Our hosting account for expires on April 1, 2018!

We will not be renewing the web service for our account.

This means there will be no more after April 1, 2018.

We wish to thank everyone who has ever visited our website these 6 1/2 years, especially those who have made contributions of their time, efforts, and money.

We will never forget our PSH4U family.

Take care and God bless!

P.S.  We are keeping our e-mail address  We promise to reply if we ever hear from you.  We’ve been through so much together; we are, after all, friends (with or without PSH).



All’s well that ends well

My Golden Life

Park Si Hoo has a new 50-episode weekend drama “My Golden Life” on KBS2 which will debut on 2 September 2017.

After 5 long years, he has finally returned to mainstream Korean TV.

For PSH, this is a new beginning.

For PSH4U, this is the end, our last hurrah.

This has been our raison d’être for the last 5 years, the one and only reason we hung in there.  Now that PSH has come into his own again, we can leave in peace.

We wish “My Golden Life” every success.  And we wish PSH all the very best.


My Golden Life 2


And so this is it …..

Now that the person who encouraged us to start PSH4U for Park Si Hoo (“because he’s worth it”) is no longer with us, I have decided to officially close this website.  H is away, but I know she will understand because she knows I cannot function anymore.

It is appropriate that we should bow out on October 10 (since we started on October 10, 2011).  Thank you all for sharing the good times and enduring the bad times with us.  I will always remember our lives touched briefly in the passage of time because of a Korean actor called Park Si Hoo.

I leave you with one of my favorite PSH images.






對PSH4U來說, 朴施厚以韓國人自豪的韓流明星出現在世界舞台, 在韓劇”清潭洞愛麗絲”之後, 朴施厚便缺席韓國電視屏幕, 作為朴施厚的網站, 不論發生什麼事情, 不論任何情形之下, PSH4U是決不可以言退離場.

當最大的危機是”健康”出現後, 不單是自己, 包括身旁的人, 我們依舊堅持竭力維持PSH4U的運作, 直到2016年3月OCN韓劇”鄰里英雄”的公映完畢. 對我們來說, 朴施厚先生是 “I have returned.”(#1)

2016年3月31日是PSH4U更新最後的一天. 記得有一首歌, 歌詞(#2)是這麼說的…


你有你的 我有我的方向
你記得也好 最好你忘掉

中文/方塊字是很厲害的語文, 譬如”捨得”, 包含了- 沒有捨(棄), 怎會有得(著). 始終也是如是, 沒有開”始”, 怎麼會有”終”結.

對我們來說, 朴施厚是韓國世界級的藝人 – 有樣貌, 有身材, 有演技, 有功夫/動作, 還有歌藝; 最重要的, 是他對角色的營造.

<一枝梅>的淒美貴氣令人沉迷難以自拔. 一個並沒有複雜情節的故事<檢察官公主>, 在他的演繹下成為萬千寵愛. 本人是河丹雅(宗家)卻演活了<家門的榮光>的李江石, 沒有他的演出決不會令韓國女人的希望是<逆轉女王>. 以及成為2012年全球最佳電視劇三甲之內的<公主的男人>, 也是因為他的演技/眼神/動作武打可以超越語言/服裝/交化的局限. <潭洞愛麗絲>的表情瞬間萬變, 展示了喜劇才華, 並開創多從性格的角色. 而近作”鄰里英雄”以媲美港產動作片的拳腳功夫, 以及在動作與演技中的收放自如, 也許, 朴施厚可能是演技派的動作演員的第一人.


---- -- --- ---- ------ver----960-800-xxok-87


bye bye



#2《偶然》 作詞:徐志摩   作曲:陳秋霞


That’s the literary cat-lover Hillary, and this is Ashley (with the last word^^) — Goodbye, 再見, さようなら, 안녕, la revedere, Selamat tinggal, Прощай, ลาก่อน, Güle güle, Tạm biệt, paalam, Arrivederci, viszlát, Vaarwel, do widzenia, сбогом, adiós, הֱיה שלום, Auf wiedersehen, अलविदा, до побачення, Sbohem, Tchau, Αντίο, farvel, Au Revoir ….

