New page – Official PSH links



We have created a new TOP PAGE — Official PSH links.

There you will find the old PSH Instagram, WeChat, and Weibo, as well as the new Hoo Factory Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Please check these for the latest PSH news and photos.


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2 thoughts on “New page – Official PSH links

  1. “Network, network, network! We live in a world where social media [ like Facebook, Twitter, text messiging a.s.o] make it easier to be “connected’ to loads of people all the time. How many people know that the number and strength of our social connections are also important for happiness? People with many friendships are less likely to experience sadness, lonelines, low self-esteem and problems with eating or sleeping.”[“The Science of a Meaningful LIfe”]
    So, by creating a new TOP PAGE, with all official PSH links, the quantity and quality of PSH’s social connections -friendships, relations with his fans, closeness to his neighbors, or his Buyeo citizens, or world -wide citizens , having in mind his new commision as Goodwill Ambasador for Buyeo, so , his new TOP PAGE is very beneficient for him and us too.
    On the other hand, connections to others is turning out to be more important for health, happiness and longevity. And for PSH too! Because :”When you feel part of a group, you’re more likely to contribute to it.”[Harvard’s Robert Putman]

    Thanks A, and H. for sharing PSH ‘s official links.

  2. Thanks, HA, for making it so easy for us to access all of PSH’s official sites!!!

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