All’s well that ends well

My Golden Life

Park Si Hoo has a new 50-episode weekend drama “My Golden Life” on KBS2 which will debut on 2 September 2017.

After 5 long years, he has finally returned to mainstream Korean TV.

For PSH, this is a new beginning.

For PSH4U, this is the end, our last hurrah.

This has been our raison d’être for the last 5 years, the one and only reason we hung in there.  Now that PSH has come into his own again, we can leave in peace.

We wish “My Golden Life” every success.  And we wish PSH all the very best.


My Golden Life 2


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14 thoughts on “All’s well that ends well

  1. Thank you for leaving this announcement on PSH’s soon to start new drama Ashley and Hillary! Never forget you have been the anchor of all the international fans’ support to make this happen! Have a great weekend!

  2. I be happy you see ,again .. but again going you:( yes, Sihoo comeback this very exciting..Please take care

  3. I’m happy because PSH4U has a new post. Even if it is the last one (or maybe not). You never say „never”. I am an optimistic incurable ^^.
    You have certenly seen the picture today on PSH’s Instagram. I think it looks like your favorite picture Ashley, from TPM. This image, more than any, is the image of a winner and I can say it is my favorite.
    If this site still works and we can communicate in the future, I do not say farewell, but only “see you soon”, to the PSH’s next big victory.
    Until then, I want you to be healthy and have a quiet life.
    May the most beautiful memories stay with you always, to bring smile on your lips.

  4. I don’t know how to express my beatitude reading this “Announcement” posted on :”PSH4U”.
    I’m happy that after such a long absence on this blog, Ashley and Hillary have come back with this wonderful “Announcement” , for all of us, entitled: “All’s Well That Ends Well”.!
    This appreciation is great , because what is excellent in others , belong to us as well. What is excellent for PSH, being finally recognized as an excellent actor and being cast again in a new K. drama ,”My Golden Life”, this appreciation belongs to Ashley and Hillary as well. All the years of PSH’s battle to prove his justice , these two ladies have wholeheartdely supported him on this blog, with all their power of persuassion, with all their determination for PSH to come back to K. entertainment. And finally his merit, his good work have been recognized again. “No legacy is so rich as honesty”[W. Shakespeare], and PSH’s honesty has won. “If one begins all deeds well, it is likely that they will end well too.”[Sophocles]. Yes, “All’s Well That Ends Well”, and for PSH all has ended well,
    One thing I can’t agree with Ashley and Hillary:”Now that PSH has come into his own again, we can leave in peace”. No dear ladies, I, and I think many of us , would like you to stay by PSH and us, an enjoy his success together , with his new drama and many others in the future. Your permanent support for PSH has inspired hope,and have instilled love for him.”
    “Things have turned best for the people who make the best for their life!”
    Thank you, Ashley and Hillary, for what you’ve done for Park Si Hoo!

  5. Thank you Ashley and Hillary for posting this great news. I always think of you and I wish you the best!

  6. I’m very happy to find that there is a new post on PSH4U!
    It’s an adventure for me in finding and joining PSH4U since 2012: enjoying watching PSH’s dramas and movies; enhancing my English proficiency, trying and learning new things; going to Buyeo, Seoul and Jeju; fighting for justice as well meeting good friends, especially Ashley and Hillary.
    It’s a happy new beginning for PSH for his glorious domestic comeback and a happy ending (I hope not because PSH4U is really superb) for PSH4U.
    I expect “My Golden Life” is a good drama for PSH to showcase his talents in acting: showing a mature man and an energetic young man, showing deep inside feelings and various sports talents.
    PSH has sincerely asked his fans “Don’t Leave” because he has prepared for the comeback for almost 5 years. I also sincerely ask PSH4U would not end at this moment, say post articles occasionally before 10/10/2018 to inform us of the various news of PSH and celebrate the 6th birthday of PSH4U on 10/10/2018.

  7. So happy to see this post and hear from you, Ashley!! Great ratings for the first two episodes, I think. Thank you, PSH4U, for continuing to be a presence until this moment. Cheers!!!

  8. Dear Ashley, thanks for informing us of the good news! Congratulations to PSH! Fans can watch “My Golden Life” using the websites provided in the toolbar at the top.

  9. The viewership rating of PSH’s drama “My Golden Life” hit 35% for Episode 16!
    Congratulations to PSH! A successful comeback to the terrestrial TV.
    The antis are still working against PSH by writing negative comments in the news articles. They must be very angry and jealous of PSH’s success.
    I appreciate the great support of the Korean public to make “My Golden Life” being ranked 1st in each of the episode since it was broadcast on 2 September.
    Thanks to the great support and good work of the script writer and the PD.

  10. PSH won the Best Couple Award with Shin Hye Sun and the Excellence Award for longrun drama at the 2017 KBS Drama Awards! “My Golden Life” has also been awarded Best Drama Writer and the Daesang for Chun Ho Jin!
    PSH has made a good choice with “My Golden Life” for his comeback drama. Highest audience rating 41.2% so far!^^

  11. Congratulations to PSH! He has made a glorious comeback to K entertainment world with his strenuous efforts and great perseverance as well as the strong support of his fans. You can take a look at the prize giving ceremony of the Best Actor of long series drama and PSH delivering his speech after receiving the award in the following video.

  12. PSH thanks his fans for their strong support. He said that his fans are like his family members.

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