We have a winner!

Actually, 2 winners:

1.  Floting (Australia)

2.  Wilma (The Netherlands)

The correct answers for our Countries Rank Quiz are:

#9     Germany
#203  Reunion


We received many, many contest entries, multiple answers.  About 6 or 7 got Reunion, but only near the deadline did 2 people single out Germany out of all the European countries.

We thought this was a simple exercise, but apparently it’s not.  Sorry we didn’t understand random guessing could be so difficult.

Will Floting and Wilma please e-mail us their address at parksihoo4u@gmail.com and we’ll mail you your prize ASAP.

(Credits: Photo from http://twitter.com. Thanks!)

A word on our editorial policy


WARNING: This is a boring article, somewhat technical, nothing interesting, but it’s about something that has to be said.


Every day we scour the internet for PSH news.  When there is a dearth of PSH news, we have to keep searching until we come upon something that we can use, and sometimes we have to be creative.  Not creating news, but packaging them in such a way as to be presentable.  When there is a flood of PSH news, as in these last few days, we have to filter them to see which we can post.

We keep track of Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and English websites, as well as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram … anything that can be a source of PSH news.  Sometimes there are rumors flying around, some buzz in chatrooms, things we hear on the grapevine, etc.  We treat these with kid gloves.  We know when gossip is repeated three times, it becomes “fact”.  We have seen fans falling over themselves over something that later turns out to be nothing.  Some rumors are started by people with ulterior motives; most are just idle talk that gets out of hand.


When we post anything, we always cite the source.  We do this almost by reflex, because it’s in our training.  Someone once asked us why we had to cite the source, because others take from us and do not credit PSH4U, instead pretending they get their news directly from the source.  They even take our photos which we’ve resized or edited, so we know it’s ours (even though we don’t put our name on them — these are not our photos, so we have no right to put our name on them.  But tell this to those people who infringe copyright without blushing.)

Before we post anything, we always check and double-check its authenticity.  But still, sometimes we make mistakes, which, when pointed out to us, we immediately amend and apologize.  We do not have any inside information; we are not in any inner circle.  We just work very hard for PSH.  We have to be very scrupulous because everything posted reflects on PSH.  This is just a fansite, we know, but we take it very seriously.  Everything we do, we do our best.


We don’t aim to be first, or fastest.  Instead, our objective is to be accurate.  For example, we know some news reports say PSH and co. are going to Macau to shoot NH in mid-October.  We did not report this because this is carried in only some reports but not the majority.  We wanted to be sure.  We wish to remind our members that just because you read it on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true.  In the old days you say: “Everything you read in print is the Bible”.  The contemporary version is: “Everything you read on the internet is NOT the Bible.”

We quote from ABOUT US: “From humble beginnings we hope in time to be the ultimate source of Park Si Hoo information/materials.”  This was written 4 years ago when we first launched PSH4U.  We can’t claim we have achieved our ambitious objective, but we’re getting there, one step nearer every day.  We report on everything PSH, the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the happy and the sad…. Even when bad people say/write ugly things about PSH that make us sad, we still think it is our duty to report them (after sorting through them, of course; we can’t afford to be indiscriminate.)  We are not ostriches but sentient beings.  We believe PSH fans would want to know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  Fans should know PSH is not a god but a living, breathing mortal, liable to erring and falling but also capable of picking himself up.  We stand around to cheer him on, encouraging him when he’s down and applauding when he’s up and running.


After almost three years of relative inactivity, it appears to all intents and purposes that PSH is finally making his comeback in Korea.  During this sensitive transition period, we’re sure it’s like walking on eggshells for PSH.  His fans should also be discreet and make sure not to stir up troubled waters.  Be patient; all will be revealed in good time.  We’ve made it through three years; what’s another three months?

We apologize for the misleading title: “A word on …..”  You’re lured under false pretenses to read many words.  This is what the Chinese call 文人多大话。(Literary people are full of lies^^)

(Credits: 1st photo from DC; others from QOR.  Thanks!)

Happy 4th anniversary to PSH4U 2015

Here are anniversary presents for PSH4U from our members – Many thanks!








We thank everyone for their good wishes and kind words.  PSH4U is just a platform where PSH fans can meet and share their love and support for one fine actor and good man.  The members are really the ones who make it a pleasure for us to work on this blog day in and day out — the active ones who come and cheer us on everyday and the silent ones who are there for PSH and for us.



Games and prizes


Use your brains

It’s been a while since we’ve had any games on PSH4U.  Not much to celebrate, until now.

Today is the 4th anniversary of PSH4U.  And PSH’s new Korean drama has started shooting and is scheduled to broadcast in January 2016.

