And so this is it …..

Now that the person who encouraged us to start PSH4U for Park Si Hoo (“because he’s worth it”) is no longer with us, I have decided to officially close this website.  H is away, but I know she will understand because she knows I cannot function anymore.

It is appropriate that we should bow out on October 10 (since we started on October 10, 2011).  Thank you all for sharing the good times and enduring the bad times with us.  I will always remember our lives touched briefly in the passage of time because of a Korean actor called Park Si Hoo.

I leave you with one of my favorite PSH images.



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46 thoughts on “And so this is it …..

  1. Dear Ashley,
    Thank you for all you have done,
    Thanks for the fun times on this site.
    I know I’m going to miss this site for a while.
    Wishing you good health and happiness :)

  2. Dear Ashley!
    I’m sorry….. I will miss you…. Thanks for everything !
    Wishing you good health and happiness :)

  3. Yes Ashley, we will always remember our lives touched briefly in the passage of time because of a Korean actor called Park Si Hoo. So beautiful you said!
    We will always be alongside Park Si Hoo, in the same spirit of love and appreciation that PSH4U promoted and it was always prompt and objective in presentation of news. Thank you PSH4U!
    Thank you dear ladies for the wonderful memories! Have a good life!

  4. Dear Ashley, parting with dear friends is a deep sadness!
    My everyday habit was to enter firstly on PSH4U and although there was no activity on it, I had the feeling that I was at home, with my dear members of my family. Now when the door of the house will be no more open, I’ll feel very sad. But I remain with wonderful memories of all of you, when we were together, and I’m deeply thankful to you and H. for everything you’ve done on PSH4U, and also because due to you I could discover a wonderful K. actor, PSH.
    I’m also deeply thankful especially to you for your kindness in providing me a lot of stuff with PSH’s photos, CDs, DVDs, books, posters that, when looking at them, they will remind me of you.
    Though I’m very excited and choked up, , I realize what a wonderful time and experience we had together. So it’s hard for me to say “Goodbye”. I’ll look back on all the pleasures, excitements and worthwhileness I’ve been so lucky to have had with you. . For all these:
    Please take care of you and your health!
    Please spread love everywhere you go, as you’ve done with us here on PSH4U!
    God bless you!

  5. Dear Ashley, thank you for everything that H and you have done in the name of love for a Korean actor called Park Si Hoo. I was feeling something was going on and I feel sad and teary because time has come to part ways. We have shared many ups and downs. You have made it possible for me to start with a collection of PSH stuff. The memory will be kept alive. Without you and PSH4U I would never have known so much about PSH. Thank you for your love, time and effort. Take care of your health and be happy!

  6. Dear Ashley, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you and our dear Hillary have done for us in here at PSH4U. I feel so sad when it comes to the time we have to say goodbye to each other. I shall miss you dearly and the same for everyone at PSH4U! We have shared so much of happiness and sadness together. You also made it possible for me to know more about PSH and start with a collection of his things. I shall always remember all that you’ve done for me.Thank you for your patience, love, time and effort. Love you for always. Please do take care of your health and may God bless you for always!

  7. Dear Ashley,

    May the sorrow you feel in your heart for your loss be lightened by our love that surrounds you!
    A strong hug from me to take away your pain.!
    My deepest and sincere condolences!

  8. Dearest Ashley,
    Thank you for everything that you and Hillary have done for us. You have made us truly happy with all the PSH updates that you two have painstakingly gather for this blog. You and Hillary are so wonderful and really amazing.
    I will never forget you. I pray that we will still someday come across each other somehow whenever, wherever and hopefully still for our dearest PSH.
    I remain a friend to you and to the PSH4U family forever.
    Take care and God bless us all.
    I love you, guys.

  9. Dearest Ashley,
    May my deepest and sincerest condolences bring you comfort! May my prayers and a Big Hug ease the pain of this loss! May the sorrow in your heart be lightened by our love and care here! and May the Lord bring you the much needed peace during this sad time.

  10. Oh,No .. :( I miss you ..Please do take care of your health and Allah bless you for always!Good bye :/ also Let’s be happy,huh? please ..:( ı feel sorry :( I’m here a long years but now you going..:(

  11. May God forgive and accept her soul into the Garden of Eden.We will miss both .Take care of you and God bless your days with peace always.So sorry ….

  12. Dear Ashley!
    It’s a really bad and sad news, but I totally understand you. I will miss you and this page so much!
    Please take care of you and your health!
    Thank you for everything! ♥

  13. Dear Ashley, thanks for everything! God give you strength! We will never forget you!

  14. Dear Ashley, my deepest condolences to you for your loss of your loved one. It is indeed very sad to say goodbye to you, Hillary and to everyone who is a member of PSH4U family. I will miss you all and have fond memories of our ups and downs together. Thank you for everything.