Auld Lang Syne



(Credits:; DONG HWAN; 紫窗户; Thanks!)


Do you remember Eric?

He’s the young boy from Rwanda that we started sponsoring in the name of PSH from August 2014.

Please see our post:’pshs-kid/



Those of you who have been with us for a long time will of course know about Eric, even though you may not remember.  He is now 8.

We’re mentioning him now because the money left in the PSH Charity Fund will go towards sponsoring Eric in World Vision for as long as it lasts.  And even if the money runs out, we will still continue to sponsor him because he is PSH’s “kid”.

(Credits:  Thanks!)


Goodbye is just another word

Goodbye Is Just Another Word

If the time should ever come
That you feel our race is run …
If you think our ship’s come in
Let’s just break it off my friend …
There’s nothing that’s so final about leaving
Even though I know that’s what you’ve heard
Just like forgive, forget and try again
Goodbye is just another word.
(If you’re old enough, you’ll recognize this Lobo song and his lyrics.  I’ve always liked Lobo, even though some consider him just an average musician.)

There’s a Chinese saying: “There is no banquet that does not end.”  天下無不散的筵席.

We’re bowing out and leaving the PSH arena.

PSH4U will cease operation at the end of March 2016.

The surprising thing is not that we’re calling it a day now but rather that we managed to hang on until now.

In August 2014 something catastrophic happened to my family (still ongoing).  I should have left PSH4U then, but I didn’t.  I struggled on because PSH was still struggling.

Now he is back with a Korean drama and an upcoming Korean movie and I needn’t worry about him anymore.

During these 4 1/2 years on PSH4U, H and I have been through heaven and hell.  We’ve had our fun, and then some, but it’s been very draining on our mental, emotional, and physical resources since February 2013, until recently.  Through sheer perseverance we managed to hold things together, even in the face of adversity (for PSH and for ourselves).  If you’ve detected a certain weariness in our tone lately, that’s because we are really very tired.

I am very grateful to all our members, especially those who have been with us from the very beginning, as well as those who have recently joined us.  I am sorry you discovered us too late.  I’ll miss you all.  I’ll miss our PSH4U family.

And I’ll miss PSH (even though I’ll still keep an eye on him) — such a fine young man and the best Korean actor I’ve ever seen.  These few years we spent with him are times of ecstasy and agony.  He has grown “up” (I hope), and I have grown old.  I’ll remember the good times and forget about the bad (as I hope PSH will too.)

We’re keeping our website (for sentimental reasons) but switching back to a shared server instead of a dedicated server from April 1, 2016.  (You don’t want to know how much we’ve had to pay for webhosting every month.)  If you’re a relatively new member, you may wish to read some of our old posts (some gems among them, believe me.)

And we are keeping our e-mail address.  If you wish to remain friends, please feel free to write us anytime.  I promise I will reply to every e-mail (as I’ve always done.)


I’d like to leave you with a scene from my all-time favorite PSH drama (indeed all Korean dramas) – “Family Honor”.

This is Lee Kang Suk and He Dan Ah watching the sunrise and saying goodbye to one another (or at least they think it’s goodbye then.)

Thank you for being by my side.
The memories I made with you are like a short festival.
I’ll be sad when they’re over, but I’ll remember them.

Today is Easter Sunday when Jesus was resurrected from the dead.  PSH was in limbo for three years and has arisen from the ashes like the legendary phoenix.  There is no symbolic significance for PSH4U, however.  We shall not be back …. except on PSH’s wedding day^^

So, this is our l-o-n-g goodbye, since we’re not fading into the sunset until March 31.

