TPM DVD tops bestseller list in Malaysia

A PSH fan reported that “The Princess’s Man” DVD is already the bestselling DVD at PMP (largest distributor of Korean and Chinese dramas in Malaysia), even though they have not yet started promoting it.  (Information from PMP official website  Wonderful news indeed!


Also. on Yesasia, the TPM DVD (Singapore version) is in the TOP 10 Bestsellers List.

此外, 在Yesasia, 公主的男人DVD(星加坡版本) 也是銷售榜的十大之內.

TPM DVD (Singapore version) / 公主的男人DVD(星加坡版本)….


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TPM DVD officially released in Malaysia

“The Princess’s Man” DVD – the real thing – has been released in Malaysia by PMP.  According to information on jacket, it has soundtracks in Korean and Mandarin and subtitles in Chinese, Malay, and English.

But wait! SCREAM!  This official DVD in Malaysia actually got BOTH Park Si Hoo’s and Moon Chae Won’s English and Chinese names wrong!  All 4 of them!  We’re speechless!

Still, this is good news!  Let’s hope this will be the start of PSH’s good fortune in Malaysia!  All his Malaysian fans should support him by buying this genuine DVD.  Quality is reported to be excellent. 


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TPM Japanese DVD on pre-sale


2012.08.20  News from PSH Official Japan Fan Club 

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This Japanese DVD is also available from AmazonJapan — at a discount. 

PLEASE NOTE: DVD is Region 2 (may not be viewable in other countries.)

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TPM DVD on sale

“The Princess’s Man” DVD is now on sale (but this is the Korean version, so there is no English subtitles):

“The Princess’s Man” starring Park Si Hoo [Park Si Hoo Photo Gallery official drama (with DVD) (Korea Version)

Park Si Hoo and Moon Chae Won star in this drama of the ultimate love-romance set against historical background of the Joseon Dynasty, in a power struggle and conspiracy.

DVD is released with all 24 episodes of the drama that takes place in 15th-century Chosun and was broadcast by KBS in Korea from July 2011, the official photo drama (Korean Version).

POS code: 4544170121067
SPACS-1003: Part
August 24, 2012: Release Date
August 16, 2012: Deadline for first orders
[Product Specifications]
◎ Drama official photo
Korean (Korea Version)
100p full color hard cover / (size: W 20cm × vertical 28cm)
· BOX exterior products for the protection
◎ DVD (Region Code: ALL, there is no Japanese subtitles.)
Duration: 140 minutes
Making: 82 minutes
Interview: 32 minutes
Video and NG: 26 minutes
SPACS: publisher

PRICE: 5,775 yen

Link to order:


CHEAPER at AmazonJapan – reduced to 4,274 yen:


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TPM DVD – Deleted Scenes (3)

From Director’s Cut of “The Princess’s Man” DVD:

Episode 20 – Se Ryeong’s conversation with pub* owner [ED: Don’t know what to call that establishment – a watering hole with girls.]

第20集: 世伶與冰玉館館主的對話




Episode 23 – Shin Myeon at Jung Jong’s grave (before the last battle)

第23集: 申沔前往拜祭駙馬




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TPM DVD – Deleted Scenes (2)

From Director’s Cut of “The Princess’s Man” DVD:

Episode 20 – KSY smiling to himself (Don’t blink or you’ll miss the most mesmerizing smile in the world!)

第20集: 暗自微笑的承俞



Episode 20 – Se Ryeong’s stepping stone

(To appreciate this, you have to have watched our earlier post:

第20集: 世伶的踏腳石



Episode 20 – Spilt food

第20集: 倒翻了的食物



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TPM DVD – Se Ryeong on his cell phone

Park Si Hoo has Kim Seung Yoo and Lee Se Ryeong on his cell phone.

The video above shows what Park Si Hoo says in his interview on the TPM DVD:

It’s very difficult to extract myself from my character. When I was doing a photoshoot in Bali, I kept thinking about TPM shooting. I also thought of Se Ryeong. (PSH shows reporter a photo of the last scene on his cell phone – of Se Ryeong leaning against Seung Yoo. He says photo is taken with a camera and transferred to his cell phone.) Do we look very close? Although not easy, I have to try to get out of this character. I have to start shooting a film right away. It’s not easy, but I must get out …. Ha!Ha!Ha!


Those of you who like the screen chemistry between PSH and MCW will find the following interesting in the commentary on Episode 24:

PSH: Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do this commentary with Se Ryeong … What a pity!

Director: You miss Se Ryeong?

