K. fan club is authorized to operate in this country, I keep to the importance of principles. Moral authority comes from the universal and timeless principles like integrity, honesty and treating people with respect. KOFC may not know how to treat PSH’s international fans with respect and in terms of equality.
    Equality among all PSH’s fans is a fundamental principle for all of us.And I’ll not make any compromise!
    On the other hand, your idea for PSH4U to become a kind of Honorary Fan Club of all PSH’s international fans is very welcome. I don’t know the procedures , and how this can be achieved, but it’s worth thinking and trying to do this objective become reality , even if implies efforts. And I think other fans will join this idea. Let’s do it!

  13. @Ashley, I agree with you. Why discriminate against international fans? They are very important. Korean artists are now recognized worldwide, beyond Asia; such as K-pop artists who are now going to countries as far away as Germany, USA, Peru, Chile, etc.

  14. I’d like to clarify one thing: They didn’t just discriminate against international fans. Apart from the BIG 3, nobody was allowed more than 400 kg. Everybody toed the line, except us. But then these others just represented few fans (unlike us) and they’re all from S.E. Asia.

  15. @Ashley, don’t you think they have put the tone with these restrictions for rice wreath donations related to upcoming events too? No one, no matter where from, is allowed to donate equal to or more than the big 3? Whether they have the right to and are in the position to do so or not in terms of “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” among PSH’s fans it doesn’t feel good at all.

    I am standing behind your decision now and will be in future as well.

  16. @Wilma, the way they handled this event left such a bad taste in the mouth I don’t even want to think about future events.

  17. @Ashley, I know how you feel about this foolish behaviour of those , who now advocate to be PSH’s best supporters. They have forgotten that they were absolutely non-existant during these three years, when words have been waiting so long for their voice to express something in his defence. Their silence was like a shameful betrayal. Now, I’ll say this :Button your lip!
    And you don’t worry about the future events because:
    “I have a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.”[Mark Twain]
    And my advice is to listen a song ,I like so much and which comforts me in times of worries:
    And when sometimes happens for you to worry about something, try this :
    “I get so worried about being pretty!
    So let’s be pretty kind! Pretty funny! Pretty smart! Pretty strong!”[Britt Nicole]
    And I’ll be always by your side, if you don’t worry!

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