The 7 best Korean period dramas

This is from a Chinese website specializing in all things Korean.  It has singled out 7 Korean period dramas that are reputedly the best.

PSH’s “The Princess’s Man” and “Iljimae” are in the list.  Two out of seven — quite an achievement, right?







MV de The Princess’man, musics: Are you the one (hymn to life), Chuno and Gurromiseotiseu (Chuno OST), Destino (the Princess’man OST)








What are the other 5?  Who cares?


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3 thoughts on “The 7 best Korean period dramas

  1. Great achievement indeed! TPM is of course the best Korean period drama ever made. I’m not really crazy about historical dramas in general but I’ve watched TPM several times and enjoyed it every single time. In ILJIMAE PSH might have been only the second male lead but he stole the show from LJK. I remember every single scene of PSH’s but only those silly scenes of LJK flying on the rooftops or sliding down into his basement. I hope PSH gets to act in another Korean period drama soon.

  2. “The Princess’s Man” and “Iljimae” being among the best 7 K. period dramas is indeed a tremendous achievement.
    But I wonder, if these two would have been on the list of the 7 best, if PSH hadn’t been acted in both of them. But , fortunately, he did it! And he did it excellently.
    He played only in two historical dramas in his career, up to now, and both of them are the best. As he said in an interview about “Iljimae”: “is the work of my life turning point , the first challenge of historical drama.People told me, I am an actor fittting to it pretty well. Playing in a historical drama gives an actor a longer acting career.”
    That’s why I’m waiting to see him acting in another successful historical drama, in the near future, as “he fits to it very well.”

    Thanks A. and H. for sharing this wonderful news .

  3. I think the two dramas could be successful, because the scenarios are good and all actors are very talented. But the PSH interpretation make them unforgettable and arouses the desire to see them again and again.
    In TPM, certainly could not someone else to play the role of Kim Seung Yoo. “The Asian Romeo” can be only PSH.
    HA, thanks for the good news.
    The two MV are great. They made me feel my heart pounding louder.

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