So we’ll celebrate by organizing a little guessing game.

Someone asked us the other day how many countries there are on PSH4U now (Answer is 206 for September 2015).  So we’ll use our site statistics as the basis of our game.

The TOP 10 countries remain relatively stable, with Japan topping the list.


Now we’re asking you to tell us the No.9 country for September 2015 (varies each month).  It’s a little surprising for us.  Hint – it’s a European country.

Also the No.203 country — out of the following (because it’s a little difficult):

Lesotho, Cayman Islands, Reunion, Vanuatu, Guyana, Turks and Caicos Islands, Guernsey.

So e-mail us your 2 answers BEFORE October 17 (Hong Kong time) at parksihoo4u@gmail.com.

You may submit as many answers as you like, but the 2 correct answers must be in the same e-mail.  (* Please see my second comment below for clarification.)

Be sure to include your Username and Country.

There will be more than one prize.  The earliest shall be the winner(s).


Mar78’s BD gift to PSH4U – Many thanks!


DMM’s BD gift to PSH4U – Many thanks!

(Credits: Photo from PAT.  Thanks!)


We’re 4!


http://parksihoo4u.com is 4 today!

And so is this little guy:


He is Noé (Noah) Liu (son of Chinese actor Liu Ye, mother French) who was born on 2010.10.10.

Oh no!  That makes him 5 today, not 4!  H can’t do her math!  When we were working on this post, yes, he was still 4.  H insisted he’s 4, so A had to count 1-2-3-4-5!  On October 10, 2015, he is 5!

Anyway, both H and A have a crush on this little boy who’s currently starring in a Chinese reality TV show.  His father used to be one of A’s favorite actors.  Given a good role, Liu Ye is a terrific actor; a pity he hasn’t had many good roles in recent years (Note: “good”, not “big”).  He’s also 37, a few days older than PSH.


I’m 4!  And so you are, little princess!


This is of course Harper Seven, son of David and Victoria Beckham, who was born on July 10, 2011, the same year PSH4U was launched – just 3 months older, so we guess that makes her our eonni^^




H.A.T. started PSH4U on October 10, 2011.  And then there were 2 when T dropped out.  We still keep the byline H.A.T. because we don’t want to forget our origins.

We started PSH4U right after “The Princess’s Man” went off the air, after watching the final episode with PSH in Seoul on October 6, 2011.  We went through the exhilarating experience of “living through” a drama with PSH in “Cheongdam-dong Alice” in late 2012/early 2013.  We were plunged into hell with PSH when he fell into that honey trap in February 2013.  For almost 3 years we endured those long, dark days when there seemed to be no hope, but we never lost hope.  Now we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel …. and we’re crying — with joy!

When you’re 4, you’re allowed to cry^^


(Credits: 1st photo from Weibo, 2nd from Google.  Thanks!)

Pre-announcement / 事先張揚


If you don’t see any new post on PSH4U in future, it doesn’t mean we have abandoned PSH.

It simply means we are unable to work on our blog because of family medical problems.

Just stay with PSH.  We will return ASAP.

(Credits: Photo from we-forgot-where, but thanks!)

Missed us?


Sorry we could not work on our blog for the last couple of days — family medical emergency.

In hospital morning till night — no time for PSH or PSH4U.

Happy to be back.  Especially ecstatic PSH is about to be back.

We thank everyone who expressed their concern in e-mails.  PSH is OK; we’re OK.



We’re attacked, again!

If you are having trouble logging into PSH4U this morning, it is because we are under attack again (since last night).

We were first subjected to BRUTEFORCE ATTACK in April 2013, and now it is happening again.  Someone is trying to hack into our site, using bots.

When you log in, you will see a page: BRUTEFORCE ATTACKS AGAINST POPULAR SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS which explains the situation.

Just try logging in after a while.  And don’t log out once you’re in^^

PSH4U members — Please DON’T reveal our username and password to anyone!


And now the winners….


Yes, it’s you!  You’re the winner!

Sorry for the late announcement.

We have received so many entries, many multiple, that we have to sort them out carefully.

Many experienced players waited till the last minute to send in their entries.

Q1. How many points did PSH get for Stage 287 of our #8 voting site 123fans.cn (which he won 108th in a row)?

A.   19,846,932

Winner — Wilma from The Netherlands (her prediction: 19,859,771)

Q2. How many points was PSH ahead of No.2?

A.    9,821,922 (19,846,932 – 10,025,010)

Winner — Mar78 from Costa Rica (her prediction: 9,890,769)

Congratulations to the winners!

Your mystery prize will be mailed to you next week.  We already have your address.


(Credits: PSH photo from “Scent”.  Thanks!)