PSH: Of course … When I was in Bali, I kept looking at our photo and I thought of her.  I really miss her.

Director: You’re a well-matched couple.

PSH:  ……. (speechless)


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PSH discussing TPM Ep.24 on DVD

The Director’s Cut TPM DVD is really a treasure house of PSH information.  In the Special Features disc (#13) there is a section in which Moon Chae Won (Lee Se Ryeong), Hong Soo Hyun (Princess Kyung Hye), Song Jong Ho (Shin Myeon), and Lee Min Woo (Jung Jong) discuss Episode 22 (See video above) and another section in which Park Si Hoo (sitting at a table all by himself) watches Episode 24 with the Directors and Scriptwriters of TPM and carrries on a discussion.

We have singled out some interesting points in PSH & Co.’s commentary on Ep.24.

Why does Seung Yoo have to go outside to sleep? (Reference is to after Se Ryeong dresses his wounds, Seung Yoo leaves her in the tent and goes outside.)

PSH: Surely they can sleep together, why?

Scriptwriter (lady on the right in above photo): To Seung Yoo there is still the final revenge.  During that day’s battle, he’s thinking about who will die next, so …

How come Seung Yoo has never called Se Ryeong by her name?

Scriptwriter: We thought of having Seung Yoo call Se Ryeong: “Se Ryeong”, “Se Ryeong my wife”, “Miss Se Ryeong”, etc.  In the end decided to give up because too much hassle and too embarrassing.

Why does Se Ryeong call Seung Yoo “Teacher” even at the very end?

Scriptwriter: Because that’s how she called him from the very start of their relationship when he was her tutor.  We considered having her call him “Husband” but decided to let her use the epithet “Teacher” to the very end.

About Se Ryeong’s pregnancy:

PSH: When did it happen?

Director: You live together … and you have to ask?

PSH: Is the timing right?  Shouldn’t her belly be bigger?

Scriptwriter: The timing is a little off.  Maybe viewers will find it a little strange …

[Yes, this viewer certainly found it strange.  When did she become pregnant?  Ha!Ha!]


PSH dwells at length on that incident about how he was scolded by Kim Young Chul (Suyang) during shooting of Ep.4 due to a misunderstanding, punctuated by his trademark Ha!Ha!Ha!  He even closes his eyes at one point (what the Chinese call: No eyes see^^)

Everybody’s on stand-by.  Shouldn’t I be out there?

PSH looks sheepish at being taken to task by Kim Young Chul but breaks into a smile when recounting how his Senior later clarified the misunderstanding and even praised him.

His manager calling – You wanna take the call?  No, why, I’m doing an interview – Reject call^^  [PSH received so many calls during his DVD interview; he checked his cell phone several times; but never missed a beat in his comments/answers. – That’s the day he just returned from Bali.]

Showing the photo of Seung Yoo and Se Ryeong at the end of TPM that he kept looking at in Bali [he seems to miss her!]

Starting my new movie soon, must extract myself from character of Seung Yoo!

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TPM Director on DVD

The Director of “The Princess’s Man”, Kim Jung Min, has some interesting things to say in the Director’s Cut DVD.

On the origins of TPM

One night in the late autumn of 2009, the director Kim Jung Min was drinking with his good friend the scriptwriter Yoon Sun Joo (who wrote “Daewang Sejong”, “Hwang Jin Yi”, and “The Immortal Lee Soon Shin”).  YSJ mentioned that political incident of 1455 (when Suyang usurped the throne from his nephew Danjong).  KJM also knew about this but thought the details were fabricated.

YSJ said history also mentioned that Suyang had a daughter who vanished after that incident.  KJM at first thought the story of Suyang’s daughter and Kim Jong Seo’s grandson* was a made-up story.  But having heard what YSJ said, he then felt there was some leeway on which an interesting plot could be wrought.

KJM then started to do his homework and read the book “Record of Korean princesses” which mentioned Princess Kyung Hye.  He also discovered Yejong had a sister about whom not much was known.  KJM felt that combining the two stories would make a successful drama.  He continued to research and found the character of Shin Myeong who died in an uprising.  So in this way, Princess Kyung Hye, Jung Jong, Shin Myeong, Suyang’s daughter and Kim Jong Seo’s grandson* became the cornerstones of TPM.

[* In Korean history it’s Kim Jong Seo’s “grandson”, but TPM makes him “son”.]

