PSH new photos 2016.07.09

From Weibo




Video from park_si_hoo_01@instagram







park_si_hoo_01@instagram (2016.07.06)

park_si_hoo_01@instagram (2016.07.06)

(Credits:; Photo edition by H.A.T. Thanks!)

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3 thoughts on “PSH new photos 2016.07.09

  1. I .like very much this photo edition of PSH, posted by him on Weibo, IG, HooFactory.
    He looks so relaxed at home, in Buyeo, admiring his house in construction, taking shape everyday, and I think he is very proud of it, expecting it to be ready and show his great achievement.
    But most of all , I adore the photo of him together with the old lady, who seems to be his grandma. How happy must be grandma of her grandson, the pride of Park Family. “The famous person” ,as his grandpa said about the child being born in the house surrounded by plump trees. And his prediction has proved real. PSH born in the ancestral house, has become a wellknown , famous actor.

    Thanks A. and H. for this enchating photo edition of PSH.

  2. Happy to see photos and videos uploaded by PSH in various internet sources during the last two months. I think he wants to interact with his fans, including those who can’t go to FM.
    I love the photo of PSH with his grandma. Both of them are relaxed in the home environment.
    Thanks to HA for posting the photos.

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