  15. Oh no! This can’t be happening. This is the final goodbye? Ashley, I am so sorry and sad for you. Please take care of yourself. God bless you! So grateful to you and Hillary for these 5 years of PSH. I will miss you so much!

  16. Dear Ashley

    So sad to hear it’s finally closed. I visited PSH4U almost everyday since 2013. Because of you and H, I have gotten to know much more about PSH. Enjoyed very much on all the postings and photos here. And you have been so kind and generous towards us. I will definitely going to miss you and PSH4U.

    Once again, thank you so much for your time and effort. Take Care.

  17. Dear Ashley,very sad to hear no more PSH4U . i also come here everyday since 2013 and will surely miss you ,Hillary and many members those always wrote comments here.Thanks for everythings you both did for us.Wish you both and all the members of PSH4U have good health, happy, good life . Ashley,may i ask one question,Who is the one no longer with us ?is PSH no longer in the Korean Entertainment ?Because i can’t find any news from him for a very Long time.Sorry if i guess wrong.

  18. Dear Ashley,
    My deepest condolences to you for the loss of your loved one.
    I am sad in reading this announcement. Last month when I read PSH’s letter to fans through SHR asking fans to wait patiently for the good news, I thought that PSH4U may continue.
    Thanks to you and Hillary for creating PSH4U which we have shared joy, ideas and done meaningful tasks. I treasure the friendship among us. I’ll re-read the previous articles in the blog so as to recall the memories of happiness.
    Wish you and Hillary good health, good luck and happiness!

  19. Dear Ashley,
    My sincere condolences at the loss of your loved one.
    There is no party that does not end, but we really had a great time. I will always remember that we’ve been through a roller coaster ride together with PSH.
    I was brought to PSH4U by the love for PSH, and are grateful to have met many beautiful souls here. Thank you Ashley and Hillary for everything. Wish you good health and happiness forever.

  20. Dear Ashley,my sincere condolences to you and sorry to ask you the question last time.Lady,my english is a half barrel water(a chinese saying).@Thanks Dear shlee,reading your comment here so that i can know something new of PSH.Without PSH4U i don’t have medios to find him out.

  21. Dear Ashley,
    Parting is such sweet sorrow
    It pains there’s no shared morrow
    I remember Nov 2011 we first met
    PSH4U’s early memories how to forget
    The projects we did in his name
    Led by you who cared not fame
    Birthday, charity, voting, supporting
    In his darkest hour, we cry “Fighting!”
    Now, in yours, we pray for peace
    To flood your soul as sorrow cease
    Thank you, Ashley, for the memory
    Forever in our heart we shall carry
    Of fine people like Park Si Hoo
    And Hilary and Ashley too

    I am grateful to have met you, chingu.
    Hottie (still 99 years old)

  22. Still under the impression of Ashley’s message and accompanied by nostalgia, I found the time to read the first articles PSH4U. And I discovered with pleasure the first comment was of a man, an “accidental fan – senior citizen (male)”. A man’s voice can may put in the light of the objectivity the reason for which PSH has so many ardent ladies fans.
    Then, I remembered that I met Mr. PCH on a page with an MV mine (that Ashley had the kindness to post) where he left a comment for that I was touched, and for which I thank again.
    And then, I found delightful article written by PCH (“Our other son”) and enthusiastic and humorous related comments (Hottie, Wilma, Ashley, nikky2oo6, Jelly, songielove …).
    And I was surprised that while reading these ones above, even Hottie wrote a message on Ashley’s last article. It was just a coincidence, but I felt that I was connected with the soul of all those who have been and will remain alongside Park Si Hoo. It is a magic that only PSH4U could accomplish.

  23. Dear Ashley,
    Thanks for everything that you and Hillary have done, especially to you for your kindness! I will miss you both and PSH4U familly so much…

    You don’t know, but YOU made it possible for me to dream for PSH and Korea and, finnaly, to go there… Yes, I will remain alongside Park Si Hoo!!!!

    I don’t want to say “Goodbye”. I want to say I hope one day I will see you, hug you and tell you in person: THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! GOD BLESS YOUR DAYS!

  24. Dear Ashley,

    I felt so complex set of emotions when I have read your post about Hillary that I was lost and could not write anything. You, Hillary and this site for two years (that I know of Park Shi Hoo) gave me the feeling that I am a part of a big family, a family of people who share love and admirations of Park Shi Hoo. I would like to express my deep and sincere appreciation to you and Hillary devotion, sincerity and creativity. Wow, this was a great time!! Thank you so much!

