Goodbye is just another word

Goodbye Is Just Another Word

If the time should ever come
That you feel our race is run …
If you think our ship’s come in
Let’s just break it off my friend …
There’s nothing that’s so final about leaving
Even though I know that’s what you’ve heard
Just like forgive, forget and try again
Goodbye is just another word.
(If you’re old enough, you’ll recognize this Lobo song and his lyrics.  I’ve always liked Lobo, even though some consider him just an average musician.)

There’s a Chinese saying: “There is no banquet that does not end.”  天下無不散的筵席.

We’re bowing out and leaving the PSH arena.

PSH4U will cease operation at the end of March 2016.

The surprising thing is not that we’re calling it a day now but rather that we managed to hang on until now.

In August 2014 something catastrophic happened to my family (still ongoing).  I should have left PSH4U then, but I didn’t.  I struggled on because PSH was still struggling.

Now he is back with a Korean drama and an upcoming Korean movie and I needn’t worry about him anymore.

During these 4 1/2 years on PSH4U, H and I have been through heaven and hell.  We’ve had our fun, and then some, but it’s been very draining on our mental, emotional, and physical resources since February 2013, until recently.  Through sheer perseverance we managed to hold things together, even in the face of adversity (for PSH and for ourselves).  If you’ve detected a certain weariness in our tone lately, that’s because we are really very tired.

I am very grateful to all our members, especially those who have been with us from the very beginning, as well as those who have recently joined us.  I am sorry you discovered us too late.  I’ll miss you all.  I’ll miss our PSH4U family.

And I’ll miss PSH (even though I’ll still keep an eye on him) — such a fine young man and the best Korean actor I’ve ever seen.  These few years we spent with him are times of ecstasy and agony.  He has grown “up” (I hope), and I have grown old.  I’ll remember the good times and forget about the bad (as I hope PSH will too.)

We’re keeping our website (for sentimental reasons) but switching back to a shared server instead of a dedicated server from April 1, 2016.  (You don’t want to know how much we’ve had to pay for webhosting every month.)  If you’re a relatively new member, you may wish to read some of our old posts (some gems among them, believe me.)

And we are keeping our e-mail address.  If you wish to remain friends, please feel free to write us anytime.  I promise I will reply to every e-mail (as I’ve always done.)


I’d like to leave you with a scene from my all-time favorite PSH drama (indeed all Korean dramas) – “Family Honor”.

This is Lee Kang Suk and He Dan Ah watching the sunrise and saying goodbye to one another (or at least they think it’s goodbye then.)

Thank you for being by my side.
The memories I made with you are like a short festival.
I’ll be sad when they’re over, but I’ll remember them.

Today is Easter Sunday when Jesus was resurrected from the dead.  PSH was in limbo for three years and has arisen from the ashes like the legendary phoenix.  There is no symbolic significance for PSH4U, however.  We shall not be back …. except on PSH’s wedding day^^

So, this is our l-o-n-g goodbye, since we’re not fading into the sunset until March 31.

P.S.  I’d like to say a special THANK YOU to Japanese fans who have been our website’s #1 client (in terms of hit rate) from Day 1 (as well as PSH’s staunchest supporters).  あなたにとても感謝する!

P.P.S.  We have some parting presents for PSH4U MEMBERS ONLY:
1. PSH 2015 birthday DVD (+ photobook)
2. Ise-Shima DVD (+ photobook + 2016 calendar)
3. “Scent” DVD (+ booklet + magazine)
– If you are interested, please e-mail us at BEFORE March 31, 2016 to pledge your continued support for PSH.
– If the demand is great, we’ll have to apply the 5loaves2fishes principle again and split up the DVD so more people can share.
– Priority will be given to active members and members who have been with us longer.  Please indicate preference.
– Recipients will be notified by e-mail after April 1, 2016.

(Credits: Thanks!)

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29 thoughts on “Goodbye is just another word

  1. Dear H.A.
    Just read PSH4U ceases operation this end March and now I already started feeling lost and sad as I have been visiting this site few times a day to read the postings, comments at the same time voting and watching dramas.

    I have been here since March 2013 and definitely going to miss you and PSH4U. I’m sure I will be missing a lot of PSH news as well.

    I hope PSH4U will be up again in the near future perhaps as you said on PSH’s wedding day.

    Appreciate very much for your dedication and effort. Especially, I’m grateful to you for taking time and trouble to purchase DVDs for us. Thank you so much for your kindness. Not sure I can buy any in the future.

