PSH plays golf

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3 thoughts on “PSH plays golf

  1. I like these photos of The Park Brothers, Si Hoo and Woo Hoo, playing golf.
    Golf is a very popular sport worldwide, and its advantage , for which Si Hoo and his brother enjoy, is that golf provides a stimulating mental challenge combined with a healthy walk in pleasant surroundings, as we can see in the photos.
    Playing golf can be good for their health and heart, because walking an average course for a round of golf can be between 5 to 7 kilometres. As PSH mustbe always be fit for his acting, playing golf can help him to stay fit, to improve his muscle tone and endurance and lose weight and body fat.
    But golf can be for him a great way to keep in touch with his friends, to reduce stress , as a result of physical activity and walking in an open and natural environment. It’s difficult to find a sport with as many healthy benefits as golf does.
    PSH, for your health , keep on playing golf!

    Thanks A. and H , for sharing these beautiful photos of PSH spending his time playing golf.

  2. Good Brothers, Si Hoo and Woo Hoo ! I love him. I’m always very happy, because I see them together.

  3. Love to see these more informal pictures of PSH and his family. Thanks, HA.

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