  25. Dear Ashley,
    Why do I wander aimlessly into this place when it was closed some 5 months ago? Was I expecting this blog to be revived? Or hoping to read how you have been?

    Strange but I miss the days we had so much fun here. Maybe I was thinking if I return to this place, I may sense Queenie, Wilma, Songie, Lilseoh, Jill, Ahjushii PCH……..all here. And the teasing will start all over again. It’s like returning to your hometown you left years ago as a kid. And coming home. But your childhood friends have all grown up and gone away.

    Where have all my PSH fans gone? When will they return? If ever….

  26. Hi Hottie! It has been a long time! Yes, we had so much fun together. Especially, in the early days of this website! I do visit every now and then to see if someone, or maybe Ashley, has left a message, but as nothing happened, the visits became less. And now I see yours!

    How are you doing? I am still supporting PSH. Having an English website/blog, a Dutch club and working on a Dutch website/blog. I am so used to communicate in English when it comes to PSH that I find it difficult to use my native language! It’s a project I want to finish and different from the English one, although that’s a little difficult as well. Hahaha, this amateur wants to deliver a professional result.

    Most PSH fans from here are connected in different places. Indeed, spread over many places like Facebook, Instagram, new started websites. The core of the PSH4U family is still there looking for places to share everything PSH we used to share here!

    Maybe you will read this message, maybe you are like me: thinking no one will visit again and leave something. Or maybe want to, but forgot the log in details to get access!

    Have a nice weekend Hottie!

  27. Hello! I pass sometimes too, here. It’s very good that we can still visit this website. “Good Morning” from PSH (early this morning on his Instagram), good morning from me too, and have a great weekend, wherever you are. For a new beginning for this site, soon!

  28. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Si Hoo ssi .May GODS Bless you Always .
    Hello ,how are you everybody? Could anyone tell me something new´s about him?Thanks in advance :)

  29. Hello voyapensar, sorry you have had no response to your comment on PSH’s Birthday. I am not here that often myself either.

    Maybe you have read elsewhere on the internet recent PSH news yet? Nance’s website is following anything new on the PSH front and most probably you will meet a lot of other of the PSH4U family there:

    Anyway, no announcement of new PSH dramas yet. His Birthday Event was wonderful as always and now PSH is preparing for his “Dramatic Thanksgiving Festival 2017″ tour in Japan coming June 9 (Fukuoka), 11 (Osaka) and 15 (Tokyo)! :-)

  30. @Wilma,no need to say sorry cause we all know this website has been closed last year.i haven’t found PSH’news since a long time.Thanks you to let me know Nance’s parksihoossi.will surely visit at once.Many thanks to you.

  31. Yesterday there was a breaking news that PSH has received an offer of a leading role of a drama to be broadcast in August by KBS. But the cast is not yet confirmed. There was a group of ANTIs writing negative comments to set hurdles to his comeback. They focused on one news article to create an illusion that Koreans are against his comeback.
    Dear PSH fans, please use various ways to show your support to his comeback!

  32. I look forward to watching a new drama with PSH! This will be a 50 episodes weekend drama on KBS2. It is a pity that actress who was supposed to be a female lead declined the offer. I do not know her well. It seems she decided to decline an offer under attacks from PSH enemies. I DO WISH A GREAT SUCCESS TO PSH! PARK SHI HOO, FIGHTING!

  33. @Valko, it that’s the true reason UEE has declined it may be the best decision for her, but she has lost the opportunity to increase her acting skills rapidly as well. Anyway, the female lead role is now offered to Shin Hye Sun! Don’t know the actress, but hope she will make her decision soon despite the antis trying to prevent her from accepting! PSH fighting!

  34. @Wilma, yes, I fully agree with you. I saw the photo of the new actress, I like her look. Let`see what the future brings to PSH and his fans. Now some younger K-actors are enlisted in the army, so this can be a chance for PSH to return to the K-drama land and rebuild his career.

  35. Please click “like” to the Korean news article in the above comment to show your support to PSH. Thanks!

  36. Hi everyone! PSH has started with filming for “My Golden Life”! Please, join to make a success of his comeback on mainstream Korea by clicking and sharing this link

    Here you will find all the information on how you can help PSH to succeed! All his international fans can add to this success as well! Please, read the post and share on your social media and so on! Fighting!

  37. Done! Thanks Shlee! We are everywhere, beside our PSH!
    Pulse and emotion grow with each day.

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