PSH leaves Thailand (3)

More photos and videos of Park Si Hoo at Bangkok International Airport on October 1:

畢竟, 這是iphone的時代, 朴施厚離開泰國在曼谷機場的視頻又來了….

Arrival at airport / 剛到達機場時…


Part 1

Part 2


Part 1

Part 2

At airline check-in counter / 以及仍然在航空公司櫃位的朴施厚…



Photos from another Thai fan / 來自另一位粉絲…

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PSH leaves Thailand (2)

Videos taken of PSH at Bangkok International Airport on leaving Thailand on October 1:


Part 1 – Arrival at airport / 抵達機場時…



At airline check-in counter /在航空公司櫃位…


Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


More photos of Park Si Hoo at Bangkok International Airport on the night of October 1:



(Credits: Videos from Pitchaya; photos from  Thanks!)


PSH leaves Thailand (1)

Park Si Hoo finished shooting his music drama in Thailand and returned to Korea on the night of October 1 (arriving in Seoul on the morning of Oct.2).

These photos are from Thai fans who reported PSH walked very quickly on arriving at Bangkok International Airport.

來自泰國粉絲, 據報朴施厚到達機場後, 步履行得很急….

(Credits: Junior-tarzan, littleonion, Yamrollseechormpoo  @ Thanks!)

PSH in Thailand 9/2012 (3)

From a Thai fan — ChicCoolZa ran into PSH and shooting crew at Kloset Cafe in Bangkok’s Thonglor Soi 10.  (Photo taken from a car in traffic jam)

(Thong Lo (or Thong Lor or Thonglor, Thai: ทองหล่อ) a.k.a. Sukhumvit Soi 55, is a road in Watthana district, Bangkok, Thailand, on the Sukhumvit Road with Bangkok Transit System BTS Thong Lo station.

It is known for having varieties of multi-national restaurants as well as various shopping malls, international shops, bars and nightspots. From the small dead end road of the residential area with canals on both sides in the 1960s, development and road enlargement to six lanes occurred in the early 1980s, and attracted residences for expatriates. The road became a popular international gourmet area in the 1990s, with mainly Italian, Japanese and upscale Thai restaurants.

Thonglor considers itself as a place for a residential, commercial / artistic zone with eclectic neighborhood, creative designer, fashionable retailer, conceptual boutique mall, prime residential and entertainment district, surrounded by shopping venues, supermarkets, entertainment spots, restaurants and hospitals.)

(Info from Wikipedia) 


泰國粉絲ChicCoolZa偶遇拍攝組在曼谷的Thonglor Soi 10 的Kloset Cafe!

(Thonglor是曼谷被認為是有品味, 有格調的地區, 和首爾的林蔭道相若; Soi 10, 第10街)

Kloset Cafe exterior / Kloset Cafe 的外觀…

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PSH in Thailand 9/2012 (2)

 Just posted on Twitter — PSH sighting!


Brother went for R-and-R in Bangkok and stumbled upon Park Si Hoo.  I want to go to Bangkok … Food very cheap and unbelievably good …. I should be there ……

오빠가 방콕에 쉴겸 놀러갔는데 마주쳤다는 박시후씨! 나도 방콕가고싶다… 음식이 엄청 저렴하다고 기뻐하는 오빠…. 내가 거기에 있어야한다고 아저씨야……



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On the beach

 Our good friend Euro posted these photos on Facebook this morning (September 22):


훈훈한 박시후 매니져 수용이와~ — at @ Pattya City ^___^.
Warm and amiable Sihoo manager ~— at @ Pattaya City ^___^.

야경이 좋네~~sea sand sun pool villa — at พัทยากลาง.
Night view is nice ~~sea sand sun pool villa — at Pattaya 

And this photo in the wee hours of 2012.09.23:

 Facing the sea, still cutting hair
面對大海, 仍然可以繼續剪髮的工作
바다를 마주하며 여유로히 컷트하기 


This is the Sea Sand Sun Resort & Spa where Park Si Hoo and co. are staying:

                                                                              Pool Villa




(Credits:; hotel photos from the internet.  Thanks!)