P.S.  I’d like to say a special THANK YOU to Japanese fans who have been our website’s #1 client (in terms of hit rate) from Day 1 (as well as PSH’s staunchest supporters).  あなたにとても感謝する!

P.P.S.  We have some parting presents for PSH4U MEMBERS ONLY:
1. PSH 2015 birthday DVD (+ photobook)
2. Ise-Shima DVD (+ photobook + 2016 calendar)
3. “Scent” DVD (+ booklet + magazine)
– If you are interested, please e-mail us at BEFORE March 31, 2016 to pledge your continued support for PSH.
– If the demand is great, we’ll have to apply the 5loaves2fishes principle again and split up the DVD so more people can share.
– Priority will be given to active members and members who have been with us longer.  Please indicate preference.
– Recipients will be notified by e-mail after April 1, 2016.

(Credits: Thanks!)

You don’t bring me flowers anymore

Remember the Barbra Streisand /Neil Diamond classic “You don’t bring me flowers anymore” that begins and ends like this:

You Don’t Bring Me Flowers

You don’t bring me flowers
You don’t sing me love songs
You hardly talk to me anymore
When you come through the door
At the end of the day…..

Well, you’d think I could learn
How to tell you goodbye
‘Cause you don’t bring me flowers

We don’t really want to talk about this, but several people asked us how come they looked in vain for the rice wreath from PSH4U at the “Neighborhood Hero” press conference on January 19.  Well, there’s none.  And here’s why:

PSH4U wanted to send a 500 kg rice wreath but was told (by whom? Guess^^) that only Sihoorang (Korea), JOFC (Japan), and Baidu (China) were allowed 500 kg.  All other fansites could only contribute 400 kg or 100 kg.  They specifically said if PSH4U wanted to take part, the maximum we’re allowed was 400 kg.

So, PSH’s international fans are to be made to feel like second-class citizens.  This is DISCRIMINATION!  We would not participate under such unfair restrictions.

They want the world to think PSH only has the support of fans from Korea, Japan, and China, in other words, Asian fans?  We’re appalled by such myopic and parochial mentality!  Such narrow-mindedness, such limited vision, such exclusivity!


PSH’s 2014 birthday

The curious thing is: PSH4U has always participated (on an equal footing) in previous PSH events which called for rice wreaths.  The first time was his birthday bash in April 2014 and the last time was again his birthday in April 2015, both times donating 500 kg.  The 500 kg rice wreath cost 1,750,000KRW; together with bank charges (both outgoing and incoming) total came to more than US$1800 — that’s how much we wired from the U.S.A. in April 2014.  So we’re not talking exactly about peanuts.


PSH’s 2015 birthday

But of course it’s not the money which is the issue.  We feel PSH is worth every cent and every ounce of our support in whatever way we can show it.  We’re proud we could show people PSH’s fans are not confined to Asia but are all over the world.  We always write: “With love from your international fans on PSH4U”.  We’re not concerned whether anyone knows what PSH4U is (who cares?) but the emphasis is always on “international fans”.

Apart from rice wreaths, we’ve also sent flowers on several occasions, the last time being PSH’s Japan Fan Meeting in Yokohama in September 2014.

2014JFM 010

2014JFM 015

They couldn’t see that by putting us down they’re actually hurting PSH?  Do they really have PSH’s best interests at heart?  This is his long-awaited comeback in Korea.  Surely the more support he has, the more rice wreaths there are, the more it will show the Koreans he is still very popular ALL OVER THE WORLD.

We considerd going straight to the rice wreath website and ordering the biggest rice wreath they have (1,000kg) and having that sent to the press conference venue.  But we knew they could have it thrown out for being unauthorized since they’re in control.  No point in pouring money down the drains.

But then we also know in this kind of game, it’s always 多你一個不多,  少你一個不少 (as the Chinese saying goes) – what’s one more or one less?  We are not so big-headed as to think PSH’s comeback will in any way be dimmed by the absence of a 500 kg rice wreath from his international fans.  We just feel it’s a pity those in power chose to handle things this way.