    Last but not least, I wish H.A. and your families happiness and healthy throughout the years. Take care.

  2. Oh no, oh no! This can’t be happening! Is this some early April Fools’ Day joke? PSH4U has become a part of my daily life. Where else can I find a one-stop PSH website like PSH4U? But my main concern is for H and A. Please take good care of yourselves. I’ll miss you so much!!!

  3. Dear Ashley and Hillary,

    After reading your goodbye post I felt very sad, but it was not a surprise either. For a longer time already I sensed something had changed. Now I know it’s the overall tiredness that came to me through your posts.

    I am really grateful for hanging around as long as you could. All you have done in supporting PSH since the existence of PSH4U is invaluable. You have given me the chance to get to know not only the actor, but also the man behind the actor. PSHU4 was my first stop after I had discovered PSH with “The Princess’ Man”.

    I am sure PSH has “grown up”. When you compare his Lee Kang Suk face with his Baek Si Yoon face you will notice the “boy” has become a very matured “man”.

    Thanks once again and take care of yourselves and your families!

  4. To Ashley,

    In spite of PSH4U’s greatest popularity among millions of PSH’s fans from all over the world, our dear Ashley, our best administrator, has decided to take a break, because I can’t and I won’t say she will part with us.
    Because there is a saying in French :”Partir c’est mourir un peu.”, which I’ll interpret, my way, as :”To leave us, dear Ashley, for myself is to die a little.” And I think she won’t like that.
    One thing is certain : this blog, PSH4U, with its administrator, our dear Ashley, has invited us for almost some years to share thoughts, concerns, delights, excitements, happiness, support for PSH. And millions of fans who gathered around PSH4U have made miracles in supporting PSH’s career, as the best K. actor, and PSH, a human being.
    So, I can’t stand the word “parting’ or “leaving” us because I feel a great pain in my heart.
    For me PSH4U, since I’ve discovered it and up to now has become the daily routine of my life and that has made my life happy too. And I thank dear Ashley from my deepest heart.
    Here I’ve found the most wonderful and intelligent commentator, and translator of everyday news, Ashley, who has raised the level of this blog to the highest quality. And I think that’s why so many of PSH’s fans have joined PSH4U, and have become active members. And in spite of her personal problems, she has dedicated all her time “To keep the flag flying” for PSH. And I’d like PSH to be aware of the best job Ashley has done in supporting him everyday on PSH4U.
    How shall I cope with Ashley’s retreat from PSH4U , and the ceasing activity of PSH4U, I don’t know. But of course it will be very, very difficult and painful.
    I respect Ashley’s decision, although I still hope of reconsidering her decision, and I shall add too;
    “The memories I made with you are like a short festival.
    I’ll be sad when thy’re over, but I’ll remember them.”

    Goodbye my dear friend Ashley!
    God bless you and your family!
    Be all the time strong and healthy!
    And, I still hope to see you again, in the future, on PSH4U, not only on PSH’s wedding day.

  5. I am very shocked and saddened by this sudden announcement. Ashley, I have sensed you’re going through a rough patch. I just didn’t realize how rough it was. I am so sorry for whatever you’re going through. I admire you for toughing it out for PSH even while you’re having a hard time. I just never thought our PSH4U family would ever come to an end. But of course family comes first, so please take care of your family and especially yourself. I will miss you so, so much!

  6. Dear Ashley and Hillary, I am really sad about this goodbye but I understand your situation. I just want to say thank you for all this time we were joined by PSH.

    God bless you! I wish you the best to you and your family!

  7. The PSH world will no longer be the same without PSH4U. Sometimes I don’t know whether I’m a PSH fan or a PSH4U fan. Everything I know about PSH I learned from PSH4U. You are fiercely loyal without being blindly doting. PSH comes across as a fallible but immensely likable guy, a vulnerable human being who makes mistakes but picks himself up and forges forward. I still remember the very touching, almost heartbreaking, articles of the dark period of 2013. We were all united in writing to the embassies of the world and the prayer fest, under PSH4U’s leadership. Ashley, I am so sorry you’re hurting and there’s nothing I can do for you. Please know that you are not alone — you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. dear Ashley and Hillary : i don’t know what to say and i can’t say anything except that my heart is broken.
    i respect your decision and will surely miss you both and the PSH4U family.
    let’s continue to support PSH.
    let’s not totally forget each other. we have become friends through him.
    i will email you from time to time.
    i can’t really say good bye.
    God bless!

