PSH will be in 2 shows in Odaiba, Japan



PSH will hold a double-event at Odaiba, Japan, on October 7, 2016, a Talk Concert and Premium Live (Air and Sea).

October 7 (Fri.) Odaiba outdoor special venue

Performance – Air –
[Talk concert] doors open 14:00 / start 15:00

Performance – Sea –
[Premium live] Doors open 18:00 / start 19:00

All seats designated ¥ 11,800 (- tax included) [around USD116 at 2016.08.07 FX rate)
※ will be outdoor performances, but audience will not be standing.
※ performance contents for the two performances are different.



PSH and Odaiba

psh and...

Tokyo Seaside Festival “Beautiful Challenge” 2016.
October 2016, Odaiba in this Olympic year will hold a cultural exchange festival beyond the border …

東京シーサイドフェスティバル”ビューティフルチャレンジ”2016。2016年10月、オリンピックイヤーであるこの年にお台場から、国境を越えた文化交流フェスティバルが開催 …

seaside festival

Japan – Tokyo – Odaiba Island


Odaiba (お台場) is a large artificial island in Tokyo Bay, Japan, across the Rainbow Bridge from central Tokyo. It was initially built for defensive purposes in the 1850s, dramatically expanded during the late 20th century as a seaport district, and has developed since the 1990s as a major commercial, residential and leisure area. Odaiba, along with Minato Mirai 21 in Yokohama, are two of the only places in the Greater Tokyo Metropolitan area where the seashore is accessible, and not blocked by industry and harbor areas.

Daiba (台場) formally refers to one district of the island development in Minato Ward. The Odaiba name is commonly used to refer to the entire Tokyo Waterfront Secondary City Center (東京臨海副都心 Tōkyō Rinkai Fukutoshin) which includes the Ariake and Aomi districts of Kōtō Ward and the Higashi-Yashio district of Shinagawa Ward. (Source:

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4 thoughts on “PSH will be in 2 shows in Odaiba, Japan

  1. Glad to hear that PSH will make an appearance, even if it is almost 2 months away. Thank, HA, for this news.

  2. From the link ( provided in the above,
    Organizer: TOKYO SEASIDE FESTIVAL “Park Shi Hoo talk concerts & premium live” Executive Committee
    Planning and Production: Tokyo Seaside Cultural Agency preparatory committee
    The show is probably one of the events related to the Tokyo Seaside Festival. Congratulations to PSH!

  3. The double-event at Odaiba, Japan, on Ocotober 7, 2016, “Talk Concert and Premium Live”, it’s something very exciting and spectacular. And for PSH, being invited as special guest at this double-event , it’s an honor and also appreciation for his talent as a remarkable entertainer, singer and dancer. And for all his fans who will attend this event, a memorable moment.

    Thanks A. and H. for sharing this good news.

  4. Such a good news! A recognition of PSH’s vocal talents. Congratulations!

    Thanks @HA for sharing this happy news!

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