About the shipwreck and escape at sea

That was the first scene that was shot.  When the drama became almost live later on (broadcast as soon as shot), it would be impossible to shoot those scenes.  Those scenes were shot in Wando Island – almost two full days, and later continued in a swimming pool, five days altogether.  But in the end after editing, less than 13 minutes were left.  And during those five days they also had overnight shooting.  This scene is the most expensive in terms of money and time and energy in the first half of the drama.

About the most unfortunate action scene  

Action scenes in Episode 9 (about Suyang’s coup d’etat – Seung Yoo fighting with assasins, with Shin Myeong, etc.)  The script is very good, but because they were hard pressed for time, they could not do better which was a great pity.

Director also said around Episode 17 or 18, production team suggested adding episodes.  He too felt episodes could be added.  But during the last week when it was proposed lengthening drama by one week, Moon Chae Won said if they did that, she would commit suicide by biting off her tongue because it was just too hard.  Park Si Hoo went three days and nights without sleep and was supposed to shoot the battle scenes right away.  He had a quick nap and the other director (who was responsible for the battle scenes in the last two hours) was very impatient and kept asking why he wasn’t there yet.  But it could not be helped; everything was so rushed.  If Seung Yoo had been able to go over earlier, the battle scenes would have been better.

About whether there are too many kissing scenes

They were surprised that the day after the kissing scenes, ratings dropped slightly.  They analyzed the situation and came to the conclusion that theirs was a family drama.  Such scenes could cause embarrassment if the parents were watching with their young children.  They concluded too many love scenes were no help to ratings.  So the kiss that was shot for the conjugal scene in Episode 23 was later cut.

About which actor was not what he expected

Park Si Hoo’s acting is better than the Director expected.  Before casting, the Director has seen the actors’ previous works, like PSH’s “Prosecutor Princess” and “Queen of Reversals” and Moon Chae Won’s “It’s OK, Daddy’s Girl”.  They were chosen because they were good.  PSH immediately grasped the character’s essence; MCW had a hard time at first and only managed to be in character later.

The following critique of actor PSH is from another director in another part of the DVD (guy in blue with glasses? – TPM like other K-dramas was presumably shot by Team A and Team B.)

Seung Yoo … Si Hoo.  He’s a very easygoing and frank person, but his character is very deep and feels very strongly.  He seemed to be wearing these two faces all through the shooting, getting in and out of the drama.  When I saw the instant changes, I was shocked.

Before shooting he could be chatting and laughing, but two seconds after the camera started rolling, he immediately became immersed in the character’s feelings … strong emotions pouring out …. At times like this, ah, I was really awed! totally awed!

Abour the ending

Originally the Director felt it’s OK even if it’s a tragic ending.  At first they conceived of an ending in which Seung Yoo died and Kyung Hye and Se Ryeong (and her unborn child) were talking about the future.  But in Episode 22 too many people died — Jung Jong, Prince Geum Sung, Danjong … When the Director first received the script, he was very unhappy.  He felt if they were really to go down the tragic road, he would be most unhappy because Episode 22 was too dark.  So the Director asked the Scriptwriter to let the principals live.  Director also said he received calls from home asking him to let the principals live, same with the Scriptwriter.

The Scriptwriter was going to let Suyang and Seung Yoo reconcile, but the Director felt Suyang was unforgivable, so he would not agree to the two of them reconciling.

Since the two principals were to be allowed to live, the Scriptwriter proposed making Seung Yoo blind.  The Director felt this could be tried and later the Scriptwriter really wrote this in.  The Director then thought: “Fans won’t like this.  Might as well let Seung Yoo die.”  The Director was convinced this was right, so he told the Scriptwriter what he wanted, but the Scriptwriter wrote the present ending instead.  The Director asked PSH whether he liked the ending and PSH said YES.  If he was not to die, how could he live happily with so many loved ones around him dead?  So let it be, he liked this ending (of his being blind).  The Director then said OK and the ending was shot like this.


The following is actually from another part of the DVD – when PSH is watching Episode 24 with the Directors and Scriptwriters.  We’ve put it here because it relates to the above.

“Although I lost my sight, I rediscovered my heart.  Although I let go of my revenge, I have gained you.”

Both the Scriptwriter and Park Si Hoo say they like these lines very much.  The Scriptwriter was uncertain to the very last whether to include these lines, not sure whether they would sound corny.  But PSH said he liked these lines best and they’re relevant to the theme at the conclusion of Episode 24.  Seung Yoo’s blithe smile and Se Ryeong’s warm expression blend sorrow and tenderness in this ending and make it a classic.


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