  9. Parksihoo4u has been a great part of my life and will be forever and it’s all thanks to you dear Ashley and Hillary and of course PSH. Through psh4u I’ve experienced the happiest and saddest moments of my life , I’ve known lots of precious friends who shared the love of one great man, and I saw and felt with my whole heart how love can make people strong and powerful to be able to come victorious out of storms as you Ashley and Hillary did and kept psh4u alive to see the better days for PSH.
    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH, I know you have had a lot of pressures and I understand that you need to focus more on you lives now, but still I hope as you said Kang Suk and Dan Ah only thought it was a good bye and in fact they met again, we too meet again someday.
    I love you and I wish all the best for you.

  10. Dear Hillary, Ashley and Tianna,

    I just read this post on Saturday, to be honest, it surprised me a lot when i read this post, but I understand and respect the decision that Hillary and Ashley made.

    parksihoo4u is my first web i open when i want to know about psh, i remember i read this web in early november 2011 and I like all of the posts that you share on this website. This website was the one which encouraged me to join with my friend and make a twitter account, specifically for park si hoo lovers and fans in indonesia until now ^^…

    thanks for your time and your hard work in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, even until this year, because this is not the end, this is a prelude to the new better things for Hillary and Ashley.

    I hope H.A.T will always be healthy and always in the protection of god, AMIN

    once again THANK YOU SO MUCH ^^

  11. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    I really appreciate all of your efforts in supporting Park Si Hoo and his many fans around the world, including me!, through ParkSiHoo4U.
    During a conversation in NY, NY with another Park Si Hoo fan I had meet through our blog to support Park Si Hoo’s North American Premiere in Confession of Murder, she said: I never thought I would belong to a blog. I realized, I too was a member of the blog. We all belong to your blog!
    You created a global community where we all felt welcomed if we stopped by many times a day (remember that! – thank you for getting the latest news and a dedicated server so we could) or just once in a while. The many fans around the globe have contributed amazing work to our blog. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    I really, really appreciate all you, Ashley and Hillary, have done through ParkSiHoo4U. I hope we can meet at an event with Park Si Hoo. Until then, you, your families and Park Si Hoo are in my prayers.

  12. Dear HA, thank you so much for all you have done for us and for PSH. I think I have been here every day since I found you about 6 months after you started PSH4U, when I fell in love with PSJH while watching g Prosecutor Princess. I know you have put a tremendous amount of time and energy, and money, into supporting this site and all of the fans. I also know that this has been very difficult for you for a long time. Thank you for staying with us for so long!! I hope that the situation improves in your family. I will miss PSH4U a great deal. I have always respected your opinions, although I did not agree with every single one. I know you made a difference to PSH when times were difficult for him. You can be very proud of that. I have also gained so much from the other fans at this site; it has been a wonderful experience, and I am very grateful. I hope that we hear from you and Hillary in the future, but my support and respect will be with you, I hope. I had never been anyone’s fan before PSH and PSH4U; you have taught me so much wth this blog, and I am truly grateful.

  13. Dear H.A.T,

    Thank you so very much for your hard work and dedication. I’m sad PSH4U cease its operation but I’m glad you have more free time to heal and to take care of your family. All my good wishes are with you.
    I won’t say goodbye as I know you’ll be back when our Sihoo is taking his vowed. I just hope he doesn’t take too long ^^
    Thank you H.A.T for the unforgettable memories. Until we meet again…

  14. Dear HA,
    Thanks for your strong support to PSH especially during his dark days. You have great contribution in rescuing him from persecution and rising after career death.
    Wish you and your family good health and good luck!

  15. Oh , really? No way :( but I guess , I should respect your the decision .. Ok.. please be happy, be healthy .. Park Si Hoo and our dont forget.. :( Good Luck to your life.

  16. @H/A,very sad to know your decision but i have to respect it. Wishing you both have good health,good luck everyday.

  17. Dear Ashley and Hillary,
    Thank you for all you have done for PSH and PSH4U. You have been kind and generous with the sharing of PSH news and goodies. We are going to miss you both. May you and your family stay healthy and happy for always. God Bless!

  18. Dear Ashley and Hillary!
    I am very sad, but I respect you in your decision.
    Thank you a lot of your work, I hope come back soon. I will miss the entire PSH family. It will be very difficult without you.
    God bless DEAR !!! Please come back soon !!!

  19. Dear H.& A., I just cannot imagine my future without your daily posts in the PSH4U! It became a habit for me to open the PSH4U site and know something new about Park Si Hoo. All these days after reading your post I tried to calm down and even now I cannot believe that this is true. Does it mean that you won`t write any posts and articles about Park Si Hoo? Can we access the site after 1 April or not? Can we continue voting here?