PSH in Thailand 9/2012 (1)

The following information and photos are provided by Nikki and Dorame — Many thanks!

Park Si Hoo was spotted at Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok International Airport) on Thursday, September 20, where he was shooting the music drama “Boys”.  Shooting session lasted till almost midnight.  It was then raining very hard and he went to have a very late dinner somewhere before heading to another location called Tha Din Daeng (a dock near Chaopraya River.)


Shooting at the airport lasted until 6:00 a.m. on September 21.  After that they went to a hotel called “Sea Sand Sun Resort & Spa” in Pattaya ( 2 hours drive from Bangkok).  Not sure whether they stayed there or whether it was just another shooting location or both.



(Credits: Photos by KHANADAIIZ.  Many thanks!)


Sawasdee …. Park Si Hoo !

This is today’s post (2012.09.19) from that Thai blog whose members have been supplying us with PSH news and photos of his Thailand visit.  Many thanks!

Welcome back to Thailand … Park Si Hoo (and your brother too !)

On behalf of Thai fans, we would like to officially greet you and hope you have a pleasant time during your visit in Thailand !

As your hard core fans, we know that one of your favorite thing to do for your leisure time is checking thing on the internet! Then it crossed our mind that you probably found this blog while you searching ! Then we want to use this opportunity if that really happen to have some words with you!

You have no idea how much it means to us about your visit this time ! A lot of stories to tell about fans who went to see you at the airport and they weren’t just young girls and Ajummas who came to greet you there. There is a grandmother who stood still waiting for you patiently. We don’t know her and we didn’t expect you to notice her either. How could you when you have a lot of fans around you taking pictures of you, shaking hands with you while you had to keep moving at the same time. We just want to show you a picture of her that we found it from another PSH’s international fan site called ” parksihoo4u ” that show picture of her holding your photo in frame ! We don’t think she had a chance to run after you and we know you regretted that you didn’t see her. We know what kind of person you are, you don’t need to say a word how much you care about your fans. We know from our hearts.

An unidentified grandmother at the airport (ED: Grandmother photo actually from Twitter) 

We wish you or someone who is next to you can see this post and understand how much we love you. Why thai fans care so much about your visit especially for this 2 weeks trip ? Because a lot of us never dream that we will have a chance to meet you at your fan meeting neither in Japan or South Korea. Or dream that you will have it in Thailand. A lot of us believed this is our one and only chance to meet you. It’s sad but true!

Before you leave Thailand, Should we have some fun together ? How about having a little chat with you in the kind of ” 20 Q & A conversation ” through this blog ! If it’s possible, you do not need to email us or contact us directly ( to keep your privacy) . Just once write these words ” Yes, I will do it .. PSH ” in our comment in this post ( no need to register ). How can we sure that person will be you ? We have 3 secret questions that only true fans and yourself will know the answers and we will test you with those questions. Getting interesting ! Yes, we like to play games like when you play with fans at your previous fan meeting too. Ha! ha! ha!

Then we will start collecting the questions for you to answer within 2 days. Later you can come back and check if those 20 questions are posted. Then you just answer yes/no for us. And for your convenience if you would like to leave a message in Korean, that’s fine too, luckily we have a girl who is studying korean ( because of you ) can help us translate it in Thai.

It will be like a mini Thailand fan meeting, right !

Whether we will hear from you or not we still wish you the best and please enjoy your time in Thailand and have a successful work in Thailand and ahead of you especially your new movie ” I’m a killer “, we are so excited and hardly wait to see this movie too.

Please be healthy, be happy, and keep smiling!

Looking forward to hear from you

Thank you,
nikki ( parksihoointhai)

PS : you can contact us through our email :

Photo By Dorame, For you PSH, Thank you !

Grandmother photo from, thanks !

(Credits:  Thanks!)