You all know the saying: “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”  We now realize: “A little power is also a dangerous thing.”  Just because they’re official, they can set the rules, favoring some and belittling others.  Instead of such petty gestures, why don’t they do more for their artist in their own country?  If it hadn’t been for his overseas fans (and this include his INTERNATIONAL fans), do you think PSH would be able to make his comeback in such a record time?  [ED: 3 years is a record in Korea.]

We mentioned before that there’s a current Chinese saying:
Translation: “Not afraid of Godlike opponents, only afraid of pig-like team-mates”
meaning: “Your success (or failure) does not necessarily depend on the strength of your opponents/rivals, but also on the strength (or weakness) of your own team.”  We wonder if they realize what being on the same team means.  We’re not sure we’re on the same wavelength.

We are proud PSH has risen from the ashes like the legendary phoenix.  We just wish his fans will have an iota of his courage and wisdom.  We at PSH4U are proud to be PSH fans who admire him with clarity and objectivity (our head) and all our heart.

(Credits: All photos by H.A.T.)

Christmas presents for PSH winners


We thank everyone who sent Christmas messages to PSH at Hoo Factory.

We especially thank those who shared their Christmas messages with us.

We have only ONE prize — the Ise-Shima DVD.

We decided to perform a minor miracle — a variation of 5 loaves and 2 fishes.

Please see our old post:

The Ise-Shima DVD package consists of:
1. The DVD
2. Photo album
3. 2016 PSH desktop calendar

We have selected 3 winners — Stefi (Romania), Hajni (Hungary), and DMM (Romania) — each of whom is entitled to ONE of the above.

Who is to have what?  We leave it up to them to decide.

Please e-mail us at to indicate which of the 3 prizes you would like to claim.  The earliest bird catches the biggest worm, you get the idea.  And please give us your address.

We congratulate the winners and hope everyone is happy to share.


DMM has chosen the DVD and Hajni has chosen the photo album, so that leaves the 2016 PSH calendar for Stefi.

Sick leave

This isn’t us  — too sick to smile / 這決不是現在的我倆


H and A both under the weather.  Can’t work on blog.  Sorry!

Will try to post whenever we can.

常人說: 小病是褔, 但今次發生在我們二人身上的, 絕對不是褔.

慶幸病情與死生無關, 但每天怎樣好好地生活下去, 卻成為了我倆的難題.

看一眼一笑能解萬古愁, 天下間可以解語生花的朴公子都力不從心! 試想想照顧朴施厚網站的人, 連朴施厚都要扔在一旁, 可以想像我們為可以活下去的慘烈…

體力不支, 要休息了, 謹此擱筆. 謝謝!

(Credits: Thanks!)

Christmas presents for PSH (re-posted)

Originally published Dec.1, 2015.


Due to family circumstances, this year we are unable to organize any Christmas activities or gifts for PSH.

Now that Hoo Factory has released its address, why don’t PSH’s international fans send him personal messages directly for Christmas?  We are sure PSH would consider these the best Christmas presents.

UNO B/D 201-ho, #628-30, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Hoo Factory
Postal code: 06026

Please remember to include your city and country, so PSH will know he has fans all over the world.

You may wish to include some little present.  PSH has said more than once he doesn’t like his fans to spend money on him; he prefers handmade things.

Since we don’t have an artistic bone in our body, and since our in-house designer Songielove is no longer active, we have not been able to produce anything handmade for PSH.

If you wish to share your Christmas message, you may even win a prize* — the Ise-Shima DVD (which will be released on December 24).  Yes, we ordered an extra copy for this special occasion.

Please send your message (in whatever form — card, letter, sketch, MV, etc.) to by December 23, 2015.

~ And please indicate whether you give us permission to publish your message on PSH4U.~

(* You have to be a PSH4U member to win the prize.)

(Credits: Photo from  Thanks!)