    Thank you very-very much for your dedicated service, because you have done a great job! You helped to Park Si Hoo to fulfil comeback in Korea! I wish you all the very best in the future. Please take care of yourselves!

  20. Dear Ashley and Hillary!

    I’m really sad, but I understand your decision. Your families are the first!

    Thank you very much for your hard work, for the fresh news and information, and for everything!
    I will miss you so much!

    Please take care of yourselves, your health and your families! Goodbye!

  21. Dear Ashley, Hillary… I’m aware of the many challenges that both of you faced & overcame in the last 4+ years in maintaining this site for PSH’s global fans, to which I’m most grateful for.
    i feel very sad upon reading your goodbye post but it is not a surprise either. The overall tiredness is probably the main reason. I respect your decision. I’m continuing to support PSH.

    Since 2012, PSH4U is my only invaluable source of news on PSH himself. Those 3 dark years were probably the same for PSH4U family. But as editors of PSH4U, you all have kept the PSH4U family faith, our positivism & hope high in PSH.
    Some of us has even forged cross-border friendship while attending the various fan meetings & screenings. I’m equally grateful for hanging around as long as you could & will be missing you a great deal *sob sob*

    My heartfelt gratitude to H.A once again. Please take time to heal & care for yourselves and your families! i believe PSH would want you, all of his fans to stay healthy & happy too.
    Till we meet again……

  22. Dear Ashley and Hillary,
    Thank you so much for all you have done for Park Si Hoo ssi and for this great family that has gathered on PSH4! I always admired your strength and courage in supporting our beloved actor especially in his tormented times, knowing that it was so hard and draining for you too.
    Till we meet again, I hope life treat you kind and I wish to you and your families health, joy, happiness and above of all this, love!
    God bless you!

  23. We wish to thank everyone who has left a comment here or sent us an e-mail. We had no idea there are so many silent readers, or rather, PSH has so many silent fans. It takes our retirement for them to emerge.

    Reading what you wrote almost made me change my mind. Even though we’ve never met in person, we criss cross on the internet every day for the last few years. PSH4U is my second family. But I’ve been on overdraft for several months now, physically, not financially. I’m so overdrawn I’ve become a shell. If I don’t withdraw from PSH4U, I won’t have any strength or energy left to take care of my own family.

    @Valko, yes, you can still access after April 1, 2016. We are still paying for webhosting, except we will downgrade from a dedicated server to a shared server. Our hit rate will drop drastically, so there will be no danger of our site crashing from overload. No, we won’t be posting anything more on a regular basis, except … well, who knows? If H sees a gorgeous PSH photo, she may not be able to resist posting it^^ or if I’m aware of something I don’t like, I may start “scolding” people again. Wanna know a secret? Every time I “scold” someone, our hit rate goes up^^ Of course you can still come to vote or leave comments (I may even answer, if I have time.)

    If you do not receive a parting present from us, it is because demand is so much greater than supply. It does not mean we cherish you less.

  24. I still haven’t sorted out the parting presents because 1) I’m preoccupied with urgent family matters, and 2) there are “too many monks and too little congee” (僧多粥少), as the Chinese saying goes, meaning “not enough to go round”. H and I have decided to contribute our own PSH souvenirs, so more PSH4U members can get a piece of the pie (or congee or loaf or fish – mixed metaphors^^) We’ll probably have to resort to the lottery system. Please be patient. Good things are worth waiting for, right?

  25. @Ashley, take care of your family matters first. Wish all will go better again soon.

    @HA, you are too kind to contribute your own precious PSH souvenirs, because demand surpasses availability. It’s much appreciated!

  26. @Ashley, family is everything and the first priority is to take care of all its problems. As you say that now you are preoccupied with urgent family matters, I pray God to keep you healthy and strong to be able to cope with them.

    @A.and H., we understand your effort to make as many as possible happy receiving PSH parting presents, but as demand is high, you intend to offer some souvenirs from your PSH precious collection. I’m impressed by your generosity because, as usual, you reach out and touch another human being not just with your hands, but with your heart!

  27. A parting present has been sent to everyone who has given us her address. If it is not what you’re hoping for, at least it comes with our warmest regards and best wishes.

  28. Thank you so much, Ashley! I’ll treasure whatever it is you’ve sent me. And I hope to see you every now and then here, that’s all I’m asking for.

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